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Astrological Forecast for January 2018

by Lou Valentino

Happy New Year 2018. Wishing everyone abundance, perfect health and love in 2018.

With all planets in direct motion after January 2nd till March 8th, 2018, everyone has opportunities to grow in all areas of life.

I will cover some of the main planetary cycles in 2018 before talking about the January forecast.

We have five eclipses in 2018. Two of them are in Leo, two in Aquarius and one in Cancer. Google on your search engines for the dates. Obviously the signs of Leo, Aquarius and Cancer have some extra lessons this year that will be active. Look to the houses ruled by these signs to find out which areas of life are being helped or harmed.

Three Mercury retrogrades are all in Fire signs this year.

Uranus will move into Taurus creating new ways of doing business in the world. Uranus is in its fall in Taurus which is affiliated with abundance and the environment. Higher technology is a part of the Uranus experience as it is the higher octave of Mercury. UFO's, astrology are affiliated with Uranus as well as solar flairs, earthquakes and anything unexpected that happens quickly.

Uranus will be trine to Saturn which moved into Capricorn in December of 2017. This will be the calm before the storm. After September of 2018, that trine moves on and just when things appear to be going well (trines are the wind at our back), Uranus pushes the bull around and we all know how Taurus does not enjoy change of any kind. Bitcoin and other ways of investing will manifest during the 7 year transit of Uranus in Taurus.

January will ring in the New Year with abundance as 2018 becomes a year of growth in the financial world. As long as there are few major environmental expenses, the economy will be very good this year.

Starting off 2018 with a full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees at 9:24PM EST, family values and patriotism rings in the new year. This full Moon is in a grand trine in water signs. If you are born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, this year starts off with the wind at your back. All planets in direct motion after January 2nd till March 8th of 2018 helps also.

This full Moon is trine to Neptune and part of fortune in Pisces. Neptune is trine to Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars/Jupiter trine to the full Moon in Cancer.

Sensitivity is heightened till the new Moon on the 16th. There is very little stress in this full Moon chart. No t-squares, no planets in their fall and four planets in Capricorn. The waters signs have lots of luck on their side to start the year off but being too relaxed (Grand Trine) can become addictive (Pisces), safe (Cancer) and too deep to come out of (Scorpio). When the new Moon starts on the 16th, the water signs need to get up to speed with life like everyone else.

Capricorn's are busy at work this month. Finding the balance between work and family will be difficult. But, with little stress from aspects, 3 out of the 4 planets in Capricorn trine to the rising sign of Virgo in this full Moon chart, those with Sun, Moon or rising in Capricorn are feeling very relaxed. What a change this energy will be as the sign of Capricorn has been very stressed since 2008. Enjoy the break.

Uranus turns direct on January 2nd finishing up the later degrees of Aries before it moves into Taurus on May 15, 2018. Aries is a much different energy than Taurus. We go from sudden fits of impatience to trying to get things moving. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Taurus you can expect the unexpected to ruffle

the comfort zone after the middle of May. A whole new life for Taurus is on the way.

Mercury enters Capricorn on January 11th helping communications in the goat's daily affairs. Capricorn's will remain clear and focused about how they communicate till January 31st when Mercury moves into Aquarius.

Happy Martin Luther King day January 15, 2018.

The new Moon on January 16th is in the sign of Capricorn at 26 degrees at 9:17PM EST. We have 6 planets now in Capricorn and 3 of them are square to Uranus. Whatever peace of mind Capricorn was experiencing when the new year started is being shaken up a bit. Capricorn wants things to stay the same and Uranus in Aries says wait a minute.

If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Capricorn this is a bump in that smooth road that started on January 1st. You are ready for the bumps in your life because you had some time to think about what new seeds you want to plant on this new Moon and where it will take you too by the total full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st.

Try not to argue with your bosses or your significant other at this time. Try to let things be and they will turn around in your favor later on this month. Try not to let your own agendas be forced on others. Too many planets in any sign creates an imbalance. Workaholic is the imbalance with Capricorn's. Take time to breath and spend some time with your loved ones away from work. Don't be too serious.

Venus moves into Aquarius on January 17th. Aquarius is attracting abundance and love into their lives. Venus will remain in Aquarius until February 11th. Money affirmations work better during this time for those with Sun, Moon or rising in Aquarius. New friendships are started. Maybe a new job or a raise.

Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19th. Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Aquarius. The spotlight is shifting to Aquarius.

Mars moves into the sign of Sagittarius on January 26th. This gives Sagittarius extra vitality. Sagittarius is a sign that enjoys physical fitness and sports so get up and work off some of this extra energy you already have. Mars will stay in Sagittarius till March 18th, 2018.

We normally have one full Moon and one new Moon a month but this month we end it with a second full Moon in Leo at 11 degrees on January 31st at 8:27AM EST. This is the first Lunar Eclipse of 2018 and its a total Lunar Eclipse not partial. Mercury moves into Aquarius, the opposite sign of Leo at 8:39AM just after the the peak of the full Moon. EST.

Eclipses that are total are more powerful as we saw back in August of 2017 with a total new Moon solar eclipse in Leo. The energy of an eclipse can last up to six months. Leo is being tested again in 2018 as it was in 2017.

Individual attentions verses group attentions. Leo is independent and wants attentions. Aquarius wants to work with others to form a collective voice. The performing arts is ruled by Leo. Leo's love attention and this full Moon Lunar Eclipse gets the attentions it wants. Look for the creative arts to blossom more for musicians, actors, photographers, painters, sculptors and the fashion industry. A better economy always means more business for artists.

The full Moon chart shows a balance with the elements. The sign of Leo has more going for it as the North Node is conjunct this full Moon. The North Node is about gains and the life's path of those with Sun, Moon or rising in Leo moves forward with confidence.

Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius so the South Node is conjunct the Sun and Venus in Aquarius. Full Moon's represent completions. If you are more Leo energy you are completing projects you have bee working on and feeling very good about your accomplishments.

Aquarius is feeling they may need to let go of anything that is holding them back and depleting their energies. This could be a romance that you started at the middle of this month but found out it may not be what you initially thought.

It could also be bringing talents and people from your past into the now and gaining in life and joy from past experiences or lessons learned from the past. 2018 is a great year for new ideas and new beginnings. Being independent and also being a part of the collective group ideas will be more integrated this year than in 2017. It seemed like 2017 their was a strong group rebelliousness to the structures of the past.

2018 is more about integrating the rebels with the traditional thinkers for the first 9 months. Uranus is trine to Saturn in Taurus instead of fighting all the time in the sign of Aries.

Regardless of all the sexual allegations that will continue through 2019 with Jupiter in Scorpio and eventually in Sagittarius, it is the economy that makes the difference. If the economy continues to grow and prosper, it would be very difficult to bring this President down in America.

President Trump is currently in a Jupiter Dasha which started just after the election of 2016 and that runs for a 16 year period. His Jupiter is stationary direct in his natal. Jupiter rules the higher courts and protects one from dangerous law suits and all. It is in his second house of material gains.

Regardless of how anyone feels in politics, a growing economy is helpful for the midterm and general election. Who wants to go back to the last 12 years of economic stagnation the Bush administration brought to us at the end of Bush's second term and trying to climb out of it all during the 8 years of President Obama.

However, if the economy does not bring more money into the pockets of the middle class by November of 2018, it will hurt the Republican agenda.

Wishing everyone pockets full of money this year through the traditional ways and the new ways of investing created by Uranus moving into Taurus. Either way money is going to manifest this year.

Lou Valentino has been doing astrology readings for 25 years. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com for astrological services, testimonials, celebrity of the month and so much more.

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