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Consciousness and Physical Health

by Pamela Aloia

Our physical health is rightfully treated as an important aspect of life. When we have a cold, injure a muscle or joint, or just feel tired, we understand that certain limitations may arise, whether our breathing is impacted, we fatigue sooner, feel some level of pain, or we can’t move a certain way or as fluidly as we once did. We understand that such limitations may require attention.

Whether we choose to see a doctor for our specific ailment or weather it on our own, having physical illness or limitations can challenge our mental and emotional stability at times. We can worry about the condition worsening, consider the implications of the doctor’s diagnosis, or become anxious about how we’re going to execute our normal tasks while operating physically under par. This connection and concern of what ails us, though, actually works moreso in the opposite direction where certain mental and emotional patterns can affect physical parts of our body. In some cases, we can worry ourselves sick. Much research has gone into the study of the direct link between our thoughts and reality and how shifting our thoughts and emotions around our interactions and participation in life can change the outcome.

As I mentioned in my article, Consciousness and Experiences, changing our beliefs changes our reality. If we don’t like something that’s going on in our lives, we need to take a look at what’s going on in our consciousness first and rewire that as we’re moving forward.

For instance, if we are experiencing lower back pain, we may explore our primary thoughts and emotions around finances, or our past, or our relationships with our parents as there’s usually a pattern that can be discovered. Are we holding on too tightly to certain things? Has the repetitive thought structure or emotional reaction begun to wear on our physical bodies? This is where our consciousness comes in. There are certain beliefs, mindsets, and emotional patterning that unconsciously have us hold our physical bodies a specific way or that directly reflect in the organs of our physical bodies.

For me, this makes sense given my own life experiences. I see how my consciousness has developed over time and created a physical issue with an upper chest muscle. At times, the muscle can become so tight that when I shift to certain positions, I can audibly hear a “click,” where the muscle moves past the collarbone so it can get to where it needs to be to work. Atop of the soreness and tenderness, it can also infringe upon my full range of movement in my arm and shoulder from time to time.

Several years back I learned that for much of my life I have sat at my desk, even at family events, and other situations, with my left shoulder raised and curled in a bit. The raised shoulder indicates a level of uptightness, not being relaxed, and the curled in posture indicates a feeling of needing protection or not feeling safe. I believe I am, in those moments, unconsciously attempting to protect my heart, in fear of being wrong or wronged, being judged, being rejected, and more. This unconscious notion has manifested into a physical posture.

Conversely, I also see when I take the time to shift my thoughts and emotions to being more relaxed in life situations, staying in the flow, going with the flow, and feeling safe in who I am, that the muscle loosens and works flawlessly without soreness or clicks. However, we all know how quickly we can slip back into old patterns periodically because they’re easy and comfortable, so it’s still a work in progress for me.

In the past we seem to have focused so much on the physical aspects that we often lose sight of the affected mental and emotional states when we’re physically hindered. Refreshingly, though, in more recent times, we’ve begun to better understand the correlation between our mental and emotional health – our consciousness - and how it impacts our overall physical well-being. We realize that we are one full, complete unit, and when we treat all segments of the total unit as one, we become healthier than when we only focus on one segment.

The next time we’re experiencing a physical issue, we can take a few moments to reflect upon what’s going on in our consciousness. It may take some time and we may even resist what we find initially, too.

The road to physical health is often reached by exploring the pathways of our consciousness, and potentially clearing those roads of any emotional and mental debris, or closing them altogether and building new roads, and new thoughts of consciousness.

Pamela Aloia is an energy practitioner and author who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing. She offers insight for people to enhance life experiences using practical and heartful aspects. In addition to various articles, Pamela has written several titles including The Current is Only but a Moment, The Daily Cloak, 52 Pick Me Up, and Nurturing Healthy Change. She has appeared on notable talk shows including Out of the Fog and Coast to Coast with George Noory and is available for individual sessions to provide objectivity, support, and accountability while helping uncover one’s true potential. Pamela is available for on site or remote workshops, consultations, and interviews. For more information visit www.pamelaaloia.com

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