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Alternatives For Healing

Pregnancy: Find Your Balance with Flowers

by Mary Ann Dittmeier, BFRP

Flowers have symbolized the expression of our emotions for centuries. We offer flowers upon

births, deaths, and marriages. We present a large bouquet of roses to someone special. We deliver

flowers to those who need cheering up or get well wishes. Dining tables are adorned with fresh cut floral arrangements. It follows, then, that flowers also hold an amazing ability to heal

and calm emotionally and physically.

Pregnancy is an amazing, miraculous, and sometimes trying period of a woman's life. The

sheer delight of having a baby is also accompanied by changes - changes in one's body, changes in how one feels through the nine-month period. There are changes in how others perceive and treat you. One may experience change in their personal (family) relationships, and even changes in how one lives through the day, as the pregnancy term advances.

The subtle yet powerful healing system of Bach Flower Remedies supports emotions, moods

and attitudes - turning negative ones into positive ones. This natural support, in turn, strengthens

the immune system and allows for a healthier emotional outlook for all of our mind, body and spirit(s) life situations.

Dr. Edward Bach, a noted physician, immunologist and avid researcher discovered flower remedies (classified as energy/vibrational medicine) during the 1920's and 1930's. He felt that preventative medicine should take precedence over treating symptoms. He knew once harmony

and balance was achieved, healing was promoted. The original Bach® Flower Remedies work according to an individual's personality type, mood and emotional outlook. Once we achieve balance in mind, body and spirit we become more of "who we are" and live life with more energy, direction

and purpose.

The essences are derived from tree blossoms, wild flowers, and waters from the English and

Welsh countryside. They are licensed homeopathic remedies governed by the FDA and have been used for over seventy years by physicians, dentists, veterinarians, psychotherapists, chiropractors,

and lay people. Flower essences are virtually free of side effects and can be used as a complement to other forms of treatment from infancy through the senior years.

Flower essences are typically taken under the tongue - four drops, four times daily. They can

be sipped in a beverage or even placed on the pulse points (wrists, ears, knees, and ankles).

Some place twenty drops into their bath water, while others place drops of flower essences into

an atomizer and humidify the room with the healing essences, to set (or correct) the mood in

the room.

Consider discussing your options in taking flower remedies before, during and after your

pregnancy with a registered flower practitioner. It could be important, in addition, to discuss

the correct flower remedies available for your partner, other children, and the new baby, too.

v Mimulus is a wonderful remedy for the period of time you are afraid - of the birth, the pain,

concern for the baby, or fear of being a good parent.

v Elm is helpful for those times when this new state of your life has brought on feelings of being


v Walnut is certainly helpful for protection from others' influence, and to help ease in the transition of pregnancy to birth to motherhood.

v Interestingly, Impatiens offers patience for the exciting period of time when the baby is about due, and you "just can't wait"!

v Use Olive for the extreme fatigue related to the energy used during gestation, and is especially helpful (with Rescue Remedy®) for the exhausting period related to the birth process itself.

v Crab Apple is especially useful on stretch marks, and for those times when you are uncomfortable or not so accepting of the changes to your body during the pregnancy. Be aware that Rescue Remedy Cream is wonderful to use on stretch marks, as well as hurting nipples from nursing and even a great help on diaper rash!

Discussing all your healthy options with a registered Bach practitioner encourages individuals

to identify feelings, commit to smoother change, and allow a wonderful process to be natural

and peace filled The practitioner will familiarize you with the flowers, discuss events and attitudes

you may be facing, and help formulate a combination of essences that will help lessen negative feelings, and improve the hidden strength within in you to be and experience what is meant for you in order to have a happy and fulfilling life. Certainly, when discussing issues with another, one finds relief and new direction in putting problems into perspective, and gaining insight and inspiration to heal, grow and change.

Flowers - what a wonderful way to find your balance naturally!

Mary Ann Dittmeier, BFRP is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, president and founder of FIND YOUR BALANCE, INC. Ms. Dittmeier is a certified Bach Foundation Level I Instructor and has often been interviewed for print, radio and TV media. She lectures widely and is considered a compassionate expert in her field. Consultations, mail orders, workshops; call 631-475-8308 or email: findyourbalanceinc@yahoo.com. Web page: http://www.findyourbalanceinc.com.

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