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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Rev. Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy, 
     I saw your answer on a YOD question back in 2013. I loved it, clear and easy.  I am very curious about the dynamics of synastry. Would you mind elaborating a bit on that? 
Me: Oslo, Norway  27-04-75 9:05 pm
Steve: Lakselv, Norway 20.02.75 4.30 pm

Thanks a lot, 

Hi Anne,

In order to properly look at a relationship astrologically, you first need to look at the individual natal charts in general, and assess each person's relationship capacity.
The Moon's Nodes in astrology detail general themes that an individual needs to strive towards in this lifetime to help balance out one's immediate past life tendencies. Astrologically, achieving balance is what leads to soul growth in anyone's current lifetime.  
With a First House North Node Anne, it's important for you in this lifetime to be an independent person and not rely solely on a partner (business or marriage,) a past life tendency you may tend to fall back on. In your immediate past life, you submerged your identity with that of your partner and viewed life through that partnership. A relationship / marriage is certainly not prohibited in this lifetime, your chart just asks you to always strive to maintain your own individuality. 
Steve's South Node in Gemini close to the Midheaven, or top of the chart, tells us he spent too much time on career in his immediate past life. His North Node in Sagittarius close to the Nadir, or bottom of his chart, and to Jupiter, reveals a hunger for knowledge (book knowledge and anything metaphysical.) Progression in this lifetime for him comes from family, understanding the benefits and joy that comes from being part of a family.
His Sun is in Pisces close to the Descendant, or Marriage House, revealing that partnerships are most paramount in this lifetime to him. His Nodes in a Square aspect from his Sun tells us that he neglected his partnership role in his immediate past life. He is sensitive and compassionate and values his space and independence.
Anne, you have a Moon / Neptune combination in Sagittarius in the First House, revealing a sensitive and compassionate nature like Steve, and a hunger for knowledge (book knowledge and anything metaphysical) like Steve. With your Moon close to your North Node, a life lesson to learn this lifetime is to experience your sensitivity and compassion quite literally, perhaps as a nurse, doctor, social worker, counselor, etc ... Your Mars in Pisces entering the Fourth House making a Square aspect to your Nodes tells us that practicing your compassion is an experience you neglected in your immediate past life.
Your Sun is in Taurus in the Sixth House, making an Opposition aspect to Uranus which is entering your Twelfth House, creates a back and forth, push/pull dynamic within you, acting practical and stable vs letting loose and being rebellious. This see-saw may come about from outside influences. You have a strong independent streak. 
Your Venus, the planet of love, is in Gemini entering the Eighth House which enjoys any mental activity, being social, and is a rather sexual placement for Venus, revealing a very passionate nature.
I feel you are quite fond of traveling or anything foreign, money and possessions are important too.
Steve's Venus is close to his Jupiter, both in Pisces in the Seventh House in a Square aspect to his Moon. He is a very loving person, concerned with others, and with a big caring, loving heart.
His Neptune makes a harsh Square to the Ascendant / Descendant axis unveiling some type of burdensome condition in early life that made him feel that the world is not a safe place, sometimes interfering with his ability to relate now as an adult.
With Steve's Moon in Gemini in the Tenth House, he can rationalize his emotions, is social, and can work well with the public, for example in advertising. Additionally, with a sharp mind from Mercury in a Trine aspect with Pluto, and his Mars in Capricorn, he's ambitious and career driven.
Anne, you have two T-squares in your chart, a combination of stressful aspects in a chart that creates a large T formation across a chart. Your Neptune opposed Venus both square Mars T-square may add to you getting hung up on looking for the perfect relationship and then to be terribly disappointed when something doesn't live up to these unrealistic ideals. With your Pluto opposed Jupiter both square Saturn T-square, there are strong cross forces at work in your life between work and home/family life that are hard to balance.
Oddly enough, some of the aspects in your two T-squares mentioned above combine to form a highly beneficial aspect called a Mystic Rectangle, which means that each of the opposing dynamics mentioned above interact in a way that help the other best express itself. In other words, perhaps there are strong forces at work that help bring some of your more realistic ideals to fruition. You're quite intuitive.
You also have another beneficial aspect in your chart called a Yod, where aspects combine in a chart to form a large Y formation across a chart. Your Yod, Moon in a Sextile aspect with Pluto, both in a Quincunx aspect to an Apex Sun in the Sixth House, reveals that somehow something about your work, perhaps its output, or the interaction you have with others, offers guidance to others. Being a Taurus, perhaps it's just the good advice you give to others that is the guidance.
Steve too has a Yod aspect. His Neptune in a Sextile aspect with Mercury, and both in a Quincunx aspect to an Apex Saturn in the Eleventh House, shows that Steve's guidance to others comes from leadership in his community, or within community groups, or even just his interaction with his friends.
There are two tools in Astrology that are used in Relationship Astrology: Synastry and casting a Composite Chart,
Synastry is how one person's planets affect the other's. The two of you have intra-aspects between your Moon and Venus, and Sun and Moon, revealing sweet and tender feelings between you two with strong emotions for each other. Intra-aspects between Mercury and the Sun and Venus show that there is plenty to talk about between the two of you. Most beneficially the intra-aspects between Jupiter and Venus show a strong relationship with tremendous growth potential for you both.
Steve's Uranus opposes your Sun, so you may find him electrifying, and a friend, perhaps aloof at times.
Steve's Neptune conjuncts your Moon, he may be very romantic with you, yet at other times it may be hard to understand his emotions.
Luckily for you both, your Mars conjuncts his Descendant (cusp of the Seventh House of marriage.) Whenever someone's personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars) conjuncts your Descendant, you should rope and tie them up, you've found a soul mate!
A Composite chart is cast by taking the mid-points of two people's Natal chart planet placements and constructing a third, Composite chart that represents the union of the two people.
One of the best placements in any union or partnership is having Composite Venus in the Seventh House of marriage, and your Composite Venus in Taurus is a good example! First and foremost, this is a loving relationship. Venus gets an opposition aspect from Uranus, denoting a friendship as well, however at times the stableness of Composite Venus in Taurus may either crave some type of excitement, or some outside influences may create some instability of some kind within the relationship. The opposition aspect may denote some type of unconventionality about your relationship in general. 
There is a conjunction of the Composite Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in the Sixth House making an Opposition aspect to Pluto. Your relationship is a highly growth promoting one, full of breadth and expansion, very communicative, and with a profound depth and passion.
The Composite Moon receives a harsh square aspect from Neptune. This is an idealistic driven relationship, romantic at times, and at other times it may be hard to decipher the emotions of the relationship, or finding out some aspect was not what you thought it was, leading to some disappointment.
The Composite chart has 4 Yods, something I've never seen before! This is a very special relationship, quite the partnership, capable of achieving much more together than alone. With all these special configurations and the Composite Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in the Sixth House, I hope you two work together, either every day or on some special type project where these Yods have an opportunity to express themselves. You have the ability to offer guidance on a grand scale, to each other and to others in general.
I hope this has helped :)


Anne's Response:

Oh Wow!  

Thank you so very, very much! It was a highly special reading that means a lot!! 

Your reading was HIGHLY accurate!
Steve told me, "I'm a little scared of that astrology, because it may make you change your mind ..." 

Ha ha ha ...he won't be much scared now... He will buy a rope! :P 

I really need to get close to him slowly, as I'm a bit scared to commit - as you saw from my Uranus.

Please take care, and thank you a million times for this, I could not ever have asked for a better reading, covering exactly the main points for me and us! 

We both are pretty keen on farming and share community farming - and maybe this will be one of the big projects. He already owns a farm, but hasn't done anything with it. I've been dreaming of getting a farm, and someone with insight into how to grow. He has that. 

One week ago, a psychic friend of mine told us about a past life together. It fits VERY WELL with your words on the past life. He was a warrior, committing everything to it. I did herbal healing, and hated it, because it prevented me from having a normal family life.... I fixed him, but we couldn't love each other.
I'm curious on the Yods too, and we will find out. I think we both know there is exactly what you say, room for tremendous growth, so NOT being together isn't an option, like he said the other day. For me, I know if I don't do this, I will regret my whole life. 

Thanks again, I just want you to know how accurate it is!!! 

Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner and an ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.  

Please address questions to jeffpicaastrology@gmail.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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