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Jupiter Changes Signs

Jupiter's Effect by Sun Sign

by Elizabeth Joyce

On the positive side, Jupiter moves into Capricorn from December 18th,
2007 through January 5th, 2009. Jupiter in Capricorn promises to bring
success and strength to those who have it well aspected in their birth
charts. To find out exactly how it will affect you over the next
fourteen months, consider having your 2008 reading with Elizabeth

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, can help you to see
possibilities you never imagined before. This planet is associated with
intellectual exploration, material wealth, communication, and travel.
New opportunities come along, success seems easier to achieve, wealth
is produced by activities that brought little or nothing before. In
general Jupiter’s influence helps you feel on the upswing with
confidence and optimism.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, many opportunities will come your way. You
can climb up the ladder of success without falling back a step for
every two that you take. With the luck of Jupiter and hard
work,achieving goals you once thought impossible may now become a
reality. You can acquire a sense of authority and expertise in the area
Jupiter highlights in your chart, and that inspires trust from other
people, with obviously beneficial results. A growing sense of
responsibility (Capricorn) will be tempered by a lighthearted (Jupiter)
outlook, allowing you to handle big projects with ease that amazes
those around you.

Remember though, that while Jupiter gives all of the possibilities
outlined here, little will actually happen unless you choose to “make
it so” by working hard toward your chosen goals. To understand how
Jupiter affects your sign, and can help you make changes that will
serve you well, read your Sun sign as well as your Rising sign below.

ARIES 3/21 - 4/20

Plans you initiate after Jupiter enters Capricorn could very well lean
to an increase in prosperity and recognition. Your career and
reputation take center stage now, and good results are on their way.
You will succeed if you pursue your professional goals with vigor, hard
work, and by taking responsibility for your actions. Your attitude
towards those in authority will probably be less critical than usual,
and your relationship with higher-ups will definitely improve. You will
be able to organize and manage any project you take on more efficiently
and effectively than you ever have in the past. An opportunity for a
promotion at your current position or a significant bonus is a real
possibility now, or even a totally new job or career. Despite all of
the success vibes in the air, the way you make a living may actually
take second place in your life now. Although you enjoy worldly success,
a higher calling may come to light at this time. For example, you could
win recognition for your contribution to a community project or effort,
which in turn, could make service to others more important in your
life. In 2008 you will review your aspirations and goals to make sure
that you have all of your priorities straight.

TAURUS (4/41 - 5/21)

Opportunities to broaden your mental, physical, psychological, and
spiritual horizons will come your way. These could be related to areas
that traditionally provide growth and expansion. You could seek some
new education or travel off to different places where you’ve never been
before, and you’ll be exposed to people who have ideas, thoughts, and
ways of doing things so different from your own that it’s bound to have
an effect. Investigating the many new possibilities that present
themselves is important because each new experience allows you to see
your place in the world. This experience helps you to come to a better
understanding of both yourself and others. Try to maintain a flexible
attitude when you’re exposed to ideas that run counter to your beliefs,
as doing so helps you to accept other’s differences and learn more
quickly. Self-improvement should be high on your list during this
transit, as you strive to develop a more compassionate and discerning
consciousness. At the same time you will bring honor, respect and
discipline to your mind. In 2008 you will review your beliefs and
attitudes to ensure they are appropriate for you, as well as for the
person you want to become.

GEMINI (5/21 - 6/20)

You may want to acquire a deeper knowledge of the mysteries of life,
including your own psychology, and you may begin to explore what you
have considered to be taboo areas of experience. You are prepared to
follow your own path, whether others approve of your actions or are
disappointed in your choices. Your desire for true intimacy is much
greater than usual, as is your level of disappointment if you do not
achieve it. Your sexual urges are likely to be increased and your
sensuality more pronounced, making you an intriguing person whom others
find attractive. You’ll probably have many opportunities to explore
this side of your nature, so be sure to take precautions if you take on
new partners, and use good sense to avoid emotional entanglements you
don’t want or need. Jointly held funds could become more important
during this transit, especially if a spouse or mate comes into some
extra funds. The extra money will be helpful but could also bring up
some problems that will take up your time, though it will be nothing
you can’t handle. In 2008 you will be re-examining your attitudes
toward intimacy and commitment.

CANCER (6/21 - 7/22)

With Jupiter coasting through your partnership sector, you’ll find
yourself wanting to be more sociable, more outgoing, and thus more in
the public eye. Because you are more understanding of human nature now,
others will seek both your companionship and your advice. Your
relationship with your spouse, mate or business partner may improve
dramatically now, and it certainly will if you make the effort. You
could manage to achieve a deeper level of closeness. You gain a better
understanding of what one-on-one relationships can mean when they are
at their best, and your dealings with others will improve as you gain
the harmony and equilibrium in your life that you desire most. If you
are willing to put some effort into a faltering relationship, you
should be able to restore the stability of that relationship. However,
if you decide that getting out is a better solution, a graceful exit is
possible. Be willing to deal with others fairly, because if you betray
their trust, you are really betraying yourself. In 2008 you will
re-evaluate expectations you have concerning close relationships and
your attitude and behavior towards partners.

LEO (7/23 - 8/22)

Jupiter’s movement into Capricorn should lead to an increase in the
level of your daily activity, most likely bringing a greater influence
on health and fitness, as well as job and employment concerns. Health
issues may not be self-evident at this time, as they could be masked by
a cheerful, optimistic attitude towards your daily aches and pains. Do
not skip your regular medical check-ups and avoid stress, strain and
overwork. You will also make some positive changes in your lifestyle
that will help to improve your well-being and you will find the
discipline to stick to those changes. Handling on-the-job duties will
likely become much easier because your working conditions are likely to
improve. You easily master new techniques or tools and your efforts are
likely to bring you a promotion or a raise. Your capacity for work is
greater and a cheerful but responsible attitude helps keep co-workers
and employees on track, plus, you will get more support than usual.
Your general optimism and confident manner may get on the nerves of a
sourpuss or two, so just don’t expect to be greeted with open arms by
everyone. Keep in mind that with some people’s grumpy attitudes, they
are the one’s who are missing out on all the fun and sharing. In 2008
you will need to periodically reassess your stress levels and be
careful not to overdo.

VIRGO (8/23 - 9/22)

Your creative urges will be strong and your ideas will be expansive. It
is likely you will involve yourself in some type of artistic or
creative project over this next year. Many entertainment opportunities
may come your way and you will have a difficult time deciding which
ones to pursue. These may be related to sports, show business or the
dramatic arts. Your ability to receive and give love is enhanced, and
you feel ripe and ready for love, romance and courtship. You could also
find that you want to spend more time with your children or
grandchildren — and find that you enjoy it immensely when you do. You
are willing to take some calculated risks now, as long as you have a
good idea of the likelihood of success or failure. You want to show
others that you have something to contribute to the world creatively
through your self-expression. You will find yourself growing and
feeling more secure as your inner awareness helps you to better
understand the universe and your place in it. In 2008 you will examine
your leisure activities. Do they make you feel happy? If the answer is
yes, great. If the answer is no, leave them behind and move on.

LIBRA (9/23 - 10/22)

Beginning to feel a bit cramped where you live? That feeling will only
increase over the course of 2008, Libra. You may decide that your home
or apartment is too small, requiring an addition of a room or two, if
that’s possible, or moving to larger quarters. Purchasing or selling
property could be lucrative during this Jupiter transit. Alternatively,
you could increase the number of people living with you by having your
children return home, adopting a child or taking in a boarder. You may
become involved with one or both of your parents now, providing you the
opportunity to work out any differences that exist in your
relationship. Researching your family’s genealogy might take on a
certain fascination for you now. Learning about your roots could give
you a greater sense of security. If you’ve suffered the loss of a job
or a lover recently, Jupiter’s influence will help you recover from it
easier. You will accept that it’s time to move on to bigger and better
things. In 2008 you will re-examine your childhood experiences through
the adult you have become. This is a good time to deal with any
negative memories.

SCORPIO (10/23 - 11/22)

Your immediate surroundings should improve over the course of 2008,
whether through direct action or luck. You’ll be able to absorb and
make sense of new information easily at this time. This may be a time
for you to take up a study of a different subject or to prepare for and
take an especially important examination. You will be making more trips
than usual to and from schools, businesses or other facilities of a
similar nature located in or near your neighborhood. You’ll encounter
people whose conversation is both intellectually stimulating and
gossipy, providing just the right combination of two very different
sides of the subject. Relationships with neighbors, siblings, your
oldest son, and other relatives will be more good natured. This will
allow you to communicate with them on a various amount of different
subjects. Your enhanced mental skills enable you to think with more
acumen and your ideas, though at times way out there, are also
practical for the most part. Avoid doing yourself a dis-service by
acting too quickly on all of your ideas and perceptions. 2008 brings in
a time for you to review your physical,informational and social
networks to ensure that they’re helping you to reach your full

SAGITTARIUS (11/23 - 12/21)

The great sense off personal freedom you will feel all through 2008
will make you really want to enjoy life. You also are bound to have
faith that the universe will provide you with whatever you need. You
appreciate the earth’s bounty and you want to enjoy the luxuries that
life has to offer. An exotic vacation or two could be coming your way
this year, Sag. If money matters have been strained over the past
several years, they will begin to ease up a bit, right at the time when
Jupiter moves into Capricorn, December 18th. The material universe
finally opens its doors to you, making you the recipient of financial
windfalls, or special opportunities to improve your financial status.
Do not ignore any possibilities related to investments, speculations,
business dealings and securities. Even if something seems like it will
be a dud, give it a second look, or a third, before you set it aside.
Pay attention to your business instincts, and follow up any moneymaking
hunches you may have. Be sure to give yourself every change to reap the
rewards this Jupiter transit can bring. On the other hand, beware of
the tendency to over spend as well as any get-rich-quick schemes that
may be offered. If money comes in from an unexpected source, wisdom
suggests that you save more of it than you spend. In 2008 you will
review your borrowing, lending and spending habits and make sure that
your current budget takes all of this information into account.

CAPRICORN (12/22 - 1/19)

Optimism and self-assertion will help you make strides towards
achieving important goals during the time Jupiter is traveling through
your sign. You will even be able to assert yourself in areas that
previously made you feel apprehensive. You’ll be very aware of your
body and all aspects of your appearance, so if your figure is less than
pleasing to you, consider stepping up your exercise regimen. You’ll be
tempted to get a complete make-over. Increased energy gives you the
vigor to pursue your goals and personal affairs with a new confidence.
You feel more attractive and sexually desireable, and others will also
see you that way. Believe me, you don’t have to spend too much time
primping! When business and personal opportunities for success arise,
have faith that your decisions and actions will be sound and yield the
desired outcome. Others will recognize your skills and make much of
them now. Be sure to network for success whenever you feel the
opportunity may be in the offing. In 2008 you will reconsider your
accomplishments. going over what you have learned and considering how
you can do better in the future.

AQUARIUS (1/20 - 2/18)

During this transit of Jupiter, you will be able to bounce back from
any misfortunes or defeats you’ve experienced in the past, as well as
any you may experience during this transit. Whether these challenges
are large or small, Jupiter will give you a more optimistic outlook
that allows you to put these experiences into proper perspective and
move on. Your dreams may become vivid, and increase in frequency and
meaning. Keep a journal and pay attention to them, because you could
find many truths in these nighttime images that will be helpful to you
in your daily life. A tendency to need solitude may come over you at
times, but this mainly comes from a need to explore your inner thoughts
in order to gain some important insights. Working behind the scenes
could give you the mental space you need to refresh yourself and renew
your spirit. Overall, you are likely to feel that most of your needs,
physical, mental/emotional and spiritual are being met by a benevolent
universe. You may want to share and bring this gift of hope to others.
Offering your help with a local charity function is one way to return
the favor. In 2008 you can conquer a difficult task, relocate, and/or
break a bad habit as well.

PISCES (2/19 - 3/20)

While Jupiter travels through Capricorn, your social aspirations could
become realities as your circle of friends, acquaintances and business
contacts grow. You will spend more time with your friends and could
become very involved with the activities of a group or association;
especially one that focuses on humanitarian principles and goals, or
has a mission to bring about social changes. You’re likely to become
very optimistic about achieving your own cherished hopes and will tend
to pursue them more intensely. You know intuitively, Pisces, that some
of them will be fulfilled. If you need the support and counsel of a
friend, he or she will be there for you more than ever. The positive
attitude you apply to helping others will help you as well, as you
strive to overcome the normal obstacles, delays and setbacks of normal
life. More than that, people in general will seem more willing to be of
help to you than usual, so you won’t feel alone with anything that you
have to face. Because of this, your ability to overcome obstacles
increases tenfold, giving you an underlying sense that no matter what
happens, all will be well in the end and so it will. In 2008 you will
re-evaluate your current friends to discover whether they offer you the
emotional and psychological support you expect, require and deserve.

Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic at birth. Named One of the World's
Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives readings and
workshops world wide. She is a radio and TV personality, appearing on
Unsolved Mysteries and the Psychic Detectives, and heard regularly on
The X-Zone and Beyond Belief Radio. Her website, www.new-visions.com is
one of the top rated in her field. She teaches the work of Louise Hay,
who is her mentor, in her Intuitive Awareness classes, Spiritual
Intensive workshops and Meditation classes in Doylestown, PA. Her book,
Psychic Attack-Are You A Victim? can be purchased at her website www.new-visions.com
or at www.amazon.com.

Elizabeth Joyce

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