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Ask Rochelle

by Rochelle Sparrow

Gratitude and Love, Rochelle

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

My question is regarding my health and specifically my light headedness. When do you see this ending and me being completely healthy? Should I just do what I have been doing?

Hi Joe:

Thank you for your connection. I am glad to be of service regarding this issue. This is what my guides state:

You are correct in seeking (feels like medical advice). There is (feels like blood sugar) issues also getting "pressure energy" that would be identified with physical examination. (also getting sensory image of going through an aorta artery and seeing a valve and seeing an accumulation of matter. I first see white and then darker on side of artery, not a lot of dark present). We advice a series of changes. Diet into organic vegetables, watch eating unhealthy food, watch exercise (start if you already haven't already, walking a little at a time) and begin to clear away any thoughts regarding negative health from your mental status. Repeat daily: I am well and motivated to keep well. I take care of my physical body and I care for myself with respect by watching any thoughts of negativity towards my physical body. I am a strong and healthy person. Begin to repeat other healthy messages about your life, such as, I have great love towards myself and others. I care for myself each moment of each day. I have a healthy future and I live each day fully. With these thoughts and behavioral changes, I become more and more free each moment. That is the correct way.

Blessings to you, Stars

Hello Stars,

My father had heart surgery last September and be all accounts

everything went well. However, a month or so ago he decided to have

elective knee surgery. The surgery seemed to go alright but after

experiencing some pain they found staff infection in the knee. They

have drained the knee of infection and cleaned it out a couple of

times. However, staff infection can be tough. My question is what

the guides might say about this and is there anything that can or

should be done that would facilitate a full recovery.

Thanks again, Michael

Hi Michael,

I am sorry to hear this about your father. I am also asking Quan Yin

to aid in your father's recovery. The guides say:

Your father will not be dissuaded from healing.

Because of his stubbornness and willingness to move forward, we see no further complexities. He is strong in certain way (strength of mental clarity) in what he desires. Currently he is also attached to us in

stronger way than he admits. Because of his personal achievement of

introspection of late especially last 6 months, he is now coming to

terms with being in a state of appreciation of his life and living.

He is not looking to control death, but looking to enjoy life. In

this regard, (this state of mental acuity and attitude) he will

succeed. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars.

My question is about my partner of the last 19 years. He has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and has been told that there is no cure. He is undergoing chemotherapy to keep the cancer from getting worse. What can your guides tell me so that I can help him with his transition. I work full time and I need to make sure that I will have enough vacation time to be able to be with him when he really needs me. How much time does he have left? Should he continue with the chemo? How can I help him with this? How can I find the

strength to help him and take care of my own health and money

problems as well? What are the lessons to be learned and how can we deal with this? Please help me. I need to know when he will pass over and to be sure that I will be with him. I don't know what to do and

I need help and advice. Please help me. Thank you. Sue

Dear Sue,

I am sorry to hear this and much love to you. I am never sure in

terms of time. The guides have no sense of time in their dimension,

but I will answer your question regarding time as best as possible.

The guides say:

You are correct to save vacation time. He has chosen transition and

will leave (feels like 2 - 3 months). He is not quite ready yet. You

will need to know that the strength you require is already present.

Call on us for strength and you will feel the surge of our power move

through you. Do not fear for your being's adequacy or safety. You

are protected and loved by the Christ light. You will survive in a

stronger way with meditation and connection with us on at least a

daily basis, we suggest twice daily for a half hour in the morning and

in the evening before sleep. Ask us to protect and surround you with

strength and power. Know that your availability to your partner

will greatly enhance his psychological transition to the other side

(which is occurring now). One one hand, he feels certain about life on the other side. Talk to him about his certainty and what he knows about the other side. That is the best way for support. His chemotherapy is one way the doctors can treat him (in other words, it is what they can do). Ask him if he feels a need to continue chemotherapy. We suggest you support his choice. He is still struggling to accept death. We suggest not to hamper his choice to struggle. Support his struggle by supporting what he knows intuitively about life (on the other side of death). That is the correct way.

Many blessings and

love to you, Stars

Rochelle Sparrow provides individual long distance sessions nationally and abroad. Send questions to: rochellesparrow@yahoo.com, rochellesparrow.com. Rochelle Sparrow, PO Box 7573 Phoenix, AZ 85011

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