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Predictions for 2011

Written on a full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 21st , 2010

by Lou Valentino


All of the less than positive information and dooms day forecast coming from Nostradamus or any other visionary is only half of the story. Nostradamus has not mentioned the Intergalactic Confederation of worlds which includes the spiritual government run by benevolent advanced beings who are HUMAN APEARING.

The New Age starts on 11/11/11. It does not start quietly. This is the time that most of us have been waiting for. A time when REAL change is upon us. Remember, we still have 48 months left in the purification phase that I’ve written about.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes were prevalent in 2010 with Haiti being the worst and the natural disaster of the Gulf by an oil leak that we thought never would stop.

My minds eye shows February of 2011 as a very spiritual time. Mostly for the individual consciousness expanding. It is not a good time for the economy however.

The Pleiadian star system is where I come from and they have informed me that the present system of economics needs to be downsized so the new model of small family groups working together to exchange services will be put in place.

It is in the last three months of 2011 that all hell breaks loose. The economy crashes and war breaks out in the Middle East including troubles with North Korea. China starts to show its true colors in its relationship with North Korea and Africa. And Cuba becomes violent more from within its own boundaries.

China seems to have its hands in many areas including America. Everyone’s EGO plans are going to be disrupted by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunami and large UFO sightings that takes the attention off of earthlings’ troubles and into the light of new technological advancements.

Therefore, I can see the same old worn out ideas coming form the leaders of economics, politics and religion until a massive financial fallout happens around the 11/11/11 date.

Any islands or land surrounded by ocean water will be affected. The area of the Pacific Ocean where the Hawaii islands could see ancient islands come to the surface forced by earthquake activity in the Pacific basin.

The remains of Lemuria will emerge. This was the mother continent of Atlantis.

The fault line running under the Islands of the Philippines and Taiwan including areas of China and the Middle East will be activated. Anyone living within three miles of the ocean may not survive.

Also, the Bermuda triangle near the Florida Keys and Bermuda will also be activated from earthquake activity in the ocean floor.

UFO’s will appear around late spring of 2011. There will be more sightings than normal. Enough to have everyone talking by the end of the summer of 2011 and asking the governments to disclose information that they have been holding back.

President Obama will release UFO files by force of the public around the middle of September of 2011 or just before the 11/11/11 date.

The Pleiadian's have this message to give to earthlings as I write this article on the full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 12/21/2010:

Many of you fear that you will be invaded by outside races that are violent and wanting to control you. May we remind you that you have already invaded yourselves.

Earthlings kill and murder animals and eat them, trust medical associations that put abrasive drugs into your blood stream thinking it will cure you, judge one another regarding color and race, fight and kill one another over land, compete with on another to see who is better, let those who have lots of money control your lives by developing a international banking system, have surgeons cut body parts off that are filled with black cancer cells………… YOU HAVE ALREADY INVADED YOURSLEVES. There is no need for any other advanced race to invade you.

We come in peace and love. We and other races that are at least 3,000 or more years ahead of you will teach you how to take care of yourselves since your present leaders of politics and economics are stuck in an energy where they are owned by others who wish to control, manipulate and enslave humans.

We want to make it very clear: It is on 11/11/11 that we will no longer tolerate any leader of any country on your planet to manipulate the human species through any form of violence. The FREE Will clause will be lifted so that we can make contact. UFO sighting will be so prevalent by the beginning of 2012, it will make Nostradamus believers scratch their heads.

From 11/11/11 to the beginning of 2013 contact will be made.

We will start a dialogue with all leaders of all countries by the end of 2012 or before that if we feel it is right. Until then, there will be sudden disappearances of certain leaders who are control freaks and criminals who enslave there own people. CHILDREN WILL GET MOST PROTECTION AGAINST ANY HARM TO THEM.

Everything will be downsized. We will stop here and hope that the information given will make everyone feel more at ease to know that Hollywood is wrong. A new spiritual government will introduce new ways of living from several races that are more advanced than earthlings to bring in a new energy that will create peace and love for all mankind.

I have written a e-book called “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadian's”. You can order it to hear about the new ways of education, economics, romance, health and advanced technologies that the Pleiadian’s and other races will bring to earth.

We start off the year with 1/1/11. Plant your seeds for the New Year because they will grow and produce great fruits by 11/11/11. Things will be stressful at times during this year but by the time 2012 starts everyone will know we are headed in a new direction.

The political climate will be so changed we will not have another election in 2012. Sarah Palin can put her shot gun down and stop killing and Obama can stop giving superficial speeches. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not through just yet. Obama may have to make room for her after all is said and done by his side. Joe Biden could fall ill by the end of the year and she may take his place as vice president.

Water plays a significant role in purification this year as the signs of Pisces and Aries takes center stage in the skies. With six Super Moon’s this year the gravitational pull on the earth’s axis will affect ocean activity. Dates to watch are February 18th, March 19th, April 17th, September 27th, October 26th and November 24th as well as the 11/11/11 date.

Give or take a few days before and after these dates. Mark your calanders.

May the blessings of the angels of light always keep you safe. May we all make the correct choices to continue our journey here on earth. This is the year when choices will be made regardless of what the little mind wants.

The wheat will be separated from the chaff. The leaders of a New Age, the Age of Aquarius will be called. It is time to lead.

A song by Bon Jovi says it all: We weren’t born to follow so get up off your knees. Life is a bitter pill to swallow so hang on to what you believe. You know that God must have a reason for the sinners and the saints. We weren’t born to follow so hang on to what you believe.

I may have gotten a few words wrong but you get the point.


Love and Light,

Lou Valentino. You can contact Lou at lsoma@aol.com

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