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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy,

When my husband and I first met each other, we had a whirlwind romance and were married within a year. However, we hit a very unexpected rough patch a year into our marriage. I thought I had truly married Prince Charming. He’s still fundamentally a wonderful man, but I was unaware of the demons he struggles with. Can you tell me what my personal life has in store for 2011?

My birthday is December 6, 1970. My husband Bill was born November 9, 1973. I’m sorry, but I can’t locate a record of either of our birth times. We were married in September, 2007.

Thank you,


Hi Diana,

Thank you for writing in.

The birth time is very important in constructing an Natal Astrology chart. Without it, we can’t determine House cusps, however, a lot can be said with knowing the planet placements, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

To begin with, Bill is a Scorpio, so in essence he’s here on Earth to experience “experience” itself, while craving intensity, desire, and sexuality along the way. Bill’s Moon is in Taurus, and like Scorpio, Taurus Moon wants to experience desire, but wanting more than just sexuality, Moon in Taurus wants sensuality, and touch, and are often tactile when in relationship.

The relationship between the signs and positions of the Planets is called an aspect. The planet Jupiter makes an aspect to Bill’s Moon, and combined with his Scorpio Sun, will make Bill’s desires and emotions all the more “extreme.” With this Jupiter aspect, Bill is probably confronted with themes of seeing things as “yes” or “no,” “black” or “white,” “want” or “can’t have.” Jupiter in aspect to Bill’s Moon also makes him fun. There’s excitement around him, laughs. He’s good hearted, and probably interested in metaphysics, or anything that can expand his mind.

Bill’s Sun is very close to the planet Mercury. Mercury symbolizes the mind. Because of the close orbit of Mercury to the Sun in our Solar system, most people’s chart have Mercury close to the Sun, which, in general, enables communication in our society. However, when Mercury makes a very close aspect to the Sun, sometimes thoughts and decisions can bounce around inside the head so much that they have a hard time being expressed. It’s not that there’s a lack of intelligence, it’s that the mouth can’t keep up with the brain. Sometimes people with this aspect were thought to be “learning-impaired” in childhood, an incorrect assessment.

The planet Mars is close to Bill’s Moon, a combustible combination and further, Bill’s Moon is in a challenging aspect with the planet Uranus. Bill has strong, sometimes unstable emotions and actions, and reactions. A demanding and volatile relationship with his Mother is probable, along with the likelihood of either frequently moving or relocating the home, or an infrequent mother figure. He is his own man.

His Moon gets an affectionate aspect from Venus, so he definitely has his sweet guy moments. He is well liked.

The planet Pluto makes an aspect to Bill’s Venus, simply overstating the need for depth, passion and desire in his life. The planet Saturn comes in to challenge both his Venus and Pluto, setting up an aspect called a “T-Square.” With a Saturn T-Square, Bill probably feels either that he can’t quite reach what he wants or desires, or for some reason it is denied to him, either way causing anxiety and personal frustrations. With Pluto in aspect to his Venus, a major purpose for Bill in this lifetime is to completely transform his understanding of love and love relationships; what they are, what he needs from them, what his responsibilities are ... etc.

I could have written all of the above on the day Bill was born. Natal charts don’t “move.” An Astrology chart is literally a map of where the planets were when you were born, but in a figurative sense, an Astrology chart is also a map of your soul. It is a blueprint of who we are before we’re born. It represents the sum total of you - the totality of all your past incarnations.

What a Natal Astrology cannot tell is what Bill has done with his life. Bill might have experienced a troubled childhood yet turned it into the possibility that his chart holds, to be a remarkable and influential force in society. There’s a relatively rare aspect in Astrology called a “Yod.” People who have a Yod are divinely guided and are here to help and guide others. Bill has the uncommonly high number of three Yods in his chart. (For Astrology students: in a Yod aspect, a planet (A) becomes the apex of a configuration of two other aspecting planets (B and C) creating a large Y formation across a chart. Planets B and C sextile each other, as both planets quincunx planet A.)

Bill’s Yods have an apex Moon, Saturn, and Neptune. Those with these placements often start out life with authority figures who were ambiguous or inconsistent, who felt out-of-touch with the ordinary, everyday aspects of life and who wish to free themselves from the negative images of their past. Bill most likely was unable to define his own identity and therefore grew up with self-defeating and inadequate self images.

There are definite challenges in Bill’s chart, yet the process itself of him coming to terms with them, the growth surrounding these lessons, is in essence a teaching guide for others. The Yod is also called the “Finger of God” aspect. The guidance one gives to others with a Yod is characterized by the qualities of the apex planet.

With an apex Moon, with the reorganization of Bill’s feeling nature comes the ability for him to attend to the basic needs of others or to help others establish their own fundamental securities.

With an Apex Saturn, one is naturally driven to overcome obstacles and do whatever is necessary to find stability in their lives. With self-discipline, focus and strength, Bill can find social responsibility and purpose in his life and work towards a goal, one that may unfold itself over time.

And with an apex Neptune, Bill’s path can be filled with inspiration, dedication and selflessness. Bill has the incredible opportunity to be an incredible force of caring, empathy, affection, and love.

Diana, your Sun is in Sagittarius, and similar to a trait of Bill’s, you like excitement and laughs and are probably interested in metaphysics as well. With your Moon in Pisces and in aspect to Neptune, you’re sweet and kind, and especially empathetic.

Your Moon in aspect to Pluto, and with your Venus in Scorpio, like Bill, you also crave intensity, desire, and especially emotional passion. Most women with Moon in aspect to Pluto ordinarily have a challenging relationship, or none at all, with their mothers. Your Moon and Pluto form what I call a loose “T Square” with Mercury, slightly out of range or orbit of the aspect, but influential none-the-less. You’ve got the mind of a detective, with strong emotions and thoughts. You have the power to be quite affective with others. You can easily speak about your emotions.

Also like Bill, Saturn challenges your Venus, sometimes feeling, for one reason or another, separated, not quite reaching what you want or desire, or anxiety surrounding relationships and intimacy.

Your Jupiter and Saturn are on opposite sides of your chart, often denoted by living in cautious optimism. “Is this the right time to expand, should I hold back?”

Your North Node, a point in the chart that describes a life path to follow in this lifetime, is in Aquarius. Your charts asks you to live a life with concern for others, even “humanity” in general. Your South Node is in Leo, denoting a past life where you put the life focus mostly on yourself. Living a life now of being community minded will help round out, or balance, the general theme of your last lifetime.

You yourself Diana also have a Yod aspect, with Saturn as the apex planet, giving you the opportunity to live a life of social responsibility, focus, strength and purpose, similar to Bill.

Besides a Yod, you have another rare aspect configuration in your chart called a Mystic Rectangle, a “loose” aspect, between the Moon and Pluto to Jupiter and Saturn. This enables your strong, intense emotions to be utilized in an attentive, directed, and effective way.

Besides Natal Astrology, another branch of Astrology is called Relationship Astrology. There are two ways to understand a relationship. The first is with Synastry, how your’s and Bill’s planets “get along.”

Bill’s Sun and your Venus “activate”or influence each other, denoting your relationship is primarily a union of love and affection.

Bill’s Neptune and your Sun align, which in its finest form enables you both to grow spiritually with each other, and in its lower can cause relationship confusion and uncertainty.

Your Saturn is in aspect to Bill’s Sun, showing a relationship where you may feel you “parent” Bill. This aspect often denotes a past life together where you had an involved and challenging relationship, yet you both didn’t necessarily experience growth from it.

Your Jupiter and Bill’s Sun trigger each other, which adds levity and fun to your relationship, enabling the opportunity for you both to evolve and grow together.

Bill’s Jupiter and your Venus and Mars combine to express love and desire in your relationship, while your Venus and Mars charge Bill’s Moon, showing the sensitivity and emotion behind the physicality.

Your Pluto influences Bill’s Venus, not only giving your relationship passion, intensity, even obsessions, but shows that you can be a powerful influence in helping Bill to transform his views and values surrounding love and relationships.

The other Astrology tool for understanding relationships is to take two charts, calculate the midpoints of each position, and create a third chart, called a Composite chart, representing the relationship. A Composite chart can be made for any relationship, two friends, parent and child, employer/employee ...

The relationship or Composite Sun is in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries, making your union active, energetic, fun, and growth promoting.

Most importantly, the composite Sun, Neptune, and Venus all combine to symbolize not only a relationship of love, but also a “spiritual” union and essence, an ideal many couples seek. Because you each have a Natal Venus/Saturn aspect, then your composite chart has the same aspect, meaning, the sense of separation or intimacy anxiety present in each of your psyches, is also present in your relationship. The combination of Neptune, Venus, and Mercury all make an aspect with Saturn showing that reaching, experiencing, or expressing that spiritual union is difficult or somehow blocked.

These Saturn aspects show your relationship is a highly karmic one, meaning the two of you have shared many lifetimes together. Often in karmic relationships, commitments are made and then relationship issues present themselves. With bonds already formed, simply leaving the relationship is not an immediate option. Such is the way of karma.

The composite Moon and Uranus are in aspect to each other, creating a need for emotional space from time to time, and a fun, yet unstable emotional life together. This is also the source of the relationship’s “whirlwind” factor. This aspect creates emotional “excitement.”

The composite chart has a loose Grand Trine, the beneficial alignment of three planets - the composite Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, giving the relationship a steady and persevering strength.

What is most special about your composite chart are three Mystic Rectangles (all including some combination of Neptune, Venus, and Mercury to Saturn in aspect to the Moon to Uranus and Pluto.) This gives the potential for the loving and spiritual side of the relationship a steadfastness while integrating and maintaining exciting, passionate, and transforming emotions.

Another branch of Astrology, Predictive Astrology, shows that in 2006, transiting Neptune made an aspect to Bill’s Sun, creating a highly idealistic and dreamlike atmosphere for him. Transiting Jupiter also aspected his Sun. With any Jupiter aspect, a tremendous opportunity exists for increased self-awareness and growth. In 2006, transiting Uranus aspected your Sun as transiting Pluto aspected your Moon, making it a year of unexpected change and excitement along with powerful emotions, transforming your very emotional makeup.

In 2007, Bill’s progressed Moon aspected his progressed Jupiter, inviting warmth of emotion and happiness, along with the opportunity for growth in emotional awareness. In 2007, transiting Jupiter made an aspect to your Sun, bringing much happiness and joy and again setting the stage for a major leap in awareness for you.

in 2008, transiting Uranus aspected Bill’s progressed Sun, creating change and excitement, as transiting Jupiter aspected his Venus and Uranus. These aspects are freedom seeking ones. 2008 was a major year for you of change, this time minus the fun and excitement though of prior years. In 2008, you cleared out many cob webs and dust from within yourself and your emotions when transiting Saturn aspected your Sun and Venus, and the Solar Arc of Saturn impacted your Moon. There may have been depression.

In 2009, transiting Saturn aspected Bill’s progressed Sun and he had the opportunity to clear out his own cob webs, along with growth resulting from being in relationship when progressed Venus aspected his natal Jupiter. 2009 was a very up and down year for you as transiting Saturn and Uranus both aspected your Moon, and as Jupiter aspected your Venus, creating built up tension with sudden release. Transiting Neptune aspected your Mars in 2009, which often brings in a figurative and literal “tiredness,” with low energy.

2010 was a tremendous year for Bill, feeling restriction, the inability of movement, especially as it related to his relationship. (Transiting Saturn conjoined his natal Pluto and aspected his natal Venus and Uranus.) Transiting Pluto conjoined his natal Venus, intensifying his relationship, heightening unconscious needs. With an aspect from transiting Jupiter to his progressed Sun, furthered his need for “space.”

2010 offered you the opportunity of growth as transiting Jupiter aspected your Sun and progressed Venus, either giving you the same need for “space” and movement with in your relationship, or those needs were imposed upon you from Bill. With a transit among two outer planets, transiting Uranus to natal Pluto, changes were all around, with the added stress of you trying to hold onto anything that is “not working” in your life, specifically in your relationship.

In 2011, Bill will feel a lightness from an issue that’s been viewed as a burden, especially within his relationship, and will seek liberation with or within his marriage. (Transiting Jupiter in aspect to Saturn and Venus. Transiting Uranus aspecting Venus and Saturn.) This can manifest itself as the freedom or release of a weighty “issue” or “portion” of the marriage, or a release from the marriage itself. With the Summer comes emotional lightness and social times, a party or celebration atmosphere for Bill. Transiting Uranus to natal Pluto creates changes all around for Bill, specifically in relationship.

Similar to Bill’s 2010 transiting Pluto aspecting his natal Venus, in 2011 you have the Solar Arc of Pluto aspecting your natal Venus. Both aspects bring about tremendous change with regard to relationships. This period sees transformation in “relating” to everyone. The manifestation of this can bring about a “deepening” of the relationship or the end of the relationship itself. With Jupiter aspecting your progressed Sun and transiting Uranus aspecting your natal Mercury, 2011 can be a very busy time as the pace of your life increases. Transiting Saturn aspecting your natal Uranus and progressed Sun can see the ending of an area or areas of your life that are no longer a valid representation of who you are, now. Usually when transiting Saturn aspects a chart, you end up saying "good-bye" to someone or something.

Diana, it would make me so happy to be able to say to you that your relationship will survive this period, and you’ll go on to help Bill realize the person he can be, however, I feel that you and Bill will be divorcing this year. 2011 will be a period you will look back on as a life “marker.”

I hope somehow this has helped you.


I’ve been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. I began my study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. I teach Astrology and lecture on Metaphysical topics. I’m a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to my Astrology readings. I’m also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Please address questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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