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Astrological Forecast for May 2020

by Lou Valentino

The World has started the dawn of the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Enlightenment. But, when one Age changes to a new Age, it can be uncomfortable.

For the last few decades, many spiritual souls have been wondering when things will ever change towards a new way of living.

The planet Uranus, which takes 7 years to move through a constellation or sign started its movement into the financial sign of Taurus in June of 2018. Uranus in Taurus is in its Fall. They don’t get along as Uranus wants new and innovative ways of doing business and Taurus wants to do business as usual.

I will start with the astrological trends for May and at the end of this column I will talk about our present situations and how long this all might last and some ideas on what kind of economy we are moving into and when the virus might calm down internationally. .

The new Moon on April 22, 2020 was in Taurus and the full Moon on May 7th is in Scorpio. New Moon’s start new beginnings and full Moon’s represent completions or the fulfillment of what we started.

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of financial gains daily while Scorpio, the natural ruler of the 8th house, is about loses or debt. The only way to gain from the 8th house financially is through a partnership or inheritance. Bank’s are the partner or a personal relationship to gain more money.

For those born under the signs of Taurus and Scorpio you are going through lots of changes regarding how you value money and the material things it can buy. Obviously, every sign is going through this also, but it is the fixed signs that hold on and have a harder time letting go and flowing with changes.

The other fixed signs are Aquarius and Leo. The signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are letting go of fear’s related to material values. The song by Madonna, who is a Leo, “Material Girl” is an example of this. The song say’s “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl”.

The question for the month of May is, how do we balance the material world with the spiritual world? This is in everyone’s face in the month of May and till the Summer of 2021.

The full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th is at 17 degrees (6:45AM EDT). The Moon feels weak in this sign as it is in its Fall. This can be an indication that financial situations are so out of control with billions of dollars leaving the U.S.A treasury and the debt escalating at a rate we have never seen before.

As I type this article on April 25th, there still are many waiting for a stimulus check, unemployment or a refund from the federal tax year for 2019. Tensions are high as this full Moon has the Sun in Taurus opposing Moon in Scorpio with Uranus in Taurus square to Saturn in Aquarius. People at this point are tired of hearing about the medical aspect verses the economical aspect.

Since the start of the new Moon in Taurus, we are starting to hear more about the financial aspect as the Secretary of Treasury does not get much media time and the medical task force team has taken up most of the media time. There is a saying, “Whatever you put your attention on grows”. By the full Moon in Scorpio, the full attentions will switch to the economy.

Happy Mother’s Day on May 10th.

Saturn turns retrograde on May 11th and the sign of Capricorn is becoming more reclusive and more disciplined at work till Saturn turns direct on September 6th.

Mercury moves into the intellectual sign of Gemini on May 11th also. For those with Sun, Moon or rising in Gemini, you have lots of thoughts till the 28th of May when Mercury will move into Cancer.

Gemini wants to talk, talk and talk. It’s on May 13th that Venus will turn retrograde in Gemini at 21 degrees and station direct on June 25th at 5 degrees of Gemini it’s not out of its shadow until July 28th.

Venus is what we enjoy in our lives and is the magnet for abundance and beauty. In Gemini it is the multitasker. When Venus moves retrograde in this sign of writing and communication fields, it thinks twice before speaking. Not the typical Gemini we would expect as they usually speak and do not know when to stop talking.

During this time, we could see all forms of communications being confused like a Mercury retrograde period. The news media has been so out of control with the corona virus most of us do not even want to listen to it anymore. So many thoughts and assumptions it needs a Venus retrograde to calm it all down.

President Trump is a Gemini and his news conferences have been way to long and this will change as Venus turn’s retrograde.

The balance of conversation between the health issue and the economic issue will manifest but it may be to late to repair most of the damage economically because there was too much emphasis on the virus for several weeks combined with a very slow moving congress to pass relief bills.

Mars moves into Pisces on May 13th also and gets some of the lazy and dreamy Neptune energies back to work. Mars will stay in Pisces till June 28th.

The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20th and we have a new Moon in Gemini on May 22nd. Gemini takes center stage starting May 20th and the slow-moving Taurus and depressive energy of Scorpio is replaced with new ideas and new directions for all of us. Gemini is the sign that becomes the blessing for new directions and new conversations about getting our lives back on track.

Happy Memorial Day May 25th. It’s time to hit the beach.

Mercury will move into Cancer on May 28th and thoughts continue to surround the idea of family and patriotism.

Now that I’ve given you an overall picture of the trends for May, I wanted to take some time to talk about our current life being turned upside down.

After having looked at the U.S. A’s chart with Sagittarius rising at 12 degrees, we have the 2nd house of money ruled by Capricorn. The triple conjunction, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn as well as transiting Mars crossing over all these planets, that happened at end of March in the sign of Capricorn, has created major transformations (Pluto) for big business and big government.

Saturn slows things down and is also affiliated with a virus pandemic. Saturn rules karma from the past. It delivers karma and helps to balance the laws of nature that have been out of balance.

Uranus plays an especially important part as it creates sudden and unexpected events. It is the trigger for change. Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius and Saturn is the classical ruler meaning Saturn ruled Aquarius before Uranus was discovered.

Uranus being in the financial sign of Taurus is creating unexpected changes in our economic system. Taurus is a sign that wants security and Uranus wants change. Uranus is the rebel while Taurus is more traditional.

Pluto is the transformer and Jupiter expands anything it touches. Pluto is the quiet power behind the surface and rules anything hidden from view such as oil, underground pipelines and is affiliated with birth and death issues.

Saturn recently moved into the sign of Aquarius and this would indicate social life moving more inward or more reclusive.

These combinations bring up the following questions: Could we be moving into a new economic system? Could we become more dependent on groups and friendships (Aquarius) to fulfill our needs? Will this virus ever end? Can we depend on our present systems of Government to take care of us?

These are just a few of the many questions the collective consciousness of the world is asking presently. The planets that rule the collective are Pluto, Neptune and Uranus with Saturn in between the personal planets and the collective. Chiron is the bridge between all of them.

As I look at the transits and secondary progressed charts with the natal birth chart of U.S.A., we find a repeat of the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto around the middle of May and December 8 of 2020. This could indicate more deaths from the virus till the middle of May and slowing down after that date and not ending till the end of this year.

Jupiter is in the 2nd house of money offering some protections to our economic system till November of 2021.

This could be the first phase of humans becoming more dependent on their neighbors and farmers to form a smaller family group economy that is based a combination of bartering services and exchange of some other form of currency.

Aquarius is the age of working with others and not being so isolated. The age of Pisces was about being enslaved and tortured by the system. Overpowered by governments that don’t care about its people. All enslavement, including the severe beating and murder of Jesus Christ, represented the age of Pisces.

I don’t know if the system of economics that we have worldwide, run by only 8 major families, the international banking families, will survive in this new energy that the virus has created.

One thing is for sure, we are all changed, and many deaths (Pluto/Jupiter conjunction) are a part of this new energy that wants to balance out laws of nature that have been violated.

We never had time for family but now we do. We want to work less, and that subject has also come up. We want cleaner air and a better environment and now we have all the fossil fuel industry on hold as the airline, auto and cruise businesses are at a standstill.

It looks like we will be moving forward slowly (Saturn) over the rest of this year to fully re-open our economy but the virus appears to linger on till the beginning of next summer.

Obviously a new vaccine will take place but the mention of strengthening the immune system from holistic healthcare practices has not even been mentioned as the AMA, FDA try to find the magic cure vaccine and are spreading so much fear about this virus.

It is on June 21st, the first day of Summer that a new Moon solar eclipse changes the energy of the last six months around as this eclipse starts new opportunities for financial gains. This new Moon solar eclipse will be at zero degrees in the sign of Cancer in conjunction to U.S. A’s natal Venus in the 7th sextile to progressed Venus in Taurus in the 5th. This starts off the Summer of 2020 in a positive way.

I can see on February 20, 2021, Saturn conjunct the U.S.A. South Node in the 2nd house in Aquarius. Could this be a second wave of economic loss?

What will happen with the progressed Moon, which rules the collective mind, conjuncts U.S.A.’s natal Pluto on August 25, 2020? Starts on August 11 till September 7th. Will schools re-open for the Fall season?

Uranus rules technological inventions and the use of computers to educate is becoming the new wave for teaching students.

Uranus also rules our electrical grid and the government of America hardly talks about how important our electrical grid system is.

In closing, we are moving into a new Age regardless of how we all feel. There are times when we don’t have a choice but to change our way of living. Our comport zone is changing.

We are in a collective meditation. A huge wave of silence is sweeping nations. Our inner world demands that we pay attention to the soul of humanity instead of being on the move to consume everything in sight to find our true security.

This is a wonderful time to adapt and be flexible and take time everyday to listen to that small still voice inside of us.

Hang on, as the next 12 months will bring forward brilliant minds in many fields that will bring knowledge to unify us all. The age of separation will end up in unity. By the time Uranus finishes its movement through Taurus, by the end of 2026, we will be living a much better life where the work week is less hrs., people are helping each other more and our connection to a much larger world inside of us will manifest miracles.

But we must travel through the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn combination and the Uranus in Taurus time to come out to the other side of balance.

Be safe and thank all of those who are sacrificing their lives so we can have a better life. The virus is dangerous, but it is teaching us all many lessons and finally teaching even the most powerful governments (Pluto in Capricorn) that they do not have as much power as they thought.

Pluto will enter Aquarius around January of 2025. This is around the time that Uranus will finish its stay in Taurus. Pluto promises a powerful start to the Aquarian Age.


Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years in both Western and Vedic. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for more information on his services or call 860-574-9467 if you have questions or to schedule an appointment.

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