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Astrological Forecast for August 2021

by Lou Valentino

August starts off quiet for the first week until the new Moon in Leo on the 8th gets the whole world moving and feeling on edge.

We leave off on a wonderful full Moon in Aquarius July 21st till we come to a stressful new Moon in Leo on August 8th at 9:50AM EDT at 16 degrees.

Leo and Aquarius had lots of attentions in July, and this continues in August.

Leo wants to shine and be noticed. This month is a time when the creative arts are trying to get back on stage after being held up last summer. Events and crowds will be large just like July but more concerts in August.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Leo, you are wanting to have a good time and romance is one way you love to do this. Good luck is there for connections if your single or a deeper commitment if already in a relationship.

The tensions, a few T-squares, with this new Moon chart shows up more in the financial area. Money seems to get tied up and patience is needed until the full Moon on the 22nd for those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius energies in their birth charts.

These fixed signs may show delays as a result of how they manage their money. Investments could get rocky this month for everyone.

What these squares represent in this new Moon chart on the 8th, from Saturn to Uranus, Uranus square to the Sun/Moon and Saturn opposing Sun/Moon, can create obstacles and delays (Saturn) in an unexpected way (Uranus). Keep your savings safe and don’t spend too much money or you could regret it with an expensive unexpected bill.

The Yod (Finger of God) in this new Moon chart shows stability in the clouds of haze with Saturn sextile to Neptune but Neptune and Saturn are inconjunct to Mercury in Leo showing communications coming from the media are not fooling the public.

Leaders in politics and healthcare will be questioned. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been questioned about his role in the Covid drama. Why don’t we have a clear answer about how this all started and where it all started? It’s been long enough and too many people have been deeply hurt or died from this virus.

Dr. Fauci never talks about air purifiers with UV wants in homes and places of business to kill the virus. He never mentions Vitamin D3 therapy to help the immune system deal with this virus.

He is born December 24, 1940. Not bad looking for 81 years old and he is very coherent for his age. His Chiron conjunct Pluto shows him wanting to heal as a leader with both planets in Leo but they square Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus.

He is traditional (Capricorn) and very stubborn with 5 planets in Earth and 6 fixed qualities giving him a Taurus signature. Nancy Pelosi as well as Mitch McConnell both have a Taurus signatures. Not good for FLEXABILITY and thinking beyond the traditional patterns of thought from the last 50 years.

Dr. Fauci’s Moon is in Scorpio in its fall. He does have issues with death as the Moon opposes his Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. And its in a big way. Look for legal issues coming up for him as noted by Senator Ron Paul who seems to be pushing deception and possible law’s being broken regarding N.I.H funding to China.

This new Moon obviously does not help leaders of the free world. It does teach them to use their positions of power with care or karma is ready to come crashing down.

The leader of North Korea is losing lots of weight as food shortage continues. Haiti’s president was assassinated. Cuba is crying out for a change. Afghanistan is showing troubling signs of violence as we pull out.

Syria leader Bashar al-Assad with his psychotic Sun, Pluto Uranus conjunction all in Virgo opposing Saturn, Chiron and Moon in Pisces will be challenged from August till the end of this year.

¼ of a million people have died in Syria and 12 million have fled the country with some misplaced. Photos of children killed by chemical weapons have bee shown on T.V. The children lined up with arms folded on their bodies. What kind of a human being is this leader? Why is he still in power?

Many leaders have Leo energies, and this new Moon is about starting off in a new direction for most Leo’s. The choice to lead with dignity and respect for the people of any country is at hand. If a leader cannot respect its people, there position could be challenged from August till end of 2021.

Mercury will move into Virgo on the 11th and its time to start thinking about going back to school. Parents will be busy shopping for cloths and school supplies. So many parents and their children want to go back into a school environment and get back to some normal life we had so many months ago.

The good news is students are looking forward to going back to school by August 11th. Those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Virgo are very organized and healthcare workers including doctors are extra hygienic.

Nutritional supplementation will get lots of attentions. Andrew Lessman of ProCaps on HSN has helped so many people by educating them about the need to balance and strengthen the immune system through various supplements for so many different bodily functions. Tune in when he is on for the knowledge.

Venus will enter Libra on the 16th creating wonderful balance in relationships and giving those with Sun, Moon, rising in Libra balance and attractiveness. This is a good time for everyone to feel balanced as so many students anticipate going back to indoor schooling. Venus will remain in Libra till September 10th.

Uranus turns retrograde and now we have 6 planets, if you include Chiron, in retrograde motion. Retrograde says slow down and feel life more from your inner gut rather than just a quick reflex of outward action.

It’s a good time to explore spiritual life like mediation to slow you down and Uranus in Taurus needs to slow down and figure out where the world is going financially with so much money being spent by the federal government over the last 16 months.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus, your comfort zone is challenged. Looking over long-term investments. Feeling like you need to make major changes in your life in all areas. This goes on for another few years as Uranus trips up the steady pace of Taurus with unexpected events in life.

This is also indicative of environmental shifts as we see weather patterns and earthquakes on the increase in August that create instability. Luckily, we have Mars and Mercury conjunct in Virgo trine to Uranus helping to figure out a way to ease the pain of any event that is beyond the laws of nature. Too find balance within chaos.

The full Moon is in Aquarius at 29 degrees, late degrees, at 8:02AM EDT on August 22nd. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aquarius you are completing issues you started to look at when the full Moon was at 1 degree of Aquarius on July 22nd.

Full Moon’s represent completions so if you have Aquarius dominating your natal chart you have been active over the last month and ready to conclude projects at work and maybe even choose which friendships you want to maintain as a part of your new healthy feeling in life.

Large protests all over the world could dominate this Aquarius energy triggered by the leaders of the world not listening enough to the cries of the people. Many organizations for humanitarian causes will be very busy this month through the middle of September.

Both the new Moon and full Moon charts for August have a Taurus signature showing the economy and environmental issues getting most of the attentions.

Jupiter is conjunct this full Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter enjoys doing things in a big way. Sometimes overdoing things. It lends some good luck for everyone around the world. August 22nd marks another important turning point in the collective consciousness of the world.

Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd as well. Happy birthday to Virgo’s.

Mercury enters Libra on August 30th. This helps those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Libra become clear about choices in their lives. Libra has a reputation of not being able to make up their minds and wanting to be on everyone’s side.

This Mercury in Libra period will be long. Normally it takes a little over 3 weeks for Mercury to move through a sign unless Mercury stations retrograde in the later degrees and that is what is going to happen.

Mercury will station retrograde in Libra at 25 degrees on September 27th and we see the same long period of time in Libra that we saw on the last Mercury retrograde in Gemini.

It’s soul-searching time for Libra from August 30th till November 6th, 2021, when it enters Scorpio. So, prepare yourself if you have Libra influence in your chart. If your involved with law as a profession, this could be a case that needs extra attentions for the final outcome in the middle of November.

August is obviously a very active month and will be the momentum we need to move forward from a virus pandemic and government instability.

Have a blessed August. Namaste”

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for 30 years in both Western and Vedic astrology. Go to his website www.yogavisionaries.com for his services. Call 860-574-9467 to set up a consultation or to ask questions.

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