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The Holy Books

by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: Each of the great faiths has a holy book. What can you say about their differences and similarities?

The Books are intended to be a joy and source of inspiration, bringing comfort to the reader. Often recorded by followers of a great tradition or written by the teacher themselves. Each is filled with light, energy, and healing. Traditionally, presented through a revelation from a spiritual source; these great works provide a basis for daily life, are incomparable and effect us on many levels.

About these wonderful texts, a couple of cautions and points to consider. Since none were written directly by a Deity except the Ten Commandments, but inspired through an archangel or high spiritual Entity and filtered through a human vehicle; they are not the actual words of God. These teachings emanate from God, but to enter the world of forms, required filtering through another vehicle. In this filtering, aspects need to alter; remember the spiritual changes/adjusts to enter the world of forms.

Second, many of these writings have been translated from one language to another. Often in the translation, meanings of specific words shift, are left out, or not understood. Much of this is unintentional, but the reader must be cautious, before accepting every word as holy dictum.

Third, passages, sections, and entire books have been left out of certain translations. Some of this is intentional to influence people in specific directions

Fourth, specific teachings and revelations, while transcendent and universal, are given to a specific people at a given time and place. Some of the social problems these teachings target are not prevalent in all societies, at other times, and these marvelous books have to be understood in this context.

For example, at the time of Mohammed the desert people worshipped multiple gods and practiced female infanticide; specific sections of the glorious Koran admonish against these destructive behaviors. While other sections of the Koran, particularly the sections on submission, easily transition to our society, other sections do not. Also, problematic is a government that is based upon religious teaching; in many countries, including our own, there is a separation of ‘church and state.’

Let me offer a suggestion to the spiritual traveler. Read all of The Books by each of the great faiths. Try to get your hands on the best translation available to you. These are usually available at a large local library. Number the points on which the great faiths agree and number the points on which they disagree.

If this is too daunting a task, to read The Books of the great faiths, then initially focus your energy on the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran.

Keep in mind, the limitations of time and place, possible errors of translation, and work under the assumption, it is possible all these faiths work and help believers reach Truth. And after you are done tallying of differences and similarities: ask yourself this last question.

In today’s world, who is causing the discord between travelers of different faiths and for what reason?

After, you have done your own research: much of this will become clearer.

* *

The Books

Traveler: If the heart is the key

By which we realize God

Then why were the Books written?

Master: The Books were Sent

As a Gift for humanity.

The words are notes

To serenade the heart

And each phrase

Sing’s God’s praise.

The Creator planted a seed

And it grew into a mighty forest.

God Kissed a child

And she blossomed into a flower.

Herein is a Code

For humanity to follow.

Each Book proclaims God’s Mercy

And clearly explains the Law.

Traveler: With the Law clearly written,

Why have so many gone astray?

Master: The heart is a traveler

Of many journeys

And each trail

Is filled with danger.

Some travelers are forever lost

In the beauty of the rolling hills

And it is only God’s Grace

That allows the traveler

A safe crossing.

The Books are a sign-post

To help Guide the Way.

* *

Beyond the mountains

God is waiting. Calling to the Heart

In sweet whispers.

Beckoning with a caress.

Come forward my lovers.

Be not shy of my Kiss.

Come forward and join me

In peaceful surrender.

Take one step toward me

And I shall fill you

With the Secrets of Eternity.

One tear from your heart

Longing for me

Shall lead you to the garden.

One sigh from your soul

Imploring my grace and mercy

Shall place you at my side.

One hand extended to another

In my Name

Shall raise the cup to your lips.

One life devoted to my service

Shall fill humanity with the rarest wine.

* *

Also by Dr. Bitkoff, A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment, (Llewellyn, 2008) and Journey of Light: Trilogy, (Authorhouse, 2004); these books are available on Amazon.com or from publisher. To contact author go to www.drbitkoff@yahoo.com.

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