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Astrological Forecast for October 2021

by Lou Valentino

October is trying to bind balance in all areas of life as the sign of Libra moves into the spotlight.

Many people have been wondering what planet or planets could be causing so much purification over the last 19 months or so. I will give exact dates when Pluto returns to itself, a Pluto return, in the U.S.A chart at the end of this October column.

We have a new Moon in Libra on October 6th at 7:05AM EDT. This new Moon is at 13 degrees and both the new and full Moon’s in October have a Libra signature.

The part of fortune, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury retrograde are all in Libra on this new Moon Day showing the beginning of those with Libra energies in your chart in deep contemplation about your relationships and money.

What do relationships mean to you? Mercury is retrograde till October 18th and is in the sign of Libra throughout the whole retrograde period. Libra rules one to one partnerships of all kinds. Marriage, conventional or not, relationship with your landlord, with those close to you and legal counsel.

With Mars right on top of this new Moon and Mercury in deep retrograde, Libra is not as patient as they normally are. They need time alone. This is not the norm for Librans as they love to be social.

Questions of the mind and heart about what relationships really matter.

Libra takes up too much time trying to please everyone and now they are needing to take a step or two back and decide who they would like to spend their quality time of life with.

Marriages can go through a re-evaluation of priorities to find balance between the spiritual and material things in life.

This new Moon along with Mars is inconjunct to Uranus and square to the MC showing adjustments that need to be made in the financial world as Uranus is in Taurus, retrograde, creating instability in the financial market.

The secretary of treasury, Janet Yellen, is concerned about the month of October as a pivotal point when the economy could come tumbling down if the debt ceiling is not raised by congress.

We have also heard that 50% of those who lost jobs in this covid period are not going back to work and many workers are striking against the mandatory vaccine at the workplace. These in conjunctions and squares in this new Moon chart show October 6th to October 20th is a wake up call on the economy internationally.

Pluto stations direct on this new Moon Day and the power behind the throne, all governments of the world, are trying to find the balance (Libra). This could be a time when weather patterns and international tensions continue as Pluto moves back into a conjunction with the progressed South Node of the U.S.A chart on November 11, 2021.

It is this conjunction from transiting Pluto to the U.S.A South Node that has been causing great stress and tension via weather patterns, earthquakes, and political fallouts in countries like Afghanistan, Haiti, Africa, and other countries as well.

Consider a month before and after the November 11, 2021, as Pluto moves very slowly as it applies and separates from this aspect.

The good news is four planets will station direct in October so by the beginning of November the energy starts to smooth out and it feels like we are moving forward. But, for October its like putting on the brakes and then the gas back and forth. Not a comfortable ride.

Venus in Sagittarius adds optimism to those born under the sign of Sagittarius as well as the international affairs that are not looking so good. Venus enters Sagittarius on October 7th.

Then, Saturn stations direct on October 10th helping to build a better world as it is in the sign of Aquarius at 6 degrees. Saturn is the planet of karma and being square to both Uranus and Venus in the new Moon chart shows a head on collision with covid and the economy.

The federal government during the month of October may be forced to release another stimulus for Americans as the economy shows signs of weak recovery and a possible fall out on Wall Street.

As Jupiter stations direct on October 18, the same day Mercury stations direct, we may hear of this new stimulus at this time as we have four planets now that were in retrograde motion now in direct motion.

By the full Moon in Aries at 27 degrees, we have Uranus and Neptune still in retrograde motion. Neptune will station direct at the beginning of November and Uranus will not station direct till January of 2022.

The full Moon is on October 20th at 10:57AM EDT. Daylight savings will not start till November 7th.

The full Moon has a lot more activity going on with moving relationships forward and getting out of all the stagnant energy in the first two weeks of October. A yod (finger of God) is pointing to Uranus from Mercury and Venus. This is another indication that serious financial issues are on the table for every family and individual in America.

We cannot keep spending money internationally to save everyone (Venus in Sagittarius) even thou we want too. Lots of thoughts (Mercury in Libra) trying to figure out how to balance the money that is going out in the new infrastructure package, emergency fund for all the damage done by floods and fires and trying to financially support others coming into the country who are having serious political fallouts.

It is a time of great concentration on the economy in October. Can we balance (Libra) our debt out enough to keep us moving forward?

The sign of Aries and Libra are trying to find balance in give and take. If you have planets in either sign you are either breaking up in relationships or refining what is not working and adjusting so the relationship can continue.

Aries can get impatient, and Libra needs to make up their minds on how they want to move forward in their lives. The planet Jupiter is trine to both Sun and Mars in the full Moon chart adding good fortune.

This is party time for Aries and Libra but how much of a good time is appropriate. Try not to let your minds go overboard and regret actions or things said latter on. Jupiter promises fun in the mist of stress and confusion that finds calmness and clarity on the new Moon in November.

The Sun moves into the deep waters of Scorpio on October 23rd. Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Scorpio.

Mars, the classical ruler of Scorpio, moves into Scorpio on October 30th. Mars feels comfortable in Scorpio and gives more physical stamina to the sensitive water sign till December 13, 2021.

Those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Scorpio may feel invincible. That nothing in life can stop them from achieving anything they want to accomplish.

Transiting Pluto, I wanted to save for the last thoughts of this column.

Pluto has been moving (transiting) and forming a conjunction to the U.S.A progressed South Node in Capricorn creating all kinds of political fall outs as well as fear of health issues and massive environmental damage.

Pluto, in my personal feelings, is affiliated with the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is the transformer or sometimes called the destroyer. Transformation sounds less negative.

Fire and water as well as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions purify the sins of the world. Karma that is getting in the way of spiritual evolution.

How do we avoid the danger before it arises? Through deep prayer in silence, releasing stress and strain in the nervous system through various holistic healthcare practices and sacred sounds to create new vibrational frequencies to avert the danger that has already been set in motion.

Krishna says that just a little of the knowledge of yoga, deep meditation (Samyama) the inner limbs of yoga, can dissolve MOUNTAINS of sin.

The date November 11, 2021, is the last Pluto conjunct South Node in the U.S.A chart and has been in effect for most of 2021. We saw the most deaths in January of 2021 from the covid virus. We also saw devastating weather patterns during this time for both the West and East coast.

We are also seeing humans snapping and killing each other out in the streets, shopping malls, churches, schools, concerts of America. Gun violence is prevalent also in movies and video games.

Give or take a month before and after the exact dates given, Pluto combined with the South Node, which creates material losses since it is in the second house of U.S.A chart, can take away material possessions or physical structures.

Shiva tears things down and takes away the old so we can make room for the new and also takes away things that are in the way of advancement to higher frequencies of life that are trying to find expression through the human nervous system.

What you have seen is a tap on the shoulder from Pluto over the last 19 months or so. This is the beginning of a great purification when Pluto returns to itself, a Pluto return, in the U.S.A chart.

When will this happen? February 20, 2022, July 10th, 2022, December 28, 2022, and lastly, October 11th, 2023. Give or take a month before and after these dates is the great purification period.

Pluto also enters the sign of Aquarius ushering in a new age on March 24, 2023, till June 11, 2023, where it moves back into Capricorn, and then moves back into Aquarius on January 21st of 2024 where it will remain till January 20, 2044.

The dawn of the Aquarian age of Aquarius is coming alive. UFO contact could take place during this Pluto return as well as apparitions of Mother Mary all around the world to usher in a second coming of Christ.

This period could be three times more intense than what we have seen over the last 19 months.

Why? Holistic healthcare gets little attention to heal the nervous system from stress and strain and humans have lost their connections to mother nature. The laws of nature demand that we get back to having a relationship with Mother Earth or we pay a heavy price.

Many celebrities are not paying attention to helping humanitarian organizations heal humans that have nothing. They don’t have a sanitary place to go to the bathroom, education, healthcare, and food to eat.

If humans can get on track and find that sacred place of silence and bliss that the masters talked about, we can avert the dangers of purification in the Pluto return and avert the danger before it arises.

It is always up to us. All the answers are within us not outside of us. Pluto runs very deep. Shiva will purify whatever is in the way of moving forward with the spiritual evolution of human beings.

We must move forward during the U.S.A’s Pluto return and not entertain negativity.

Many blessings to everyone. Be safe and keep the balance of life alive and healthy.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for 30 years in both Western and Vedic. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all his services or call 860-574-9467 to set up an appointment.

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