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Creating an Intention Crystal for Your New Year's Success

Working with crystals is a powerful tool for manifesting your New Year's resolutions and intentions.

by Deirdre Hade

As a mystic, spiritual teacher and guide for over 30 years I am often asked, “What does it mean to set an intention?” and “Are there any tools I can use to succeed in reaching my desired intention?”

To answer these questions we first must understand what an intention is. What is the difference between setting an intention and simply having a desire?

An intention is an extremely focused thought that carries with it the manifesting energy of heart (heart’s desire). Powerfully focused energy is like a river of water. When water is harnessed and channeled in a specific direction, that water is very powerful. A powerful intention is like a river of flowing water. Simply put; focused energy manifests, unfocused energy does not.

You can say, “I desire to lose weight.” However, it’s what you do – what action you take, that will determine whether or not your intention manifests. Setting an intention is the first step; acting on that intention is the second, more difficult step. The follow through is where we usually fall short, because, let’s face it, it's just plain hard to re-set a life long pattern.

We often end up feeling frustrated and guilty for not succeeding. The truth is change takes time, commitment and practice- daily, moment by moment, contrary action to an old way of being. When our lives are filled with stress, busyness, kids, and work, staying focused on a specific intention is daunting but not impossible.

I want to share with you some tools to succeed in achieving your intentions and your New Year's resolutions.

Your Brain Power is Your Best Friend

Your brain is an amazing power house and your best friend for helping you with your intention as long as you guide its thinking patterns. Your brain is like a computer. For years and years you have programmed your brain to do certain things. It has learned behaviors and emotional responses that you may not even be aware of. You can change those behaviors by thinking differently. You can actually update your programming to better suit who you are today and who you want to be in the future. However, you are going to need your heart to make this possible, because the heart is the generator of your creating energy.

So often we feel disconnected from our hearts and souls because we’re operating on auto pilot; we’ve let our brain's programming run the show. It’s time to reconnect to your heart this New Year in order to make your resolution work. Go within the quiet center, the flame of hope in the middle of your heart. This is where your soul’s purpose resides. This is where your mystical heart power infuses your intention with the miracle creative process. This is why you’re setting your intention, your resolution, your New Year's conviction, because deep in your heart you know this is an important change you need to begin to live the life you truly desire.

Use an Intention Crystal

A crystal can be the grounding object you need to support you when you set an intention. Crystals carry a frequency, an energy, that when activated with your intention becomes a bridge, a conduit, a power object, to manifesting. Designate a specific crystal to be your Intention Crystal. Your Intention Crystal will remind you and keep you on course to manifest your intention. This crystal will also give you the boost you need in the moment to make the correct choices that will lead to your success.

This is how it works. Your brain uses the world around it to inform you of your programming and patterns. Introduce a new object, such as a crystal, when you set your intention, and it informs your brain of your newly made resolution. Your brain and your heart react to the sight and feel of your crystal, associate it with the intention or resolution you set, and immediately begin to send out crystal energized thought patterns to fully activate the Law of Attraction.

Look around you. What do the objects in your surrounding mean to you? Do they bring you joy, make you feel good? They might make you feel successful, accomplished, or loved, or they might bring up old programming that you want to change. Your Intention Crystal is an object that reminds you that you are a spiritual being. As a spiritual being you can adapt, grow, change and create.

Create A Ritual And Transform the Old Into A New Beginning.

Creating a ritual around setting your intention is fun and a powerful, energetic tool for succeeding in your intention. Your heart and brain love rituals! As a matter of fact, all habits are your brain/heart's way of attempting to ritualize something. You are literally rewiring your brain to manifest your intention every time you see or touch your Intention Crystal.

Steps to activate your Intention Crystal:

1) Set your Intention. Make your resolution.

In a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of life, sit, take a few breaths, get centered, and then speak your intention. You can say it out loud or in your head.

2) Activate your Intention Crystal

Hold your Intention Crystal in your hands as you say your intention/ resolution out loud.

3) Ask for Divine Guidance and Support.

Say, “Divine Presence (God, Source, Angels, whatever you choose), affirm that my Intention Crystal will help me anchor this intention. When I see or touch my Intention Crystal, it will remind me of my commitment and assist me in my success, for you have filled me and my Intention Crystal with your powerful, miraculous light."

Your Intention Crystal has taken in the Power of Creation to Help you on Your Journey of Transforming.

4) Listen to Deep Guidance and Wisdom

With your Intention Crystal still in your hands, intention set, sit with it for a while and listen. You’re likely to hear 2 or 3 things from your soul’s purpose about what steps need to be taken to achieve your goal, such as, “Call this person, join that gym…”

Put your activated Intention Crystal in a special place. Write your intention down on a note, along with this affirmation, “I am worthy to receive the power of my intention, and I affirm my intention of ­­­_____ (a healthy body, or whatever your intention is) as fully manifesting today.

When you use this tool, when you operate like this, magical things start to happen. You are operating from your soul’s purpose of personal power.

5) Give Thanks

Say out loud, "I give thanks to the Spiritual Creator for blessing my life and my intention.”

How do you know which crystal is best for your Intention Crystal?

Choose a crystal that speaks to you, the one that draws you to it. You actually can't make a wrong decision in this. Use a crystal you already have in your collection or find a new one. Either way is perfect. Here are some suggestions for you. The important thing is that you make this ritual yours with meaning and that you have fun. Fun unleashes creative energy. Good luck!

To find success in soul purpose -– Orange Florite

For prosperity and attracting money ­­–- Green Jade

To heal a relationship –- Rose Quartz

To purify negative thoughts – Amethyst­

To organize your room, closet, life –- Lapis Lazurite

To attract love – Purple Charoite

To finish that project – Clear Quartz

To clear anger – Green Calcite

To stick to that new healthy food, exercise program – Carnelian

Magical Energy Begins As Personal Power Is Ignited

Whether your Intention Crystal is on your dresser, in your living room, or in your pocket or purse, hold your Intention Crystal in your hands whenever you’re in doubt. Close your eyes and feel its energy reminding you of your intention and supporting you in taking the actions necessary to achieve it. Have fun, have faith, and rewire your brain by living from your brain and heart with the Magic of your Intention Crystal.

Deirdre Hade is a mystic, spiritual teacher, guide and founder of the Radiance Healing Journey. www.deirdrehade.com . Follow her on Instagram and her new You Tube Channel, deirdrehade.

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