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Personal & Spiritual Guidance for 2011

by Elissa Heyman

Messages for Everyone: It's first wise to try the impossible if it's what you want to do. Attempt that tricky balancing act; try scaling that alluring mountain.

It's very easy to get distracted, it's easy to not listen and miss important directions. Be ruthless about what you're willing to give your attention to, and then give it fully. It's a summer when focus brings results, and anything short of your best shot could fall short.

People greet old friends from the distant past...past life karma galore this year, and individuals you were once close to can now illuminate and enlighten you with their presence. Look for the lesson in the people you deal with in 2011, especially this winter, and look for the blessing, perhaps in disguise.

Three quarters through the year seems to be a detonation point for a great deal of good, and talent, to be unleashed. In the beginning of the year, think in terms of self-healing, maintenance, and self-support, rather than pushing yourself to achieve in the world. By treating yourself well, you make a way for yourself to flow with powerful creative energies later in the year.

The earth in spirit is tired of restrictions imposed by looking backward and reflecting...it wants to be creative as hell! It is changing colors, it is getting vibrant, the skies want to be bejeweled by the twinkling genius from below, and it will be!

Only take a REALLY obvious "No!" for a "no" answer. Continue, perhaps gingerly, to go in a direction you want, following sometimes faint signs of success, but stay curious about where your interests and designs can take you.

Dare, venture, collaborate, and accept others--- this is no time to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Bow to the superior wisdom of the creative self, that may ask you to make sacrifices and try things that seem outlandish or marginal in some way.

Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs - Read Your Sun, Moon & Rising

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) this winter:
If things get bad, know it's the dark before the dawn (in fact, the dark may have been a short-lived period right after the Winter Solstice,--you should perk up soon after the New Year.) You've got the wind at your back, your sails are set, it's better than you think! Just act--do what you do--when you move forward, you'll be helped.

Water signs( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this winter:
Water signs are trying to finish up business, get out of things that have stressed them out. The end of the winter brings resolution and finality. It's a strong finish.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): for this winter:
You are slowed down for some reason, then get an official go-ahead that you've been waiting for. Success is likely in May. There's a huge difference between the beginning of the year and the end

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this winter.
Earth signs go through a lot of change in 2011, so this forecast is just for the winter. They live "need to what's received", season by season. Earth signs, naturally enough, are preoccupied with arranging their material world affairs, and planning for stability. There are opportunities to secure a footing in business or a new enterprise. (And this is when to execute plans for future stability.) Taurus gets special opportunities.

2011 for the Astrological Signs

Aries: You have a strong drive to succeed, to win...you can conquer and triumph in 2011. You get to play an official role you excel in, that really brings your talent out. What you've done in the past can align you with very good fortune...you can be chosen for something good because of it.

Taurus: 2011 is a great year for you, and you're probably in a good mood when it starts. Narrow your goals for success..stay within bounds dictated by practical, reasonable, and personally beneficial goals. Build up your brand. You are more on your own than usual...but certain strengths and resources get developed that couldn't if you were in partnership. You get on the same page with powers that be. You can feel like this is your time, that you've reached a maturity that can and should create opportunities for you, so you have no problem accepting success. Just make sure you work at things that compensate you.

Gemini: Excited about a new year, you're confident, perky, and have a good attitude. Your focus is to get yourself set up to successfully carry out plans, and there's a lot of activity in April when you really are making moves...perhaps literally. A calculated risk can put you in a better position.
Self-employed, you can establish the right contacts and better your future significantly.

For some, there's a question whether you are sustained in your present location; there can be also be resistance to your ideas and ways. You can be excited about something you've finished that was a lot of hard work, that leads to new roles. Something you enjoy doing is crowned by a position it puts you in, with travel in your future.

You are a much larger presence in 2011. You intend to get graced by gifts from the spirit, the forces are with you, and you get back your pizzazz if you think you lost it. Things you want are granted, and you have opportunity. For many, you're not going to see the benefits of some directions you're going in, but it looks like you make good choices, and it's good to do things your way. This year, be sure to take time out and refresh yourself--take a break from your responsibilities.

Virgo: A problem, a difficulty...some sort of shake-up in your material world, can lead to a better solution for your life. A conflict can be the first part of a positive change. Life works in mysterious ways this year. Sort of behind your back, things can get set up that work in your favor. Don't be daunted by the beginning of any new developments.

Libra: This year, you will be required to do something or give up something, to get what you want creatively. You let go of a lot of habits and knee-jerk reactions...you can change professions or directions more easily. You are released from much, are unlikely to be opposed, and receive help from people. Children may play a larger role in your life.

Scorpio: Happier days, more rainbows, more genuine smiles...2011 finds you lightening up. There's a lot that comes to the surface, and you find better coping methods. You are generally less afraid of what has been chronically challenging. You gain an emotional maturity and have a new fearlessness about you. You have to be careful about money as it's a naturally slow time. Don't take risks, it's easy to lose.

Sagittarius: You might end up in the right place after all, but not see that in the beginning of the year. Somehow, it all works out! Expect more emotional stability, harmony with others, good partnerships...it turns into a copacetic year when you're supportive and supported.

Capricorn: You go through some of the biggest change ever this year. You're very stark and unapologetic about what you need, what you want, and what is right for you, and you can receive a lot. Even though you're a straight shooter, you must act with grace, then you can accomplish a great deal...diplomacy is key. Being mild in emotionally rough waters leads to success.

Aquarius: This is a holy and high year, because of a greater freedom you establish for yourself. Your heart wins out, and your will and heart can produce a miracle. Conflict seems to mar the task of getting what you want in the beginning, all the way up to April. May through July is when you can figure out how to make something happen...it may mean accepting people who are not exactly your type, but helpful to you nonetheless. If there's a strong desire in your life, you will have it this year.

Pisces: A part of you is developing that's highly creative, expressive, and powerful...cater to the mysterious self within! You may not be able to swing into action the way you'd like, because your plan is not well-received or possible at this time. You've yet to find how to really connect your desire to how it can be fulfilled. It has more steps to it than first thought, and you must work harder than expected to get what you want. Things take awhile to happen.

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Healing, in person/by phone, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, NM 87501, elissa@elissaheyman.com, 505-982-3294. Please call for further information or visit http://www.elissaheyman.com Elissa will be available for in-person sessions in Boston, Massachusetts, February 17th and 18th. Cell phone: 505-577-4012.

Elissa Heyman

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