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What is Energy Healing?

by R. J. Spina

Man Who Healed Himself From Permanent Chest-Down Paralysis And Chronic Illness Using Energy Healing Reveals The Metaphysics

Energy healing is a powerful yet gentle technique that re-harmonizes the body’s naturally harmonious energy flow. High-frequency energy healing removes deeply imbedded impurities, repairs energetic tears that exist outside physical sensory perceptions and re-organizes what has become disorganized in terms of metaphysics.

From our higher consciousness - which is the chemist of our biology and the architect of our form – we descend like an energetic slinky into the lowest frequencies within the physical universe, earth. We can think of these descending frequency bands the soul travels to get here just like the separate frequencies our cell phone, smart tv, and satellite radio perceive information and operate within. Our physical senses do not perceive the multitude of frequency bands this myriad information exists within. We need an electronic interphase in order to decode the energy/information, but as we know through the use of these technologies, these frequencies and the energetic information that are housed within them exist nonetheless.

Everyone’s original blueprint of health is devised prior to their participation within the evolutionary cycle. The schematics are energetic templates – the true building blocks of factor and form – and they too exist well outside our physical perception. These mis-programmed templates, due to our energy becoming misaligned, are always the root cause of ill health. Nothing originates in the physical world – we are simply viewing everything from that limited lower-frequency perspective which is why so much about ourselves and our health is not understood. In fact, the physical sensory realms are the last place imbalances manifest as everything originates in higher frequencies. The disharmonies we experience as ill health and sickness are simply the ones we can perceive with our physical senses. Now once incarnate, we have the tangible experience of our own energetic mis-programming.

Healing Comes In Many Forms

We immediately and mistakenly associate healing with the physical body. That is due to our deep misidentification with the body itself. The body is simply a temporary vehicle for the soul to experience the physical universe.  This misunderstanding and misidentification with the body is one of the reasons we do not authentically heal ourselves but rather only manage and treat symptoms. We can carry
disharmony within our body of energies for thousands of lifetimes. All true healing occurs on a much deeper – or more accurately - a significantly higher consciousness level.

When we authentically heal ourselves, we move past a limitation born of non-clarity and attachment by experiencing greater self-awareness. These limitations are often experienced within the context of beliefs and a subsequent thought program such as accepted medical, scientific or spiritual ‘knowledge.’ Other examples of non-self-awareness we experience as ill-health can be discordant emotional patterns, unloving repetitive actions or disharmonious and destructive behaviors. All of these challenges we give ourselves arise from a misperception, misunderstanding, and misidentification due to a lack of tangible self-awareness.

These misperceptions typically are packaged as beliefs regarding our true nature, each other, and the world. These misperceptions create misunderstandings. We then accept these misunderstandings as so-called knowledge or truth. By then misidentifying ourselves with these misunderstandings we lead a life not true to our essence. We are in denial of our own divinity, love, wisdom, immortality, and freedom. This is why liberation from misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications - total healing on every level - is the freedom of authentic self-realization. In other words, to truly know thyself is to tangibly realize our renewable health, ever present harmony, and eternal balance.

What is original to all of us is the perfection inherent within our divine origin. Because we have lost touch with this – our higher consciousness – we have created endless misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications. That is because we are only using our limited physical senses and finite intellect - not the timeless wisdom and unconditional love of the Self – and hence, we suffer. The toxic trifecta of misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications is the cause of all suffering. All disharmony comes from disharmonious thought patterns and all thought is always in context to a belief. Our pristine body of energy simply cannot handle such imposed imperfection upon it. Humanity has set its own disharmony into motion long before so-called recorded history and this trifecta is imbedded within our genetic lineage – but it goes much deeper and prior to genetics. The energetic templates direct, inform, create, and translate into the physical.

With the new holistic understandings and profound protocols from the Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique, we are going to see ourselves achieve victory over the very challenges we have set into motion for ourselves. Only the truth heals and the Immortal Self, what is original to you, is the cure for all that ails you, on every level.

The Evolution Of Energy

The term energy healing is confusing as everything is energy. More accurately, some energy has become sentient. Think of sentience as the divine intelligence or loving wisdom of the soul. That is what we really are, always. Other aspects of the great field of energy that we call existence have become self-aware, developed limited intelligence or is simply conscious. None of those terms mean the same thing - they illustrate delineations in the level, amount or weight of love and wisdom as well as the
ability to self-evolve through creativity.

Authentic energy healing is a metaphysical healing modality whose effectiveness is derived by the sentient level and purity of the practitioner. Meaning, the more sentient and pure the practitioner is, the more energy they have at their disposal, the more potent and powerful the healing is.

Authentic energy healing requires no physical interphase - meaning there is no need for touching, tinctures, drugs, herbs, surgery, injection or crystals. When working with the higher consciousness, there is never a need for a middle-man, so to speak. Some healers use various interphases as a permission slip to unlock their higher consciousness and power much like a Medium uses tarot cards or how an acupuncturist uses needles. If there is any physical interphase between practitioner and patient, including the physical body, it will only serve as a limitation - not an augmentation.

When energy healing is performed by someone who has authentically and legitimately healed themselves in every way – such as mentally from education, concepts, beliefs – including popular spiritual ones - ideologies, expectations, and memories – it affords the practitioner true clarity. Healing oneself emotionally from all misidentifications with pleasure and pain is a great challenge.
Physical healing from imbalances embedded within the physical body such as cancer or disease – or even paralysis – is rarely ever
achieved by the healer themselves. A transcendent powerful healer will have healed themselves on every level.

We can only help people at the level we are at. Mental, emotional and physical healing are but three examples within the lower
levels of consciousness. Rarely does a healer ever achieve this clarity and purity for themselves. Those practitioners who have achieved clarity and purity – and have skillfully honed their talents – can perform an energy healing powerful beyond measure. What flows through the healer is energy, but remember it mixes with their body of energy as the channel and then unto you,
the recipient. Based upon this understanding, there is literally only a single handful of authentic healers incarnate today working at a
level of crystalline clarity and pristine purity. These healers have honed their abilities eons ago. They have simply reawakened to their own divinity and individualized level of self-mastery.

A New View On Energy Healing

When we think of energy healing, imagine a high-rise building. Physical sensory perceptions only afford us what is perceivable on the
bottom floor we live on. We have no idea what is happening on the myriad floors above us. All creation is initiated in the higher realms
and cascades down dimensionally and frequentially. High-frequency energy – and consciousness - fixes the damage that has seeped down into the 1st floor - the physical sensory world. Our thoughts and emotions are on the immediate floors above the 1st floor. What we have already set into motion in this life through our choices made, and not made believe it or not - reside just above our thought/emotion floors. Things we set into motion in what we would call prior and future lives reside on
the floors above that. It gets far more elaborate as we unfurl our awareness and access the various floors that relate to authentic
self-realization or even just our current life plan. And we haven’t even addressed what the previous hereditary tenants left in the basement – genetics.

Ancient energy healing modalities like Reiki have been used effectively long before humans began to mentalize health. By believing
in the mentalization of health, we created the concept that health and harmony lies outside of the Self. Only non-self exists outside the immortal Self. All misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications only serve to further disempower those in need of healing.

For a goal to be permanent – like health – it must already be present. Authentic energy healing simply returns the tangible experience of our naturally harmonious and balanced state of being. Acupuncture - although limited by its level of understanding and its use of physical interphases like a needle – works with this exact principle. The proper application and location of an acupuncture needle assists in the healthy flow of energy to an area that is too stagnant or too active. Acupuncture’s main limitation
is that it only addresses the bottom floors of the high-rise and not where disharmony originates.

Energy healing when performed powerfully addresses the root cause of imbalance rather than treating symptoms. There is no ‘practicing’ of medicine or the ‘doctoring’ of anyone. Health and the ability to self-heal is already programmed into the original blueprint of the human vehicle. We have simply lowered our consciousness and subsequently lost tangible access to our own higher consciousness.

Conscious attunement to the immortal Self and our own higher consciousness activates what is already present within –health. Energy healing works because it utilizes higher frequencies and not just the lower frequency bands that comprise the physical world.
When done properly, energy healing augments the intention of the practitioner to heal their patient because they are using more of their larger, more powerful energetic Self. Authentic energy healers are literally using themselves as a conduit for more potent higher frequency energy to repair and heal you. The more of their own authentic Self they access - and therefore the purer the intention - the more powerful the energy healing is. There is no authentic power in parroting anything.

The Symbiotic Nature Of Energy Healing

The other integral aspect of energy healing I alluded to earlier is the patient's complete faith in themselves to get better as well as in
the healer's ability. For energy healing to be as effective as possible both parties must have pure intentions and not limit
themselves to any future expectation or past memory. Even the grandest of expectations is a limitation because it inhibits the myriad of ways healing can manifest. Both parties must be open and trust that the energy healing is doing what it does – harmonize what has become disharmonious. The recipient must surrender and be open to being healed. We cannot transcend what we refuse to let go of. If we identify with being sick, then we hold that disharmony within our body of energy. When that is the case, victory and freedom cannot be tangibly realized.

Energy healing can work on any imbalance whether it resides in the mental, emotional, physical or even in the purely energetic realms. Most practitioners channel energy ‘down’ through their crown chakra, out their heart or palm chakras, and onto their patient. If it’s a remote healing, many will use the same methodology but incorporate an image of the person, whether mental or a literal photo, and direct the energy healing that way. Some healers include certain symbols, like in reiki, that act as a bridge for the energy to reach the intended recipient while other practitioners ask for assistance from energetic entities such as Arch Angels, Ascended Masters or Shamans while performing their energy healing. Every approach works based upon purity, focused intention, and sentient skill level of the energy healer. Just as important as the practitioner is the faith, openness and humility of the patient. All must be present for ultimate healing.

Remote healing is just as effective as in person healing and quite often, even more so.

By not focusing on or touching the physical body, a skilled energy healer will access the higher floors of the high-rise and address the root cause of the imbalance rather than focusing on the basement or physical body. Focusing on physicality is merely treating and managing symptoms, which has nothing to do with actual healing. Think of it this way, if the basement is flooded, it’s because of a leak on a higher floor. Remote energy healing, when done by a skilled healer, can be life altering for both the patient and healer.

Highly evolved and truly skilled energy healers can clear out a wide space within someone’s disorganized body of energy. This enables the patient to simply step forward and reclaim themselves. Understanding that healing energy must be accepted and welcomed is paramount for it to be of the highest efficacy. That is always incumbent upon the recipient. They must be ready to let go and move past what is holding back their innate harmony. This can be a tremendous challenge, and often it is the grandest test we give ourselves during our lifetime. When this is the case, the right energy healer must have already healed themselves, be highly skilled and powerfully pure. Then, both healer and patient can harness their intention in complete communion with one another. I am fortunate enough to play the role of the healer and have experienced this communion and victory of freedom many times.

A New Paradigm Of Healing

I created a new healing protocol in order to overcome my severe personal health challenges. There was no blueprint for healing
permanent chest-down paralysis or so-called chronic genetic disease. I developed the Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique (ATFHT) from a state of grace. Authentic cosmic consciousness gifted me the wisdom, love, and invincible will to bring my destroyed and ravaged body back to vitality and health. These new energy healing protocols, exercises, and techniques have helped countless others on their healing journey of self-awareness. My joy is that I get to serve the noblest of all endeavors – the healing and freeing of humanity. Learning directly about the Self by utilizing our higher consciousness is the most direct and effective route of evolution. That is what healing really is.

Energy healing is incredibly powerful. I have seen it change many lives including my own. It can heal people on levels far beyond our
sensory perceptions. When done powerfully and purely it does just that. We must first throw away belief/non-belief. Forget about past and future, life and death.  Those illusions only get in the way of the higher frequency energy that can heal you if you simply summon the courage, humility, and faith to surrender.

Energy healing can help you reclaim your own eternal divinity and inner perfection. The only thing you have to lose is what that prevents your liberation from suffering.

God’s healing energy to you all, always.
I AM your holy brother.

(San Diego, CA) is a metaphysical teacher and guide who overcame chest-down paralysis, diabetes, pancreatitis, Hashimoto’s disease, and several other serious illnesses. He offers healing, counseling, meditation, and self-realization instruction throughout the world. RJ lives with his partner, Jennifer, and their two Jack Russell/Chihuahua mixes. For more, visit
www.AscendtheFrequencies.com. Author of Supercharged Self-Healing.

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