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CPR For Good Health

Circulation, Posture, Respiration

by Dr. Diane Bargonetti


You need to read the February 23, 2004 issue of Time Magazine. The thinking in the article “The Secret Killer” may just revolutionize how we view the causes and cures for disease.

The article basically concludes that preventative measures like those practiced by naturopaths, i.e., exercise, good diet, weight management, flossing teeth, etc., will be the prescription for what ails you in the future.

Naturopaths (N.D.’s) are the “general practitioners” of alternative medicine. Among other natural remedies and therapies, Naturopaths study all parameters of nutrition and food chemistry. Medical doctors, unfortunately, have little or no training in these fields and that is why the proliferation of CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) Therapies now offered in allopathic hospitals is so reassuring.

Back in the 1800’s, natural medicine was part of the Popular Health Movement. “Every man his own doctor,” was the slogan of the day. We are returning to our senses and once again realizing that healing can occur naturally. Practicing this concept will improve life for many.

Here are some common sense but reliable cornerstones to initiate your journey into the medicine of the future: Circulation, Posture and Respiration or CPR for GOOD HEALTH.


Is Your Blood Moving?

Even people who exercise can have stagnant blood. In addition to your regular exercise program:

    • Sit with your legs elevated whenever possible
    • Try massage or herbal wraps
    • Do not cross your legs while seated
    • Breathe deeply
    • Practice Dry Skin Brushing.

Dry skin brushing increases circulation as it triggers the Lymphatic System, a.k.a. the “Body’s Health Police.” The lymph nodes, part of the Lymphatic System are located throughout the body and need to be stimulated to remove impurities from the blood.

An overburdened lymph creates an environment conducive to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis. . .also edema, bursitis, weight problems, dry skin, bad breath, body odor, lethargy and depression!! As a preventative therapy, Dry Skin Brushing helps break-up these damaging toxins trapped in your connective tissues and lymph. Therefore, Dry Skin Brushing is highly recommended.

Dry Skin Brushing Instructions

(Time: Approximately 5 minutes)

Buy a long-handled, natural bristle brush, not a loofah.

Brush the surface of your skin always in the direction of your heart with firm, sweeping strokes. Start with the balls of your feet, eventually moving up the calves and thighs. Use this same technique with your arms, starting at the wrists, motion towards the heart. For the stomach, back and chest areas use circular movements. Avoid the face. You can, however, use downward or circular strokes on your neck area.


Are You Shrinking?

Change your life in an instant…by correcting your posture. When you slouch or hunch over, you cramp internal organs hindering their efficiency. Here’s another motivation: standing erect will immediately make you look and feel younger.

It is imperative that you work on your stomach muscle. This is the bridge between the lower half of the body and the upper. Most of your major organs are in your torso (heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas spleen, colon, reproductive, etc.), so it stands to reason that keeping your upper body in good shape will transfer to those internal organs. I recommend sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts etc. (25 in the morning, 25 in the evening) in addition to whatever other work-out formula you follow.

As your stomach muscles begin to strengthen, standing or sitting erect will no longer feel like a chore. (Many also report relief from simple back problems.) One general rule is to consciously tell yourself to hold in your bellybutton and try to get it to meet the back of your spine. Following this rule will immediately put you in the correct position for standing tall and proud.

Good Posture Exercise

As you suck in your stomach muscles, your butt will simultaneously tighten and your rib cage will rise slightly. Allow the energy of this movement gently stretch up your spine. Chest out, shoulders back, chin up slightly. (Your nose should line up with your belly button.)

Finally, drop your hands to your sides and swing your arms to relax in this new posture.


Are You Breathing?

Many people are shallow breathers—some even subconsciously hold their breath. This is due, in part, to terrible posture, respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, etc.), lack of exercise, stress, anxiety, obesity, and restrictive clothing.

Deep breathing is essential to good health as it creates a vacuum effect that sucks lymph into the bloodstream, increasing the speed of toxic elimination as much as 15 times the normal rate. Deep breathing ensures full use of the lungs, assists in the digestive process, stimulates the liver, calms the nerves, relieves insomnia, can help with pain and anxiety (think of childbirth), increases energy, encourages weight loss and prolongs youth.

Breathing Exercise

As you inhale, fill the bottom of your lungs as your abdomen expands slightly. Then, fill the middle third of your lungs as your chests expands, and finally fill the top third of your lungs as your collarbone rises up slightly. In exhalation, the top third of the lungs is emptied first, relaxing the collarbone. Then the chest cavity contracts and pushes air out of the middle third of the lungs. Finally the abdomen is pulled in forcing all the remaining air out of the lungs.

It is important to note that the collarbone is just slightly lifted by the force of the breath—there are no physical exaggerations by any breath movements.

Practice CPR often and remember healing can occur naturally!

Blessings, Dr. Di drdibargo@earthlink.net

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