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Violet Flame, 7 Soul Rays & Esoteric Astrology

by Mark Dodich

This page is written for people who are interested in spiritual purpose as a primary focus in life. Most astrologers focus their efforts on mundane subjects like love and money. Although love and money are wonderful aspects to life, there is a highly spiritual dimension to astrology. The intent of the following information is to introduce you to that dimension.

Esoteric Astrology: This branch of astrology helps people understand their spiritual path. It does not replace the normal form of astrology (termed, exoteric astrology). Instead, it adds texture and dimension to the interpretation of your natal chart. Visualize a chessboard as being like exoteric astrology. Esoteric astrology is like adding a second level to the chessboard. An example: Venus is the planet representing love, marriage, cooperation, and beauty. Taurus rules Venus (an auspicious pairing) in exoteric astrology. This combination likes to manifest its desires in a tangible way, money, property, and sensual massages. In esoteric astrology, the spiritual ruler of Venus is the mythical (?) planet Vulcan (no, not Star Trek!). Vulcan rules the path to return to Source. The esoteric interpretation of this combination is that you would minimize your requirement for physical possessions to help you feel secure. Vulcan would have you forging a new set of higher values to help you find security in your connection to the One Source.

The Seven Soul Rays: The seven rays are part of ancient mystery school teachings. Knowing the rays that are dominant within you helps you to activate the speed button on your path of spiritual growth and service. The idea is that we are all created from Oneness. To make a planet, a person, or a computer, you must first give the illusion of separating Oneness into duality (masculine-feminine, yin-yang, negative-positive). Esoteric philosophy says that this Oneness is broken down into seven frequencies of vibration called rays. Imagine shining a pure, white light through a prism to get a rainbow of colors. Find more information on this subject in books by Alice A. Bailey and Lucius Trust. There is a primer on the seven rays below.

The Violet Flame: When you work with the Ascended Masters and the Seven Rays, you are likely to utilize this energy of transmutation. It is commonly associated with the Seventh Ray, Saint Germaine, and the archangle Zadkiel. The purpose of the VIOLET FLAME is to help you experience greater frequencies of your essential soul vibration in your daily life. It helps you to live in a loving place of power rather than a fearful place of powerlessness. The Violet Flame is a method for transmuting (changing) lower vibrations into the higher energy of Light. It helps people find greater self-fulfillment through soul service. As we enter the shifting energies of a new millennium, you are empowered to enhance your reality in a dynamic way. See Violet Flame transmutation exercises below.


This Great Soul brought independence to India through his Seventh Soul Ray. A person activates their soul ray when they choose to serve a higher good beyond their small self. The 7th is the ray of transmutation ( changing energy that is less than loving into Love). It is the energy of magic. A 7th Ray person Initiates a New Order. Gandhi’s soul purpose was to transform worldly conditions.

Gandhi’s Personality Ray was the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science. He had a systematic approach to his work, which was especially shown earlier in life as he studied to become an Oxford graduated attorney.

“Gandhi continues what the Buddha began, In the Buddha, the spirit of Love sets itself the task of creating different spiritual conditions in the world; in Gandhi it undertakes to transform all worldly conditions.”

~Albert Schweitzer

(This quote reflects Gandhi’s 7th Ray Soul)


Here is the way I do it, or adapt to your own style. Please be aware that there are several different groups working with the Violet Flame and transmutation. Mark Dodich presents his own, independent ideas below. Please use discernment when looking at the philosophies of the different groups involved in Ascended Master work. In addition to the Djwahl Kuhl (Alice A. Bailey) work mentioned above, Mark has found value in the Guy Ballard (Godfrey Ray King) books on the Violet Flame.

1) Do protection prayer. Call in St. Germain, Ascended Masters, your guides & healers, or whatever form of Love and Light works for you.

2) Set Conditions (I like to say that this is for the Highest Good, which means that it is for the highest good of everyone- not just your idea of what is the highest good!)

3) Set Intent of your objective. (Ex. we are raising our vibration to that of God/Creation. We see ourselves in our perfection. We transmute darkness into Light)

4) Invoke (call in) the Violet Flame. Surround and enfold yourself in the burning Violet Flame.

5) Feel how good it is to be working in the situation in its highest form. (This is important. Take the time to really get the feeling of what you are bringing into manifestation: your soul service, healing, right relationship, prosperity, etc.)

6) Give thanks. Release the Violet Flame and those who have helped. It is done. Live in your new Truth.

Invocations really work. Using the above instructions, say the invocation below three times while visualizing the violet flame coming into and through you. Feel the violet flame transmuting darkness into Light.

I Invoke the Violet Flame.

Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.

Transmute darkness into Light

I Call Forth the Highest Good.

My Divine Nature NOW

operates in my

Physical World.

Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.

A Summary of the Seven Rays:

There are differing philosophies on the rays. My intent is to share general information on the rays while avoiding some of the dogma promoted by some groups. Mark Dodich is not affiliated with any group on the rays, but he seems to resonate best with the Alice A. Bailey material. The Ascended Masters associated with each ray are commonly agreed upon; however, there are differences of opinion. If you are calling in a particular ray in your meditation, you may want to call in the Chohan (leader) and Archangel of the Ray and not worry if you have the correct name. Here are a few of the basic interpretations:

Ray One: The Will of God. It is associated with the astrological signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. This is the inner battle to create Oneness within yourself. You learn self-confidence, the ability to pioneer new paths, and to develop personal power that is aligned with the Highest Source. A negative trait could be misuse of power. The highest is to pioneer a new path to Source. This ray is associated with the constellation of the Great Bear. El Morya is considered to be the Chohan of the First Ray, with Lord Michael as the archangel.

Ray Two: The Love of God. The Love of Wisdom. It is associated with the astrological signs Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. The second ray represents the creative energies. You learn unconditional love and help people to heal by enfolding them in the One Source of all that is. Jesus and Buddha are thought to have incarnated on this ray, and many believe it is the energy that must be used to exit the wheel of continuing incarnations. A negative manifestation would include difficulty in finding balance and excessive need for relationship. A positive use would be to release the suffering of humanity. Lanto is considered to be the Chohan and Jophiel the archangel of this ray. It is associated with the star Sirius.

Ray Three: Active Intelligence. Abstract Wisdom. This ray is associated with the signs Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People with a strong third ray influence are like translators. They translate abstract and philosophical concepts into terms that can be understood by all. These are the philosophers, astrologers, and communicators. They can become intellectually isolated if they become overly focused on the third ray. The positive side is that they can find the underlying principles of the Universe. Paul the Venetian is thought to be the Chohan with Chamuel as the archangel. The Third Ray is associated with the Pleiades constellation.

Ray Four: Harmony through Conflict. The fourth ray is associated with the signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. They often have artistic talents (as is true of the even numbered rays) and bring beauty to the world. Fourth ray people often experience difficulties in the first half of their life. This is to teach them to find their inner source of truth and harmony. As they find their way more quickly back to center, they often become counselors for others who recognize their sense of inner peace. Negatively, they can get lost in melodrama and mood swings. Positively, they learn to walk the razor’s edge of truth and integrity in life. The Chohan is thought to be Serapis Bey with Gabriel as the archangel.

Ray Five: Concrete Knowledge and Science. This ray is associated with the signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. A fith ray person does not have to be a scientist. They are the people who use a systematic process to bring metaphysical truth into concrete reality. They help people to utilize these higher forms of energies. Negative use of the fifth ray would have the person believeing only what they can see, test, and measure. Positively, they help merge the higher and lower mind. The Fifth Ray Chohan is Hilarion with Raphael as the archangel.

Ray Six: Devotion and Idealism. The astrological signs associated with the sixth ray are Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Sixth ray people focus on a goal, allowing nothing to get in the way of achieving that goal. This ray is considered to be the ray of Christianity, and the outgoing ray energy on planet earth. Many of these people are “sinner turned saint.” They overcome lower orders of the physical to express the highest ideals. A negative use of sixth ray energy would be to become so focused on the to the ideal that they loose sight of the path they are taking. A number of years ago, charismatic Jim Jones killed many of his followers in order to take them to the Promised Land. Positively, Martin Luther King helped people see beyond the limitations of prejudice in order to achieve higher ideals. Nada is thought to be the Chohan of this ray along with archangel Uriel.

Ray Seven: The initiation of a new order. Ceremonial magic. This ray is associated with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. It is generally agreed upon that this is the incoming ray of the New Age on planet earth. The energies of transmutation and the Violet Flame are intrinsically tied to this ray. The seventh ray changes lower frequencies of energy into higher frequencies. For example, being loving to a waiter or waitress who is having a bad day can help improve the energy field of that person and all they serve that day. They must learn to use power, and to use it properly. They must accept responsibility to share with those whom their destiny is entwined. Negatively, they can abuse power for personal gain. Positively, they become the master metaphysician helping planet earth to evolve into its highest frequency of vibration. Although there have been some differing opinions in the past several years, most people say that Saint Germaine is the Chohan and Zadkiel is the archangel of the seventh ray.

There are several ways to better understand the rays that have a major effect on you. One method is the Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation shown on this page and the Services Order page.

Another way is to sit in meditation. Do a protection prayer and invoke (call in) each ray, one at a time. Ask your spirit guides and the Chohans and archangels of the rays to help you experience the energy of each ray. Ask spirit to give you a sign (tickle your nose, send an energy rush up your spine, etc.) to show you the ray (s) most significant to you.

The Great Invocation

Every month at the full moon, groups gather all over the world to say the following invocation. The words below are the modernized version of the invocation that has been said for the past fifty years. Check out Lucius Trust on the links page for more information.

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into human minds.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into human hearts.

May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide all little human wills-

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the human race

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light, and Love, and Power restore

The Plan on Earth.

The Seven Rays, the Violet Flame, and Esoteric Astrology are excellent tools to help you step into higher levels of spiritual service. The Tibetan talks about the Third Initiation. This is a phase of growth where the personality becomes so fused with the Will of the Soul, that the personality becomes a servant of the greater purpose of the core soul vibration. Although philosophy suggests that most people currently incarnated on earth are working with the first and second survival initiations, a significant number are moving into this next phase of development. It is this Third Initiation, which will help planet earth, raise her consciousness above much of the fear and suffering that is occurring around the planet.

Details on the above summaries:

The Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology Consultation

What is a soul ray consultation?

You will learn about your soul and personality rays. This information is based in the channellings of the Tibetan Master Djwahl Kuhl through Alice A. Bailey. Understanding the ray upon which you have incarnated helps you to work more fully with your energies of soul service. This reading is best for people who have reduced the need to ask “what’s in it for me?” and increased the need to know, “what is my soul purpose and spiritual service in this life?”

This is an excellent tool for those who are shifting out of attachment to the material world in the direction of soul service. It’s time for each of us to take increased responsibility for expressing our Divine Nature in our daily lives.

Mark Dodich provides both natal astrology for the mundane issues of your life as well as esoteric astrology for spiritual purpose. Another specialty of Mark’s is EARTHLINES (AstroCartoGraphy) to map you power zones on the planet for career, romance, and travel. See more information at Mark Dodich’s website www.astromark.us or call for his free quarterly astrology forecast newsletter 503-252-1558 mark@astromark.us

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