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Astrological Forecast for April 2021

by Lou Valentino

April showers brings May flowers. Music to everyone’s ears who have experienced the cold winter months and want to move into spring season with encouraged spirit.

We start off April with Mercury moving into Aries leaving behind the deep meditations of Pisces into the active spirit of Aries.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or other planets in Aries, you are feeling highly active this month. Your mind will race with thoughts and a feeling of needing to wrap up any projects you have been working on at school or on the job. Catch yourself moving to quickly and slow down so you don’t get into any physical accidents. Breath deeply.

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone on April 4th.

The new Moon on April 11th has Chiron, the wounded healer, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus all in Aries.

Remember Aries is the warrior. Many individuals in the military and law enforcement have the sign of Aries influencing their perceptions.

Pluto, the transformer, deals with birth and death issues. We saw gun violence with a possible hate crime in March due to the influence of drugs and alcohol affiliated with Pisces energy.

Pluto is square to this new Moon which means it’s also square to the Sun and square to Venus. This is a wake-up call in America that can lead to large protesting against gun violence.

The stress levels from the pandemic as well as most humans not being involved with holistic healthcare practices is creating a negative environment in America and around the world. Racial discrimination is also a part of this unbalanced energies.

So, the new Moon wants to create new ways of looking at this very intense problem. New Moons are about new beginnings.

Until leaders in society encourage their people to practice holistic practices such as meditation, massage therapy and natural nutritional supplementation like Vitamin D3, we are continuing to see America have a nervous breakdown with the outcome being out of control violence with guns.

Since the new Moon is packed with Aries energy with Pluto squaring into 3 of the 5 planets in Aries, violence will be an issue to monitor from April 11th till the full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th.

The part of fortune is conjunct the rising sign of Scorpio and this indicates some light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s pray and even play music that is spiritual such as the hymns of the Vedas or new age music that calms the environment down. Sound has a powerful influence on our environment and human consciousness.

Stay away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and consuming large amounts of processed food. It is up to us to care for ourselves, so we don’t harm others. We need to get to a place where we feel so much joy and balance in life that guns are not the problem anymore.

However, with more and more people wanting to take care of themselves, there will be less of a need to purchase guns. Drug dealers and alcohol sellers create an opportunity for less than positive energies to enter a human if consumed in large quantities.

In short, this is a major HEALTH crisis more than a gun crisis. Guns don’t help when they are seen so much in movies and computer video’s, however. This new Moon brings up deep psychological issues that humans need to address in their communities.

My prayers and love go out to those innocent victims who are just trying to earn a living, shopping, attending a concert or church, at school or anywhere at this point wanting to find some joy in life. Their families’ hearts are broken forever.

As an American, my heart is broken. I have been a daily, twice a day, practitioner of meditation for 43 years. This problem can be healed through many of the practices of holistic healthcare but their needs to be more encouragement from the leaders of healthcare, religion, politics and educators.

Jupiter is sextile to the Sun/Moon and Venus conjunction, and this is very good. Jupiter is also trine to Mars, the planet that rules Aries. Jupiter represents international communities in America and brings more knowledge to address calmness and joy.

This is also a turning point for Covid to see if numbers increase due to spring break or other large groups of people gathering in the month of March. Pluto can create more death when square too the luminaries. But the part of fortune and Jupiter aspects seem to calm the tensions of Pluto.

I highly recommend watching Andrew Lessman on HSN when he’s on which has become more frequently. Even if you don’t buy his nutritional products, get educated from a very gifted teacher and creator of high-quality supplementation. Research shows that over 70% of those getting Covid are Vitamin D3 deficient. Even Dr. Fauci is recommending people take Vitamin D3 and C.

Venus will enter Taurus on April 14th and help to calm all the Aries energy down. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus this is a good time to manifest what you want. Ask for that raise.

Both the Sun and Mercury enter the sign of Taurus on April 19th. Happy birthday to the sign of Taurus.

Now that the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Taurus, energy in the collective consciousness will calm down. Taurus can manifest things into physical reality with an increase in financial gains. If you have Taurus energies in your chart, this is a time to get your financial life in order.

Earth Day in on April 22nd. We give thanks to planet Earth.

Mars moves into Cancer on April 23rd allowing those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Cancer to get out of their lazy slump and move forward with more energy. Start the exercise program you have been delaying and get ready for the summer months with a new look. Mars stays in Cancer till June 12th.

The full Moon on April 26th is in the sign of Scorpio at 7 degrees (11:32PM EDT). Full Moon’s represent completions. Scorpio represents transformations. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs. We have financial gains with Taurus and debts or losses with Scorpio.

Full Moon’s are opposite the Sun. That is why the Moon is full of light. Oppositions are trying to work out balance from two opposing forces at work. Then, we have Saturn squaring into the Moon on one side of the opposition and Saturn squaring into the conjunction (Stellium) of Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury all in Taurus.

Saturn is in Aquarius and is at the center of this T-square. Saturn is the task master and allowing the sign of Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio to find balance in their financial lives. Take a good look at your abundance and start to clean up any debt or wasteful spending habits. It’s clean up time. It is tax time too.

The missing leg of this T-Square is the sign of Leo at 12 degrees. Mars will be at 12 degrees of Leo on July 1, 2021. That gives the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius some time to straighten out any financial issues that have caused an imbalance.

All the planets have been in direct motion since February 21, 2021 but that ends on April 27th, a day after the full Moon in Scorpio, when Pluto turns retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn.

Capricorn rules big business and big government. Traditional ways of doing things. Pluto likes to stir things up and being only a little over 4hrs after the full Moon in Scorpio, the modern ruler of Scorpio, we can expect more reflection at the deepest levels regarding how we do business in America and around the world.

Also, the energy of death is starring our government in the face. Violence leading to death as well as the pandemic are in clear focus till October. Spirituality will start to take notice as a way out of a country that has become unhinged.

The old model of politics is about to be challenged again till Pluto turns direct on October 5, 2021. We could see some of the long-time leaders of BOTH parties retire or come down with a serious health issue that says its time to let a younger generation lead.

I will end on a more encouraging note that April does bring hope and light for changing the direction of energies from isolation and violence to healing and a rebirth in our approaches to life. Keep your faith up.

Pray, sit quietly and watch the trees and birds, walk a bit, breath deeply a few times a day, drink plenty of fresh water and know that Mother Earth is our best friend. She wants us to be happy and to take the time to allow yourself the experience of bliss/silence/peace. A peace that passes all understanding.

God bless everyone in America and around the world. Namaste:

Lou Valentino has been giving astrology readings for 30 years in both Western and Vedic. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for his services. Call Lou at 860-574-9467 to schedule an appointment.

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