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Going to a Higher Level with Astrology

by Mark Dodich

Are you a little disappointed when you read your daily horoscope in your newspaper comics section? Isn’t there more to you than the new love interest or financial gain promised in the forecast?
If you are ready for more, then you will want to know about going to a higher level with astrology. Esoteric astrology is the study of spiritual growth and fulfillment.
Imagine that the normal astrology of your Sun sign (called exoteric astrology) is like a chess board. The zodiac sign you were born under is your sun sign and is like the king of the board. If you were born from May 21-June 21, your sun sign is Gemini. The king piece of your life is represented by Gemini traits including communications, mental versatility, or having too many irons in the fire.
The sign the moon and other planets were in when you were born are like the other pieces on a chess board. All of the pieces go about their business on the same, flat playing field. The moon looks for emotional security, Venus looks for love & money, Mars aggressively seeks sex & ambition, and so forth through the rest of the planets. 
At some point, your spirit realizes that, while love and ambition are nice, they no longer fill that deep, inner longing within. That is when you are ready to go to the next level, just like one of those Star Trek multi-level chess boards that require you to think in multidimensional perspectives.
Esoteric astrology does not negate the exoteric rules of love & money astrology, it helps you operate at a higher level. A famous Einstein quote advises that you cannot solve the current problems with the same level of consciousness that created those problems. 
You go beyond worldly problems by going to an increased spiritual frequency, and esoteric astrology is a tool to that goal. Hermetic philosophy explains that the ascended masters polarize themselves at a higher frequency of vibration in order to go beyond the lower rules of the material world. (See the book Kyballion by Three Initiates for a full explanation). 
Look at your Sun sign and rising sign below to get a quick hint as to how esoteric (ES) astrology takes you beyond exoteric (EX) astrology:
Aries: EX: Physical expression and raw courage to pioneer new paths. ES: Communicate right action to help others create a better way to live in personal and planetary harmony.
Taurus: EX: Be practical, make money and fulfill your earthly desires. ES: You return to your inner source to help bring greater beauty and balance to the world. You transform value systems on planet earth.
Gemini: EX: Communicate many and varied ideas to open minds. ES: You go beyond the intellect to manifest increased harmony and beauty such that lower orders of thinking fall away.
Cancer: EX: Nurture those in your immediate environment in a mothering, caretaker mode. ES: Instead of feeding bodies, you nourish souls. Go beyond your little tribe to the family of humanity.
Leo: EX: Take pride in leading your local tribe, expressing warmth and generosity. ES: Shine light on the interconnectedness of humanity, helping the world to open its heart to the common connection within all.
Virgo: EX: Serve the world by tending to the humble details to help heal systems or people. ES: A world server goes beyond the daily “to-do” lists in order to invest time in manifesting the higher vision for the good of all.
Libra: EX: Manifest a balanced life and healthy relationships. ES: Revolutionize the world to create a higher form of balance on the evolutionary ladder.
 Scorpio: EX: Transform emotions and fears at the deepest level. ES: Transform the collective unconscious to take the world beyond poverty consciousness, prejudice, and closed-mindedness.
 Sagittarius: EX: Spread generosity and mentor others. ES: The minister/philosopher comes forth to expand global consciousness.
 Capricorn: EX: Build a solid structure for your community. ES: Initiate others into a higher frequency of vibration to serve the collective good of humanity.
 Aquarius: EX: High intellect and ideas to express individuality and freedom. ES: This is the teacher of higher ideals to manifest win-win environments for the individual working with the group consciousness.
 Pisces: EX: The intuitive dreamer takes people beyond the veils of this world. ES: You hold the vision for those who cannot see it, then transform lower orders of thinking to help the higher vision come into form.
Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose *esoteric) astrology. To learn more about his international practice based in Portland, Oregon, call for his free ASTROMARK newsletter 503-252-1558 or visit his website at www.astromark.us 
Following is a chart of rulerships of the signs. It may be too much to include without proper explanation, but thought I would include it for your review.

The concept of rulerships explains that each zodiac sign is in harmony with certain planets and the actions associated with those planets. The exoteric ruler is the level that is most commonly known in astrology. The esoteric ruling planet is the higher vibration. For an explanation of the meanings of the planets and signs, go to the monthly astrology report page at www.astromark.us and download the free astrology primer pdf.


Sign                 Esoteric                 Exoteric

Aries                 Mercury                 Mars

Taurus             Vulcan                   Venus

Gemini             Venus                     Mercury

Cancer             Neptune                 Moon

Leo                     Sun                         Sun

Virgo                 Moon                     Mercury

Libra                 Uranus                     Venus

Scorpio             Mars/Pluto             Mars/Pluto

Sagittarius         Earth                     Jupiter

Capricorn            Saturn                 Saturn

Aquarius             Jupiter                 Saturn/Uranus

Pisces                 Pluto                 Jupiter/Neptune

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