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Astrology Signs for USA States & Cities

by Mark Dodich

Of course you know that you have an astrology chart for your birth, but did you know that states, cities, countries, and corporations have charts too? The incorporation date is used to establish the city, state or corporation as a legal entity. A birth chart is then cast, usually for noon of the legal date. Countries can be more difficult in that several dates can be valid depending upon a wide variety of factors ranging from revolutions to constitutional changes.

You can compare your natal chart to the chart of a state, city, country or corporation –just like you would do a romantic compatibility comparison- to better understand how you would relate to a city-state. Additionally, you can use your personal AstroCartoGraphy® or EARTHLINES™ consultation map to understand your personal power for an area.

Following is a listing of Sun signs for several countries, states, and cities. Be aware that some places will have more than one sun sign based upon differences in the data sources, political changes, and so forth. For example, Portland, Oregon has at least two charts because the city was moved from one location to another during its early days. Because of these common discrepancies in what is known as “mundane astrology,” the following data is provided to serve only as a general guide.

Not all cities are listed due to space considerations and/or lack of data. You can find the official date of birth of your city in the historical and/or legal records of your city records. Some places, like Hawaii which is ancient, will show only the characteristics of the state as a legal whole. In this example, you would be missing information such as when each island was official taken over by King Kamamaha, giving each island its own chart.

If you know your own Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant sign, look to see how you compare to your home state or city. Sun represents leadership and basic life force. Moon represents the people, emotions, and public attitudes. As a general rule, AIR signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are compatible with FIRE signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). WATER signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are generally compatible with EARTH signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

If you are compatible with the planetary energy of a particular location, it is much easier to enjoy your trip. Perhaps this explains why you can travel to a place that everyone loves, and you just don’t feel in harmony. For example, John Kerry lost Ohio in his failed Presidential campaign. Ohio has its Sun in Pisces, which challenges Kerry’s Sagittarius Sun, and Ohio’s Moon sign is in Gemini, which provides opposition to Sagittarius. Pisces can represent enlightenment or illusion, and there certainly seemed to be some illusion working at his failed presidential bid in Ohio. On the other hand, Kerry found Massachusetts with Sun and Moon in “open to innovative ideas” Aquarius to be a favorable location for his ideals.

If your natal Sun, Moon, or Ascendant are compatible with the Sun and Moon of locations listed below, you might enjoy a journey to one of these places. Of course, there are a variety of variables including the need to look at your entire natal chart before making a decision, your personal power lines in a location (see EARTHLINES™ information below), and the current transiting cycles that are affecting your natal chart when you travel. (Note: there is a free astrology primer to help you understand the basics of astrology, download the pdf at www.astromark.us

Most of this information comes from these books. There are more cities and countries in:

“Horoscopes of the US States and Cities” by Carolyn Dodson

“The Book of World Horoscopes” by Nicholas Campion..

USA Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon (Rising sign is most likely to be Virgo based upon historical reference; however, astrologers also use Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, and Gemini rising charts)

Washington DC 1791, Sun Pisces, Moon Cancer

(It is interesting to note in the book “The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capitol” by Ovason that astrology was used in setting the cornerstones of famous buildings like the White House. There is a strong suggestion based upon astrological symbols all over Washington DC that there is a strong Virgo emphasis. )

New York Stock Exchange, Sun Taurus, Moon Aries

Alabama, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Scorpio

Montgomery, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Cancer; Birmingham, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aries

Tuscaloosa, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Scorpio

Alaska, Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra

Anchorage, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Taurus; Fairbanks, Sun Scorpio, Moon Leo

Arizona, Sun Aquarius, Moon Capricorn

Phoenix, Sun Pisces, Moon Aquarius; Tucson, Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius

Arkansas, Sun Gemini, Moon Cancer

Little Rock, Sun Scorpio, Moon Sagittarius; Hot Springs, Sun Gemini, Moon Virgo

California, Sun Virgo, Moon Scorpio

Sacramento, Sun Pisces, Moon Virgo; Los Angeles, sun Virgo, Moon Aries

Oakland, Sun Taurus, Moon Scorpio; San Diego, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Virgo

San Francisco, Sun Aries, Moon Gemini; Santa Barbara, Sun Aries, Moon Pisces

Colorado, Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn

Denver, Sun Scorpio, Moon Capricorn; Colorado Springs, Sun Virgo, Moon Virgo

Fort Collins, Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus

Connecticut, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius

Hartford, Sun Gemini, Moon Libra; New Haven, Sun Scorpio, Moon Pisces

Mark Dodich specializes in:

Relocation Astrology and Esoteric Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology

503-252-1558 mark@astromark.us www.astromark.us

Delaware, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Scorpio

Dover, Sun Gemini, Moon Aries; Wilmington, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Libra

Florida, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn

Tallahassee, Sun Capricorn, Moon Virgo; Fort Lauderdale, Sun Aries, Moon Aquarius

Miami, Sun Leo, Moon Pisces; Orlando, Sun Cancer, Moon Pisces

Tampa, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Pisces; West Palm Beach, Sun Scorpio, Moon Aquarius

Georgia, Sun Capricorn, Moon Scorpio

Atlanta, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius; Augusta, Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo

Savannah, sun Capricorn, Moon Pisces

Hawaii, Sun Leo, Moon Aries

Honolulu, Sun Taurus, Moon Sagittarius

Idaho, Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn

Boise, Sun Scorpio, Moon Virgo; Lewiston, Sun Capricorn, Moon Virgo

Illinois, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius

Springfield, Sun Aries, Moon Taurus; Chicago, Sun Leo, Moon Cancer

Indiana, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Virgo

Indianapolis, Sun Aquarius, Moon Gemini; South Bend, sun Gemini, Moon Taurus

Iowa, Sun Capricorn, Moon Taurus

Des Moines, Sun Gemini, Moon Virgo; Sioux City, Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra

Kansas, Sun Aquarius, Moon Virgo

Topeka, Sun Aquarius, Moon Scorpio; Manhattan, Sun Aquarius, Moon Scorpio

Kentucky, Sun Gemini, Moon Libra

Frankfort, Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces; Louisville, Sun Aquarius, Moon Aquarius

Louisiana, Sun Taurus, Moon Sagittarius

Baton Rouge, Sun Cancer, Moon Aries; New Orleans, Sun Aquarius, Moon Libra

Maine, Sun Pisces, Moon Aries

Augusta, Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius; Portland, Sun Cancer, Moon Libra

Maryland, Sun Taurus, Moon Aquarius

Annapolis , Sun Sagittarius, Moon Virgo; Baltimore, Sun Leo, Moon Gemini

Rockville, Sun Scorpio, Moon Virgo

Massachusetts, Sun Aquarius, Moon Aquarius

Boston, Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn; Springfield, Sun Gemini, Moon leo

Michigan, Sun Aquarius, Moon Libra

Lansing, Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo; Ann Arbor, Sun Aries, Moon Taurus

Detroit, Sun Capricorn, Moon Cancer

Minnesota, Sun Taurus, Moon Aries

Saint Paul, Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus; Minneapolis, Sun Pisces, Moon Scorpio

Mississippi, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Capricorn

Jackson, Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus; Biloxi, Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo

Missouri, Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn

Jefferson City, Sun Scorpio, Moon Libra; Kansas City, Sun Gemini, Moon Aquarius

Saint Louis, Sun Scorpio, Moon Sagittarius

Montana, Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus

Helena, Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius; Missoula, Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces

Butte, Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces

See weekly astrology forecast at : www.astromark.us

Nebraska, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn

Lincoln, Sun Pisces, Moon Aquarius; Omaha, Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus

Nevada, Sun Scorpio, Moon Scorpio

Carson City, Sun Aquarius, Moon Capricorn; Las Vegas, Sun Gemini, Moon Leo

Reno, Sun Pisces, Moon Taurus

New Hampshire, Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius

Concord, Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn; Manchester, Sun Virgo, Moon Cancer

New Jersey, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aries

Trenton, Sun Scorpio, Moon Scorpio; Atlantic City, Sun Pisces, Moon Taurus

Newark, Sun Scorpio, Moon Aries

New Mexico, Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo

Santa Fe, Sun Cancer, Moon Sagittarius; Albuquerque, Sun Aries, Moon Cancer

New York, Sun Leo, Moon Taurus

Albany, Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn; Buffalo, Sun Taurus, Moon Capricorn

Manhattan Island, Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo; NYC, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aries

Syracuse, Sun Aries, Moon Pisces

North Carolina, Sun Scorpio, Moon Capricorn

Raleigh, Sun Aquarius, Moon Libra; Ashville, Sun Capricorn, Moon Pisces

Charlotte, Sun Scorpio, Moon Libra; Winston-Salem, Sun Taurus, Moon Gemini

North Dakota, Sun Scorpio, Moon Pisces

Bismark, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aries; Fargo, Sun Capricorn, Moon Taurus

Ohio, Sun Pisces, Moon Gemini

Akron, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn; Columbus, Sun Aquarius, Moon Cancer

Canton, Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus; Cincinnati, Sun Capricorn, Moon Scorpio

Cleveland, Sun Capricorn, Moon Taurus; Dayton, Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo

Toledo, Sun Capricorn, Moon Capricorn; Youngstown, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aries

Oklahoma, Sun Scorpio, Moon Aries

Norman, Sun Cancer, Moon Aries; Oklahoma City, Sun Cancer, Moon Cancer

Tulsa, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aries

Oregon, Sun Aquarius, Moon Cancer

Salem, Sun Aquarius, Moon Gemini; Eugene, Sun Libra, Moon Leo

Klamath Falls, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn; Medford, sun Pisces, Moon Cancer

Portland, Sun Aries, Moon Gemini

Pennsylvania, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Capricorn

Harrisburg, Sun Aries, Moon Leo; Philadelphia, Sun Scorpio, Moon Aquarius

Pittsburgh, sun Taurus, Moon Capricorn; Allentown, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn

Rhode Island, Sun Gemini, Moon Sagittarius

Newport, Sun Gemini, Moon Scorpio; Providence, Sun Scorpio, Moon Scorpio

South Carolina, Sun Gemini, Moon Capricorn

Columbia, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Sagittarius; Charleston, Sun Leo, Moon Pisces

Greenville, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Gemini

South Dakota, Sun Scorpio, Moon Pisces

Pierre, Sun Capricorn, Moon Sagittarius; Rapid City, Sun Libra, Moon Libra

Sioux Falls, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn

Tennessee, Sun Gemini, Moon Aries

Chatanooga, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Cancer; Nashville, Sun Aries, Moon Cancer

Memphis, sun Sagittarius, Moon Aries

Texas, Sun Capricorn, Moon Capricorn

Austin, Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra; Dallas, Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius

El Paso, Sun Taurus, Moon Aquarius; Ft. Worth, Sun Aquarius, Moon Libra

Houston, Sun Gemini, Moon Cancer; San Antonio, Sun Pisces, Moon Aries

Waco, Sun Libra, Moon Gemini

Utah, Sun Capricorn, Moon Virgo

Salt Lake City, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aries; Provo, Sun Aquarius, Moon Aries

Ogden, Sun Pisces, Moon Leo

Vermont, Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces

Montpelier, Sun Leo, Moon Gemini ; Burlington, Sun Gemini, Moon Taurus

Virginia, Sun Cancer, Moon Pisces

Richmond, Sun Cancer, Moon Gemini; Alexandria, Sun Libra, Moon Leo

Arlington, sun Capricorn, Moon Libra; Virginia Beach, Sun Capricorn, Moon Pisces

Washington, Sun Scorpio, Moon Cancer

Olympia, Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius; Seattle, Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo

Spokane, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Pisces; Tacoma, Sun Gemini, Moon Leo

Yakima, Sun Aquarius, Moon Scorpio; Federal Way, Sun Pisces, Moon Aries

West Virginia, Sun Gemini, Moon Leo

Charleston, Sun Capricorn, Moon Gemini; Wheeling, Sun Capricorn, Moon Sagittarius

Wisconsin, Sun Gemini, Moon Aries

Madison, Sun Pisces, Moon Aquarius; Green Bay, Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces

Oshkosh, Sun Aries, Moon Libra ; Milwaukee, Sun Aquarius, Moon Aries

Wyoming, Sun Cancer, Moon Taurus

Cheyenne, Sun Sagittarius, Moon Pisces; Casper, Sun Cancer, Moon Scorpio

Laramie, Sun Pisces, Moon Capricorn; Sheridan, Sun Cancer, Moon Gemini

Australia (1901 independence) Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon

Austria (1918 Republic) Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon

Brazil, 1822 Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon Canada, Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon

China (Communist 1949) Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon

Costa Rica, 1848 Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon

Greece (1974 Democracy) Leo sun, Libra Moon

India 1950 Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus

Israel 1948, Taurus Sun, Leo Moon Italy (1946 Republic) Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

Jamaica, Leo Sun, Libra Moon Japan, 1952 Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon

Mexico 1917, Sun Aquarius, Moon Gemini

New Zealand Independence, Sun Libra, Moon Taurus

Nigeria, 1960 Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon

N. Korea Sun Virgo, Moon Capricorn S. Korea, Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn

Pakistan 1947, Sun Leo, Moon Cancer Saudi Arabia, Sun Capricorn, Moon Pisces

Singapore (1963 independence) Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon

Switzerland, Sun Leo, Moon Libra

Tongo, Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon

Vatican City (6/7/1929) Sun & Moon Gemini

Information on your own personal power maps and how they work:

EARTHLINES™ Maps Consultation (AstroCartoGraphy®)

Locating Your Personal Power Zones on Planet Earth

Find your best places for Relocation, Travel, Romance, and Career

EARTHLINES™ Relocation Astrology gives you a tool that you will use for the rest of your life, even if you never leave home! Knowing your personal planetary action zones helps you to make life choices whether you are relocating, vacationing, seeking spiritual retreat, or doing business in other localities.

The maps require fairly accurate birth time, within 15 minutes is best. If you do not have your birth time, you can often order a copy of the “long form” of your birth certificate from the record holding department of the city or state where you were born. Be sure to ask for the complete detail of the birth rather than just the certificate because the certificate does not always contain the birth time.

The maps have vertical lines which are the major power lines and have an effective range of 300 miles east or west of the line. There are also subtle lines called “parans” which show the subtle energy difference of places approximately 100 miles north or south of each other. For example, it may occur that the same major power line (s) runs through both Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. The difference between these places would be seen in the different paran lines. Of course, you must take into consideration that San Francisco and Portland are very different in appearance, climate, and other exteranl factors.

The consultation looks at your power lines for the entire planet, and about 80% of the information will be good for the rest of your life. You can provide up to three locations that you would like even more detail on (although there is plenty of detail to begin with). Just keep in mind that there will not be much difference in places that are close together, like Washington DC and Baltimore. Illusions: Some people expect to find the one place on the planet that will give them everything. Of course, the only place that occurs is by travelling within. In terms of physical location, some power lines are better for career, others for relationships, and so forth.

Couples: Each person needs their own consultation. Power line maps are personal. Some couples match up to the same location, others do not. When you order your individual consultations at the same time, I offer an experimental map called a “composite.” I offer this additional map at no charge, but ask that you fill out a research form after you have travelled together to help me research the value of the map. The map shows power lines for the two of you operating as ONE. Accurate birth time is critical for this map.

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He has published well over a hundred articles, has been interviewed in international media, and is a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) through the International Society of Astrological Research. Mark has served on the board of directors as President of the Oregon Astrological Association, board member of the Church of Alice Spiritualist Church, and other organizations through his life. Mark started his interest in metaphysics while attending Kent State University in his home state of Ohio. He then traveled the country for many years combining his work as in industrial sales with a personal spiritual quest.

Check out the esoteric page of the www.astromark.us web page for a schedule of classes and travel locations .

503-252-1558 mark@astromark.us


Astrology and Intuitive Consultations provided internationally since 1980

Terms associated with Relocation Astrology

Mundane Astrology: Astrology is similar to the medical profession in that there are specialties within the larger field. A heart surgeon and a neurosurgeon are both medical doctors, but in different areas of specialization. Mundane astrology is a broadly defined topic that includes relocation, or locational, astrology. Mundane astrology deals with the astrological energy of countries, companies, world leaders, and world events (like the tsunami in SE Asia or the meaning of the next Mercury retrograde cycle for the greater collective of humanity.)

Relocation (Locational ) Astrology: This is the broadly defined topic within mundane astrology that studies personal power zones for individuals and companies on planet earth. AstroCartoGraphy® (ACG) or EARTHLINES™ are names for this service (just like Reiki and Yuen Energetics are names for different healing modalities.) AstroCartoGraphy® was commercially developed by Jim Lewis and shows known action zones for planets in your natal chart as mapped onto the earth. EARTHLINES™ is a trade name developed by Mark Dodich. It is a packaged service that includes ACG lines, moving lines called transits and progressions, Local Space, and more). The idea is that your natal chart is projected out onto the earth in known action zones of the chart. It is like what Hermetic philosophers would call “As above, so below.” You are projected out on a global level and certain energies are more powerful there than they might be somewhere else. The reason that accurate birth time is required is that this service uses the “angles” of the chart (Ascendant, MidHeaven, IC nadir, and Descendant)

Some terms used in relocation astrology:

Relocated chart: If you were born in New York and now live in San Francisco, your natal chart can be re-cast, or relocated, to pretend you were born in your new home. This does not replace your natal chart. It simply adds a differently flavored influence to your life experience. If you put on rose-colored glasses, it would not change what you see. What you see would simply be shaded differently. Generally speaking, you almost need to change time zones to change your chart to any significant degree.

Local Space Astrology: This is the locational astrology of movement. If you had your AstroCartoGraphy® chart done by a mail order service, you do not have this. There are a couple different ways to draw it. Mark Dodich uses a method that looks like the center of a bicycle wheel with numerous “spokes” going out in all directions. You use this map to pick a restaurant, locate personal services like a health club or tax advisor, or even to bop around Europe. The idea is that when you travel on lines that represent the energy you are creating, you are increasing the natural flow of energy that supports what you are doing.

For a picture of Local Space, go to www.astromark.us and click the index under EARTHLINES relocation astrology.

Location Transits and Progressions: The lines on your primary AstroCartoGraphy® or EARTHLINES™ maps (s) are good for life. Of secondary influence are these moving lines that show you temporary energy in a location. If you had to choose between a trip to Denver or a trip to New York, you could look at your transiting and progressing lines to see which energy supports what you wish to accomplish when you go there. A Venus line might be best for romance or artistic ventures, whereas a Mars line would be better for running a marathon. A transit map is generally good for a month, longer for outer planets like Neptune and shorter for quick planets like the moon.

Power Lines: On your ACG or EARTHLINES, these are the vertical and curved vertical lines on the map. They are good for life, and considered to be strong 300-350 miles from the line. They are moderate to weak from 350-700 miles away.

Paran Lines: These are horizontal lines of latitude that represent subtle blending energies of two planets or asteroids. ACG calls them “crossing lines.” The lines are considered to be valid anywhere from 80-150 miles north or south of the latitude where they are located. So, if you are looking for a good place for relationship and have a major relationship Power Line in Moscow but no desire to live in Russia, you could find subtle paran lines that support relationships in a country that you would like to live in.

Fixed Star Location Astrology: The ancients were more focused on the stars in astrology than the planets. There is a full explanation of this on the Fixed Star page at www.astromark.us There is a method of mapping well-researched stars and putting them onto a regional map (USA, Europe). Mark Dodich’s research suggests that the location of the fixed stars in your natal chart as well as on the maps are best understood by looking at your place in the larger collective. The stars help you go beyond your smaller issues of love, money, or that new car. They help you go beyond our local solar system to see the bigger picture in life. Although these maps are not a part of your EARTHLINES consultation, they can be purchased separately by mail order. See www.astromark.us

Mark F. Dodich

503-252-1558 mark@astromark.us www.astromark.us

Where is the best place for me to be? I want it all- romance, money, spiritual service, real chocolate with no calories, etc. Obviously, the answer is that you must go within to find that perfect place. Moving to different locations can give you a fresh perspective on life, it can help you get free of preconceived notions that others may have about you, and it can help you emphasize specific areas of your chart. However, you take your life lessons with you wherever you go. It is also important to be careful of making sweeping statements about particular power lines. While a Venus line may help you with your love and money, you must still work through any limiting beliefs about love and money. Going to a Venus line can amplify your need to work through those issues, but it will help you. You must also consider that if you have a gentle Venus line, but the Venus in your natal chart is harshly connected to death & destruction Pluto, then you are going to be required to release some belief or behavior when you go to that seemingly nice Venus line. Life is about spiritual growth and opening to the God within our Being. Picking the right location can help you open to certain aspects of your Divine Nature.

There are a variety of books on the topic of Relocation Astrology including:

The Psychology of AstroCartoGraphy by Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving

Planets in Locality by Steve Cozzi

Astrology and Intuitive Consultations since 1980

ASTROMARK PO Box 16267, Portland, OR 97292-0267 USA

503-252-1558 mark@astromark.us www.astromark.us

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