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The Cosmic Crash of 2015 and Its Influences By Sun Signs

by Elizabeth Joyce

Get ready for the Uranus/Pluto square – the last two of seven, to shake up your life on December 15th, 2014 and March 16th, 2015. Uranus squares Pluto for the last time on March 16th, 2015, but by the time they join together in the sky, the incidents they bring may have already occurred. You may hear more than one person to tell you to find a place to “hide away” on that date.

Consider that the energy happens before the action, and the power these two planets bring in is building right now. This energy can produce powerful events around the world, as well as in our personal lives. The snow in Buffalo and upper New York State as well as the recent earthquake in Japan, and the change of power in the US Government, are prime examples of the affects of this square.

Astrological energy is like any other kind; if it is not controlled it can wreak havoc anywhere, but if it becomes “wired” or contained, then we can control this energy and help guide it to do good things, such as using electricity to turn on the lights.

Among the good things, you could find yourself finally deciding to revamp your life and move off into a vastly different and exciting new direction. However, this will not happen by magic. We all have free will, and you will need to meditate and make the original decision, and then Uranus-Pluto will give you the thoughts and desire to meet this decision and make it all happen. You will find the inner strength and will to meet the challenges that energetically flow from that decision.

Uranus is the planet of shock, surprises, and rapid change. It doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to turning old, boring situations into new and exciting ones. This planet helps us to see that sometimes we have to upset the applecart in order to find that one, bad apple and then get rid of it. It’s also the planet connected with rebellion, independent thinking and rebellious behavior. It loves to see people dance to their own music, and upset the apple cart of conformity. If you should suddenly cut off your hair, shave your head, or wear jeans to the work place when it’s against the dress code, you could almost see Uranus rolling around, smiling with laughter.

Uranus has been passing through the sign of Aries since March 2011, and will remain in this brazen fire sign until 2019. This is a do-or-die energy, and Aries energy never quits until it has achieved the goal. The most important part of this fiery energy is enthusiasm and focus. Although you usually can’t wait to start a new project, you must be careful of your aggressiveness and the tendency to be selfish. “Me first” is the keyword for Aries people, beginning at a very young age.

The game changer in this line up is Pluto in Capricorn. This planet shakes up whatever it touches. Pluto doesn’t believe in playing games, so when change is on the agenda, Pluto becomes relentless, until the change happens. Pluto rules psychology, and the energy will force us to go within, take a good look at ourselves, and learn what makes us tick. Pluto knows that each and every one of us has a destiny to fulfill.Self-knowledge, without the excuses and alibis we sometimes cling to, is the keyword to following your Soul’s life-plan.

Pluto has been moving in the sign of Capricorn since late 2008 and will remain there until 2026. Capricorn people have the reputation of being closed minded, controlling, and find it very difficult to change their minds without giving matters a great deal of thought, even more than Taurus people. This can cost them in the long run, and can hold them back. However, once a Capricorn decides on a particular course of action, they stick to that job or decision until it’s done, no matter what the obstacles are. Capricorn’s are loyal, reliable, and dependable. If a Capricorn gives its word, you can be sure they will stick to it. These natives can be cold, calculating, don’t fall in love easily, and keep a tight grip on their feelings once they do.

To gain perspective of how this last dance in the Universe will affect your life, lets take a look at what they have done already, without most of us knowing it. These are the seven dates of this month long Uranus/Pluto square: June 24, 2012; Sept. 19, 2012; May 20, 2013 ;Nov. 1, 2013; April 21, 2014; Dec. 15, 2014; and March 16, 2015.

Think about what was going on with you during those time periods, as well as what was going on in the world. You may have felt that there was a lot of change going on around you and that you had to move a lot faster in order to keep up. Okay – here we all are as December, 2014 opens.  So very glad you made it.

As this Uranus/Pluto square hits our planet two more times, December 15th 2014 and March 16th, 2015 and challenges you, by being aware of what it has meant for you in the past, you can get ahead of it, and make the most of this energy as it passes through.

You may need to find some time to set aside your daily routine, meditate, and decide if you are fulfilling your true purpose in life. You may decide to continue on your present course or that the time has come to turn your life around once and for all, either in your work or with your personal relationships. Change can be frightening and tough. It may be a bit scary to think along these lines, but as the Walrus said in Alice In Wonderland, “The time has come…The time you spend now, in meditation, focusing on this energy, will open the energy pathways for your safe passage, and do you more good than harm.



Below is your Sun Sign message - to help you discover what this Square will bring you and your life during this duo’s farewell dance on the world stage.



You could come to the conclusion that you need to change your career. This decision could come after a confrontation with your boss or a client that makes you decide that your skills and talents would be more welcomed elsewhere. You don’t want to work in an atmosphere where you are overworked, under-appreciated, undervalued, and underpaid. When away from work, be on your best behavior, especially when you are driving on the road. If you speed past a stop sign, you could find yourself being hauled into traffic court and face-to-face with an unforgiving judge.


One of your in-laws or a close relative could prove to be very disagreeable. This person may seem to go out of their way to make trouble for you; despite that, don’t succumb to the urge toget back at this person. Show that you have the upper hand by maintaining your poise, no matter how tense the situation becomes. If you decide to travel inthe spring of 2015, be sure to keep all of your valuables under lock and key.


You may decide that it’s time to completely overhaul your lifestyle, perhaps by going on a spiritual retreat in order to get to know yourself better. You could find yourself interested in taking a workshop designed to help boost your self-esteem, or you could opt for a 12-step program to help you get bad habits under control. You will want to hit the refresh button and update the way you look every time you see yourself in the mirror.


Relationship issues could take up all of your time and attention, with a life partner chomping at the bit to have some more freedom and personal space. It’s time to take some steps to grow as a couple by allowing your sweetie to be their own person. Be careful now, because an ex-partner could suddenly be contacting you. This individual will try to come back into your life, even if you are committed to another.


You may decide to get healthy in the spring of 2015, perhaps by considering alternative treatment for a medical issue that you have. Think about considering acupuncture or therapeutic massage for pain management or other chronic conditions. Remember to check with your family physician before taking any nutrient supplements, as they might interfere with any prescriptions you are taking. On the down side, a neighbor could prove to be very loud and getting them to tone down the noise could prove to be more difficult than you expect.


Your creative juices could begin to dry up without warning. If you are a painter, a writer, or engage in any of thearts as a profession or hobby, you will need to begin to find ways to incorporate new ideas into your projects. It might be helpful to switch from one creative area to another for a while, or perhaps even take up something practical to occupy your time and clear your mind. If you play sports, be sure to keep your eye on the ball at all times, and have all of your safety equipment on. Injuries are more likely to occur at this time.


Safety first should be your motto whenever you do any household repairs. Be careful if you need to use a ladder, even if you are just hanging curtains in the living room. Don’t leave a candle burning in an empty room, and dispose of any fireplace ashes outside, far away from your home or outdoor buildings. On the bright side, you could reconnect with an estranged family member, and if so, the relationship between the two of you could blossom and grow.


Your brain will teem with brilliant ideas during the time the Uranus/Pluto square is in force. In facts, you ideas could come and go so quickly that it might be hard to keep track of all your new notions. Keep a journal and write down some of these inspirational ideas from now through April, 2015. They could become a central theme in your life ater on. You may want to write a blog to put them out on the Internet where others can read them. If you’re in inventive type, one of your ideas could become a new product, one that will make you a lot of money.


Think twice before writing that check for a new financial investment. Remind yourself that all that glitters is not gold. You know that no one ever got something for nothing, especially where money is concerned. For the next five months, be on the lookout for scammers trying to use smooth promises to steal your cash. It may be a good time to write down a budget, or make a priority list for yourself. This square affects your cash, ideals, and pocket book.  Be extra aware and careful when in a mall or shopping area over the Holidays. Also,don’t waste time with activities that you are no longer interested in.


Your emotions will be extremely intense around December 15th, as well as on March 16, 2015. Be careful about flying off the handle easily and/or in taking offense where none is intended. It’s never a good idea to bottle up your feelings, so try to find a safe place where you can vent your emotions. It’s perfectly okay to have a good cry once in a while. Think about sharing your deepest feelings with a trusted associate, and try not to take life so seriously. Try to find your calm scene, where everything around you seems to be in perfect balance.


The urge to help others could be your main goal during the time of this square. You could become a volunteer in your local hospital, work at a food pantry, or give much of your spare time caring for an elderly relative or family member. On a different note, don’t leave confidential documents out in the open at work or at home. More important, keep your diary stashed away in a drawer when friends come to visit, so that one doesn’t accidently open it, read it, and find out about some of your deepest, darkest secrets. Another thing --- Keep your private thoughts off of Facebook, and only use your smart phone to take photos that you would be ashamed to show Grandma.


Tensions could suddenly disrupt a close friendship as one of your companions who seems to always be on edge, could take out his frustrations on you. No matter how harried a person is, they have no right to be disagreeable with you, but at the same time, this angry behavior could be a cry for help. Don’t allow anyone to treat you badly. Try to stay cool and talk with this person to try to find out what is really going on with them. You could make a difference in someone’s life, Pisces.


Elizabeth Joyce

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