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Excerpt from "Transforming Fate Into Destiny"

by Robert Ohotto

The following excerpt is taken from the new book, Transforming Fate Into Destiny by Robert Ohotto. It is published by Hay House (February 2008) and available at all bookstores or online at www.amazon.com.

Prayer is a supremely powerful tool, yet I believe that we need an updated and clarified understanding about what it actually is and how it works. Many folks relate to prayer solely as something repetitious that’s said at a Catholic mass or while holding a rosary. While I respect chanting and other repetitious mantras, when I’m speaking about prayer, I’m referring to establishing a conscious dialogue with God, the Universe, your soul, life force itself, and much more.

Prayers are requests we make of our Higher Power to align us with a different force field, a new center of gravity and power source. This allows us to release our subconscious mind’s allegiance to our ego and the messages of the outer world that are programming it so that it can be infused with Divine inner guidance for our lives. One prayer can allow heaven to intervene and vibrationally shift your energy, aligning you with your soul’s intention and highest potential in any circumstance.

But what is prayer if it’s not solely repetitively chanting? What is this tool that triggers events to unfold for the highest good of all via a transmission of grace? Prayer can be many things: visualizing God sending light to surround and heal someone going through a difficult circumstance; speaking to God about the day; requesting strength, courage, or patience to endure a difficult time; asking the Universe to give you guidance in any situation; lighting a candle in a church on behalf of someone else; and much more. Essentially, it can be any request for Divine intervention in any circumstance; it can also be an offering made to the Earth.

Prayer has many forms that often serve as a vehicle for dialogue with a Higher Power and as a ritualized way to channel the Divine into our lives and those of others. However, one thing stands out clearly to me from my years of service as an intuitive: The prayers we say and what we ask for through them reveal an awful lot about how we perceive reality, what we value, and what gives us meaning on the journey of life. Think about that for a minute. What kind of spiritual conversations do you have? What do they reveal about your reality?

By exploring these questions, I’ve realized that our communication generally falls into two categories: ego prayers and soul prayers. Let’s look at each of them closely because I’ve found that the latter have the power to transform Fate into Destiny, while the former often get a negative response from heaven.

Ego Prayers vs. Soul Prayers

We’ve all said an ego prayer before—I know I have (and still do!). These are often based out of what we want, not what we need; and they rarely have the best interests of others at heart. Let’s review an ego prayer to help you identify when you’re saying one (oh, and let’s also look at “God’s” response!).

Dear God,

It’s Mike here. I usually don’t ask for much, but I’d really like my new Internet business selling children’s toys to take off so I can quit my job. I hate my current boss. He’s always criticizing me and never appreciates the hard work I do—he totally reminds me of my father!

This new book I’m reading says that prayer and visualization are powerful, so I’m going to visualize making a million dollars by next year through this new Internet gig—could you give me a hand with that? It would be great if you could help me manifest it! Then I could quit my current job, get some cool clothes, buy a house, lease a new BMW, and have money to travel to the Bahamas next fall. I could finally ask my girlfriend, Jane, to marry me.

On that note, it would also be great if you could help Jane. I do love her, but sometimes she’s so stubborn. I sure wish she’d change that about herself and quit fighting with me about having kids. I know she says that she doesn’t want children, but I really want to start a family. If you help me make that million, then she won’t have to work and might be persuaded to stay at home and raise kids.

Oh, if you grant me these things, I promise I’ll give 10 percent of my income to charity and be sure to give some money to each homeless person I see.

Please let me know your answer by this Friday—please give me an unmistakable sign!

Thanks, God.


God’s answer:

My dear Mike,

In short, the answer to all your requests is no. So when nothing remarkable has happened by Friday, take note that I have turned you down. Although you cannot remember it right now, before you came to Earth you made certain agreements that must be upheld, and answering your prayer would violate many of those agreements.

Let me give you a glimpse of things from my perspective: First of all, before you were born, you made an agreement with your boss that he would come into your life at this time to help you heal your issues with your father and how his criticism wounded you. This means that your boss must treat you much like your dad did in order to trigger your old wounds so that they surface again and can be dealt with now that you are an adult. There is a deep lesson here that you must learn. Your boss is your teacher, and until you learn what you need to and heal, you cannot move on to the next stage of your life.

This is very important to accept, because where you are going next with your life will require that you learn how to validate yourself in ways your father could not. You are going to be running a major company in the years to come and will need to be a true leader with authentic soul-esteem. Since that is not done yet, you need to stay in the same job.

Second, you will soon be informed that the toys you are thinking of selling are toxic due to a chemical in the plastic. Be grateful, my dear Mike, that you will not be able to get the business off the ground. To that end, I am setting it up so that your girlfriend will “accidentally” unleash a computer virus, crashing your system for two weeks while news of the toys gets to you. This will save you from harming children, from being sued, and from enduring much grief. Yes, you will be mad at Me, but take care . . . you cannot see what I can.

Now about this financial request—you are not yet mature enough to handle a million dollars, and you certainly are not going to give 10 percent of it to charity! That amount of cash would exploit current flaws in your character that you are not aware of and hinder your spiritual development. At this point, you are not able to manage the choices that come with that much money.

Your current car works just fine, by the way. I will make sure it continues to since you do need it to get to work. I will also ensure that you have enough money to fulfill all your needs—but not your wants. Let’s look at more of those: Although you do not know it yet, in two years you will be moving from Milwaukee to Chicago for an incredible job, so it is not wise to buy a house now that you will have to sell in two years. The market will be bad then. Oh, and there is going to be a major hurricane hitting the Bahamas next fall that would have taken your life, so it is a good thing that you will not have the money to go there.

As far as Jane goes, she is there to teach you to accept others as they are—and to never pray for them to change. She is not meant to have children in this lifetime and will soon discover that she is actually not able to. She is not the right person for you to commit to in marriage, and once you accept her as she is, you will know that. You have a contract to meet someone in three years who is going to want to have a family with you, so once again it’s a good thing that you do not have enough money for a wedding.

Mike, I know you cannot see all of this through your egocentric point of view, but do not worry—I have your back.



P.S. You should already be giving the homeless a dollar and a prayer as a way of affirming your connection to Me. They are as much a part of Me as you are.

Ego prayers originate mainly out of what we think we want and need. As we discovered with cultural spells, sometimes these are things we’re told are important by the media and our culture, parents, and peers. As we look at Mike’s prayer, so much of what he’s longing for comes from his ego’s small perspective. He can’t see the larger design of his life and how future events are going to unfold.

Although every prayer we say is answered without exception—whether positively or negatively—I sense that the ones originating in our egos might make the Divine laugh! And they often aren’t effective in transforming the Fate of a circumstance into Destiny.

Now in contrast with this, let’s look at a soul prayer.

Dear God,

It’s Victoria here. All of my previous requests to be a breakout success as a fashion photographer here in New York City seem to have been ignored. I’m having a really hard time in my life right now; my heart is very heavy. I know I’m meant to be learning things, and with Your grace, I can get through this period.

You know that I’m currently in a job I can’t stand. I hate waiting tables when I have a master’s degree in art and photography—it’s so humiliating. I feel like such a failure. How am I going to continue to get by as a waitress living here in New York? Although I came here two years ago to explore creative opportunities in the fashion industry, nothing is panning out, and I feel lost and invisible. Am I on the right path? Is there another way I’m meant to use my talents and skills? Waiting tables can’t be all there is for me in this lifetime—right?

Please show me what I need to learn so that I can go on to the next part of my journey. I’m willing to look at whatever I need to within myself in order to heal and move my life forward.

Although I thought I wanted to be in the fashion world, now I’m not so sure. On the few photo shoots I’ve worked on, I’ve realized it’s not all it seems to be. But I want to be of creative service to others and to capture their essence on film. I just don’t know what to do since nothing seems to sustain me here professionally. As You know, I didn’t land that last job I was up for as an assistant photographer for Vogue.

What’s more, money has been really tight. Christmas is coming up, and I really need to see my family—please help me find a way. Right now I can’t afford it because they live in Idaho, and it’s hard to get a cheap ticket there. I’m already picking up extra shifts to make more money. I miss them so much, so if You could help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I need to be surrounded by something real for a while; I feel like I need to get my soul back.

And then there’s Steve, my boyfriend of the last year. I know I met him for a reason, but please help me understand why I feel so insecure in our relationship. What lesson does he have to teach me about myself? Please help us discover if we’re meant to move further in our commitment to each other. I know You’re guiding us, and I hope that if I’m not the right one for him in the long term, You’ll bless him with someone who is.

I’d really like my life in New York to begin to flourish; it’s been hard these past two years. But if You want me somewhere else, I’m ready to accept that now. Show me what my soul came here to do. I’m hanging by a thread. Please use me in whatever way You’d like. I am Yours.



God’s answer:

Dear Victoria,

It is so good to receive such a soulful prayer from you. I have been waiting for you to say this for two years. I know that you have been having a hard time and things have been tough, but it has all led you to this point of authentic surrender.

Although you came to New York City wanting to be a fashion photographer, that is not really your dream, but only what you thought you wanted in order to belong and “be somebody.” Things have not worked out over the past two years so that you would begin to clarify what your soul truly wants to create this lifetime.

You are just about done with this lesson, my dear. I will sustain you through this time of difficulty as your ego’s desires burn out and your heart ignites. You were never meant to work in the world of fashion, and you wouldn’t have been truly happy there. But you are indeed meant to be a professional photographer. When you are finally ready, I am going to help you become incredibly successful.

For now, you must learn the lesson of humility and surrender. When you can feel just as good about yourself as a waitress as you would being a famous photographer, then you will be ready for the next steps in your journey. Until then, you must stay in your current job.

Listen to your intuition and inner self, Victoria, for I am always speaking to you. In two weeks, right before Christmas, a wealthy man is going to come to the restaurant where you work. He will challenge you with his dismissive attitude, testing your humility. If you do not match his elitist energy, you will be shocked to find that he tips you $1,000 and you have enough money to go home and see your family. I will send you many signs and support to ensure that you succeed.

During your stay at home, you will feel inspired and compelled to take pictures of the beautiful snow-covered landscape in Idaho. When you get back to New York City and develop the photos, Steve will tell you (with tears in his eyes) that your photos are amazing and have really captured the soul of your home. This is to help you see where your true talent lies, and you will feel an internal shift in that very moment.

This is your soul remembering its agreement with Destiny to take photos around the world that will help everyone who moves to New York City and struggles as you have to remember what matters. Part of your purpose is to remind others of the places they call home when they feel that they are lost.

That is, in part, your true calling—your soul’s destiny. And once you figure that out, your life will take off in many directions while your photos are showcased in galleries all over the city. Steve really does love you, by the way, and you are meant to learn how to accept that gift without doubting it or feeling insecure because you do not believe that you are worthy. Once you realize more of your true worth, your commitment with him will deepen into spiritual partnership.

In spite of outer appearances, all is well, Victoria. And I will speak to you through your dreams tonight so that when you wake up in the morning, you will just know inside that everything is working out for your highest good because you have surrendered your life to Me—and have thus aligned your ego with your soul. You will wake up knowing that I have answered most of your prayers affirmatively.

Yours truly,


Soul prayers come from a humble place within us. We’re able to speak with God this way when we realize that we’re small in this vast cosmos, but we matter to each other and to the Divine. In fact, most soul prayers involve an element of surrender, humility, and a wish to be of greater service to life…Soul prayers animate the goodness of others and are the true medium for miracles. And although they can also arise out of our own personal authentic needs—which must be met to support actualizing our Destiny—these petitions don’t aim to change anyone or make someone love us. Rather, they most often seek to channel grace for the highest good of all concerned and those who are connected to our requests. They take into account how small our ego’s perspective can often be.

Soul prayers ask of the Divine: Please infuse my contribution to this situation with your deepest wisdom and my highest potential. Show me, dear Universe, where I am afraid to hear Your answer to my prayer, where I am blocking my own clarity, and why.

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