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The World

by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: Why does the world as we know it exist?

A: The world is a magnificent cornucopia, filled with wondrous and delightful items. Here we can find exactly what we are looking for. If we seek enjoyment of the senses, there are many opportunities. Similarly if we seek to learn and draw closer to our higher self, this opportunity exists as well.

In part, the earth phase of our existence is an opportunity to learn, create and experience all the parts of self and grow closer to that which we wish to become.

* *

The world is a giant bazaar.

A market place

Where you will find

Exactly what you seek.

If you seek garbage, it is there.

Similarly if you desire sweets

There are many vendors.

Fortunate is the traveler

Who knows what to seek.

Most leave

Without making the right choice.

* *

The World

Traveler: What of the world?

Master: All things in this universe

Are Created for an appointed term.

The sun, the moon,

And you and I

Are here for a brief afternoon

In the timeless eternity.

The Beloved is the Eternal Reality.

God was here

Before the sun and moon

And will be

Long after they are a memory.

This world is Created

For a fixed period

And when the hour arrives

It too will pass on.

Only God Remains.

Traveler: If this life is temporary

Why must I participate

In the every day affairs of the world?

Master: Little one, you were Created

To serve God’s Purpose.

Each traveler has a job to do

And each must contribute

To the benefit of all.

You will not serve the Creator

By sitting on a mountain

And praying for your own salvation.

We must participate in the world

And work for the benefit of all.

All of us cannot sit on mountains;

Who will do the work to feed humanity?

The secret is to remain separate,

Immersed in the Holy Name,

Yet participate in every day affairs.

Ask the Beloved

And God Will Teach you

The secrets of the world

And how to love His/Her service.


See my new book, The World of Pond Stories. To purchase your copy go to Amazon: www.bit.ly/bitkoffpond (Paperback $13.99 | Kindle $5.95).

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