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"Riding the Wave of Change" - An Interview with Eve Wilson

by Mary Arsenault

In a country “gone crazy” with  mass shootings, natural disasters, and threats of imminent nuclear war, presided over by an administration which continuously nurtures divisiveness and distrust among the populace, many people are left doubting the efficacy of their spiritual practices and wondering whether they’re truly on an ascending path. After all of their positive affirmations and meditations on peace and forgiveness, they wonder how the express train to an enlightened future could have jumped so far off the rails.

According to Eve Wilson,author of the new book Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World, the train never left the tracks and is running right on schedule. She attributes the current turbulence to a rapid clearing of the old in order to make room for the new, and believes that all of the healing work done to date is actually making the transition much easier than it would otherwise have been.

A long time student of the Qabalah, Eve offers through her book her own unique, non-sectarian perspective based on years of practice, on how this ancient Judaic discipline can be used for navigating and healing through these troublesome times. The book is a deceptively light and enjoyable read, yet provides a wealth of information,including an overview of the ten spheres of the Qabalah and how they each contribute to our experience on Earth, plus meditations for successfully completing the tasks of each of the spheres. Sprinkled with anecdotes from her own healing practice and life, Eve’s expertise on the subject shines brilliantly through in her ability to make the esoteric principles of the Qabalah, and how they relate to healing, easily accessible. According to best-selling author Annette Aben, Riding the Wave of Change is “a light to pierce fear’s darkness and connect us to the everlasting light of love”

An exceptionally gifted intuitive spiritual healer, teacher of planetary healing, ordained minister,and award-winning blogger of The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension,Eve knows that no religion in and of itself can fully encompass the wholeness of life.  Riding the Wave of Change is the product of Eve’s 30 year quest for the next higher perspective on life and how to heal people and the planet on the deepest levels. Says Eve, “My work and my passion is for helping people and our world rise to our greater potential,to live in unconditional love and wholeness.” She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Dave, and their dog Tobias, and has been offering healing treatments since 1986.

Riding the Wave of Change, Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World is published by Balboa Press and is available both through Eve’s website www.spiritualhealers.com as well as from Balboa Press. You can read an excerpt from the book at  www.spiritualhealers.com  and also at Wisdom’s monthly webzine: www.wisdom-magazine.com .


Mary:  What is the “Wave of Change” that you refer to in the title of your book? 

Eve: We are going through a period of breaking down of what I think of as the old stage set of life, as the new stage set is brought into place. We can expect approximately 30 years of deep transformation ahead on planet Earth as we shed the negativity of the past and embrace our new identity, and then 300+ million years to grow in this new experience of harmony and co-creation with unconditional love. Given a choice to hold onto what is familiar and secure, many people will resist change, even for the better.  So there are destructive forces at play right now that are breaking down the old stage set of our world.Things which we believed in and which made us feel like we knew who we were and what to expect in life are no longer secure. This includes everything from financial security and trust in our government, to the very foundations of the planet, its creatures and resources. The more people fight to maintain the status quo, the more security slips through our fingers; this is because people need to let go of who we have thought we have been in the past. As people seek within themselves for their true essence and connection to the eternal nature of our spiritual beings, we find ourselves experiencing a deeper confidence despite outward appearances. 

All beings are eternal,safe and unbreakable; and the changes we experience will be only as hard as is necessary to help us release the old, so the new experience can come on stage.The original projections for this transitional phase were much longer and more severe – think of Nostradamus and others who predicted this experience.  Because so many in our world have willingly sought to grow spiritually, make better choices and heal our world, the changes are now predicted to be about 70% easier than originally thought!


Mary:  So your book is designed to help people ride these waves of change more easily?

Eve: Yes!  In the book I share with people experiences and visions that I have been given as a spiritual healer and ascension worker for people and the planet. They tell the story of how I and others learned to understand and help facilitate an easier path of change for all of us. It also gives people understanding and tools to step more quickly into the new state and allow the transitional difficulties to flow past.  When we respond in the right way to these changes, things shift very quickly and with remarkable ease for us individually. That in turn makes it easier for all life on earth, since we are all connected in this experience.


Mary:  Can you briefly share about one of your visions from the book with us?

Eve: The one that comes to mind is of the burning of the redwood forest. After a visit to the giant sequoias in Northern California, where we were awed by the trees, but also worried as we drove through smoke from forest fires just a couple of miles north of us in Oregon, I received a vision of redwoods burning.I was simultaneously shown redwoods in an ascended state healthy and whole. The book explains how this vision both upset me and gave me hope, and how it showed me a role I was being asked to play to assist the trees to ascend.  It also showed me that they will not be lost,which greatly relieved my heart and mind.


Mary:  The purpose of your book is to lead people to Ascension.What exactly do you mean by ascension?

Eve: Ascension is a change as significant for life on Earth as when the first land creatures emerged from the primordial swamp!  It is how human beings, societies and all life emerge from the swamp of our lower nature of hatred, fear and greed and evolve into our true potential of union with our own higher intelligence, purpose and love. 

To live in the ascended state has been the foundational purpose for all life since the dawn of time.  All our prior experiences of struggle have been preparing us for the next phase where we can actualize our greater potential as humans and for all creation.  Ascension became the current direction of evolution for our world in 2012, although we have felt its influence for much longer than that, and many souls are already existing in the ascended state.The difference is that now everyone is beginning to ascend, even the planet.


Mary:  You did a great job making the book light but powerful!  How did you make that happen?

Eve: It took me a couple of tries to find the way to make Riding the Wave of Change a potent, but joyful read that is easy for readers to assimilate. Tools I used for this include beautiful poetic spiritual verses from Rudolph Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, the sharing of true stories and case histories,miracles, visions and spiritual experiences, allegory and then original art for the Qabalah spheres.  I used the Healing Qabalah as a foundational format to break down the information into digestible pieces that communicate its relevance to each individual.  I left the tools for personal healing and ascension for the final chapter so that people can just read and enjoy the book, and later pick and choose which tools they feel drawn to work with.  Then I created a Glossary of Terms to answer people’s questions.  I resisted the urge to put everything I know into it, choosing instead to plant seeds of awareness that can grow within people’s own hearts and minds over time through their experiences as they ascend.


Mary: What do you want people to take away from reading your book?

Eve: I want them to experience a greater trust and confidence in life through having a higher perspective on the events of our time.  I hope they will feel strongly that though the world seems such a mess, this is a temporary transition in our evolution that we call the journey of ascension, and that what is ahead following this transitory phase will be better than anything we have known previously here on Earth.


Mary: In addition to the book, you’ve been writing a blog for many years now, which recently won a significant award. Tell us about it.

Eve: In August 2017 The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension Blog was voted “One of the Best Healing Blogs on the Planet” by Feedspot.com. Every Friday morning, I post a new message filled with positive perspective on the changes happening in our lives, our country and our world.  It includes personal tools for riding these waves of change with confidence and skill. You can find it at  www.spiritualhealers.com/blog and you can sign up for my mailing list to get a weekly reminder email with a link to each new post.


Mary: The artwork on your cover is quite striking! I understand that your daughter did all of the artwork for you.

Eve: The beautiful art illustrates the points I am making on the Qabalah Tree of Life. The artist, Kara Bradley is my very talented daughter.  We very much enjoyed this new level of our relationship and are already working on a new book together.  You can see some of my favorites pieces of her creation at the book website www.evewilson-ridingthewave.com 


Mary: In addition to your new book and award-winning blog, you’re also a Spiritual Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Development.  Tell us more about your work.

Eve: I have been a healer all of my life, and a full time spiritual healer and trainer of healers since 1986.  I work with people of all ages, couples,families, pets and the planet.  My work is intuitive, compassionate and unconditionally loving.  I connect with people’s Higher Selves and the One Source of Life to find where people are stuck, to heal and free them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they can become whole,succeed in life and fulfill their purpose. Most of my clients come by phone, although some come to me in person if they live locally.  My work is just as easy and effective either way. 

I train and certify nationally legal UCM Healer Practitioners through The Healer & Ascension Certification Course, which is enrolling now to begin late January or early February 2018.  It is a 13- month program which teaches physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and ascension for adults, children and pets.  I teach people to identify and treat the root cause of disease in the person’s soul contracts, in present and past life and heredity.  The work is gentle and very potent and includes: spiritual protection and boundaries, soul contracts, reading and healing aura’s and chakras, The Healing Qabalah of Archangel Michael, inner child work, power animals, emotional release and transmutation, and ascension work, among other tools.  This course requires about 8 hours a week commitment, and is for those who want to be certified, but also for those who want to grow more fully into their personal and spiritual gifts, but who may or may not want to work as healers professionally.

My Monthly Ascension Support Class helps people Ride the Waves of Change with skill, confidence and grace.  It consists of joyfully deep,transformational meditations created for those in the class.  People find that it eases their experience throughout the month and helps them stay positive and light. It also helps them to heal, grow into their potential, personal authority, and spiritual strength.Through the work we do together an influence of healing and ascension is extended into the world via our connections to families, cultures, countries,and soul groups.  We are currently enrolling for January 11 as the first of a 6-class series meeting every 4 Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:30 PM. People participate by phone or Skype from all over the country. You can reach me through my new website to schedule appointments or enroll for classes at www.spiritualhealers.com

I also offer a Free Monday Prayer and Wednesday Meditation via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EveWilson.BridgeToWholeness 

Mary: Do you have a parting thought to leave us with?

Eve: When you are experiencing the breaking down of the things you used to rely on and trust, meditate on this:  Who you truly are is eternal, safe and unbreakable. The same is true for our planet and all creatures and lifeforms.  Nothing dies – everything is transformed into something better. Despite this period of breaking down of the old, we have much more to look forward to here on Earth!  When you read Riding the Wave of Change you will find this is explained much more fully.

Mary Arsenault is the publisher of Wisdom Magazine.

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