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Astrological Forecast for July 2022

by Lou Valentino

July will welcome local beach lovers as air travel is a nightmare and inflation on goods and services is enough to enjoy our own home environment.

Cancer, the sign that is highly active this month along with the sign of Leo, is the sign of home, real estate, mother’s, a water sign that is ruled by the Moon’s phases.

Leo is affiliated with children and having fun which is also a beach theme.

Purification will continue this month with Pluto making its second exact return to U.S.A chart on July 11th in retrograde motion. I will talk more about this later in this column regarding the political and economic environment that looks tense for July and August.

The signs most effected this month are Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, and Taurus.

Happy fourth of July as U.S.A celebrates another year of birth just days before experiencing its second exact Pluto return in retrograde motion. Pluto is in the “Celebrity Spotlight” all of 2022 with a full write up on what this means. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all the information.

Even thou my 50% off sale is over at midnight on June 28th, I will give 50% off on my higher end astrology readings, Inner Grace Mediation, Nava Graha chanting and Astrological reports if you call on July 4th to schedule a reading or buy other services mentioned. Only on July 4th.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Cancer you need to be extra careful of being so sensitive that your moods change every hour of the day. This all started on the new Moon in Cancer on June 28th.

New Moon’s represent new beginnings for those born under the sign of Cancer. You may be planning extra family get together’s this summer as local celebrations are less expensive and who wants to deal with air travel as the airline industry is dysfunctional and more expensive than ever.

Mars moves into the sign of Taurus on July 5th, and this creates a 2-month period for those born with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus.

This is a time to manifest money in your life and limit the spending habits. Try not to eat too much so your weight is normal and health issues are balanced. Taurus is known to be the procrastinator of the Zodiac, but they also know how to save money. They have a tough time losing weight.

With Uranus in Taurus and Mars approaching it with a conjunction by August 1st, whatever needs to be balanced in July finds some peace in August IF Taurus has a steady pace financially and doesn’t allow Mars to run the show into the danger zone of financial spending habits.

Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on July 5th also and the crab is thinking overtime about what creates a secure family life. Family and friends are at the top of the list where conversations can go on longer than needed.

This is the month when the January 6th committee tries to wrap up some intense information. It’s the sign of Cancer that rules America. The end of the month has the new Moon in Leo with so much tension that I think this is going to be a tough time for American politics. More on this later.

Those born under the sign of Cancer need to breathe  deeply to settle the mind down until Mercury moves into Leo on July 19th. Thinking about the past is not always the best way to live in the present moment.


The full Moon is in the serious sign of Capricorn on July 13th at 21 degrees (2:38PM EDT). Capricorn is getting a heavy dose of reality as Pluto conjuncts this full Moon and just started to separate from an exact conjunction in the U.S.A chart in retrograde motion on July 11th.

Americans are sick and tired of having our federal government run the show when it comes to many issues especially that surround death (Pluto). Gun violence will not be healed by the new gun laws. Violence is a part of the astrological signatures for July and August.

The parents who have lost their children and other adult family members to gun violence will be having a strong voice during this full Moon conjunct Pluto as the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, the sign that rules America in its opposite sign Capricorn.

Capricorn is big business and big government. Leaders of our nation could experience security issues with their lives with Pluto conjunct this full Moon and retrograde after its second exact conjunction to the nation’s birth chart.

Remember, Pluto rules topics like abortion, gun violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking, oil that runs underground, sex trafficking, reproductive organs, occult studies, astrology, UFO’s, birth and death issues, detective work like forensic science and funeral parlors.

Pluto is in the 2nd house of financial gains in America’s chart. This clearly indicates financial adjustments. What does money really mean to us? Can we continue the same economic path that we have had in the past? These questions are in our face by the end of this month.

The second amendment was passed in 1791 when a rifle had to be loaded with powder and it took time to kill just one person. The lack of flexibility from Republican senators is out of touch with what our country needs.

Example: Ted Cruz says having security guards at schools and other public areas is more effective than raising the age to 21 years old to own a semi-automatic rifle such as the AR-15.

I thought the law enforcement team in Uvalde, Texas, the state Ted Cruz represents, hung out in the hallway of the school for 77 minutes. Is this safer to depend on law enforcement all the time to protect children at school?

It is always safer to have an armed security officer in public venues and schools. You do have to be 21 to buy alcohol or cigarettes. Why not military style weapons? I smell donations deposited into Republican senator’s accounts if they support selling guns. Praise the Lord. Hmmm.

It would give an 18-year-old a few more years to think about how they are going to get one of these guns in their hands. Do it for the parents who have lost their children. Conservatism or liberalism to its extreme is evil. Evil is live spelled backwards.

Capricorn is the conservative sign of the Zodiac but the full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn this month has conservatism in trouble and ready to expose those leaders who are hiding something.

From the astrological signatures seen on this full Moon and leading to the new Moon in Leo on the 28th of July, there is a strong opposition between what the congress wants, especially the senators of the senate, and what parents and families want.

This could be the time that a new organization is going to be created that OVERIDES the congress all together. An organization for the people and by the people put together by parents and students of America that allows them to have some self-empowerment regarding the choices that are made surrounding this issue.

Look for massive marches during this month and August as more troubles manifest in this area. Abortion is another issue that gets attentions this month as well as the outcome of the January 6th committee findings.

Those born with Sun, Moon, rising and planets in Capricorn are going through a very intense summer and could use some therapy. Someone to talk too. Pluto being so close to this full Moon in Capricorn can create psychological issues surrounding memories of childhood and relationship to the mother.

This is also a time when Capricorn’s need to slow down or they can experience a health issue and their personal life can fall apart because attentions at work separate them from their family obligations.

Venus moves into Cancer on July 17th allowing the sign of Cancer to enjoy beauty around them and they love to cook so watch the calories till Venus moves into Leo on August 12th.

Mercury moves into Leo on July 19th. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Leo you are talking about all you’ve been thinking about since the full Moon on the 13th.

Leo is a performance sign and loves to be the center of attentions. With the Sun entering Leo on the 22nd of July, the sign of Leo is highly activated till the full Moon on August 11th.

Entertainment, children, speculation and gambling, love affairs, politics, sports are all interesting to those with Leo energies. They also make good managers and know how to lead.

Leo is about to start a new life as the new Moon on July 28th (1:55PM EDT) is packed with 5 T-squares adding action to change. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Leo and they hover around the new Moon at 5 degrees, you are about to embark on a transformation journey. All fixed sign T-squares that don’t enjoy change.

The affirmation for all fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius this month is “THE MORE I EMBRACE CHANGE, THE MORE JOY MANIFESTS IN MY LIFE.”

This could be the beginning of the end for many leaders who have been stubborn to change their ways as Leo represents political leaders and President Putin has Pluto in Leo.

If President Putin is still alive by the end of July, he will be faced with the most intense karma at this time. This is a time also when the war in Ukraine hits a serious turning point.

Democratic leaders have the war going on for years. They fail to mention that the war is alive as long as President Putin is alive. He does have cancer and mars rules his 6th house of health. His progressed Mars is about ready to cause serious health issues for him and change the direction of the war.

This is also the time when wall street could have a melt down like we have never seen from this new Moon till the end of August. The world is at a turning point and cannot delay any issues to transform less than positive energies into a more civilized world.

President Biden could experience serious health issues during this time also and former President Trump could be charged with crimes by the DOJ.

This stirs up all kinds of anger and who knows what will happen as former President Trump has Leo rising with Mars conjunct his rising sign at 29 degrees. This new Moon in Leo is at 5 degrees, but the Sun will be at 29 degrees of Leo on August 23rd, and this could be the final outcome of what he could be charged with.

Both President Biden and former President Trump are getting hit hard for varied reasons. America’s Pluto return is at its halfway point, and we already know what we have seen in America since the beginning of 2022 when Pluto made its first of three conjunctions to itself February 20, 2022.

The end of July could produce some serious weather patterns that include strong hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire’s burning out of control and massive floodings. If hurricanes enter the gulf and knock out oil refineries, gas prices will go up more.

We have a humanitarian crisis in several countries at the present time and this also needs to be addressed. Who is leading (Leo) the United Nations, WHO, NATO and other organizations that are asleep when it comes to humans needing a new home, food to eat and medical supplies?

Human beings underestimate the power of Mother Divine. She’s highly active when the sign of Cancer gets activated and Pluto returns to itself.

Pluto is affiliated with the God Shiva to transform physical matter and alchemize it to a higher atomic structure so we can bring about a new age when Pluto starts to move into Aquarius in March of 2023.

Faith is needed. Humans are stubborn to change, and this disallows growth from within and in the objective physical world. Encouraging change allows growth.

Also, the full Moon in July is Guru Purnima Day in India when the Guru or spiritual/religious teacher are respected and any desire wanting fulfillment can be asked to your chosen teacher or tradition. The teacher or tradition does not have to be in India.

The female energy will be high from June 28 to July 18th. Mother Earth wants to grow also, and she wants her children to be safe.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we need to go through the Pluto returns of U.S.A. and get into March of 2023 when things will eventually settle down with Pluto entering Aquarius and leaving Capricorn for a few months in 2023 before its permanent stay in Aquarius in 2024.

Aquarius is about cooperation with others. Finding a common thread that ties us all together regardless of our differences. It is a flooding of great waters poured down from the heavens above to cleans and renew our faith in humanity.

I want to end on that note. There is hope in humanity coming and it’s unfortunate that humanity has to go through so much to get to a better place.

The science of Yoga expounded by Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Maharishi Patanjali, and Adi Shankara, points the way to the kingdom of heaven within that Jesus Christ talked about.

We are all in this together to bring peace and joy to life. A life where children can feel safe to walk and roam wherever they want too. When adults feel empowered by the spirit inside just as much as being empowered by money in the outside world, balance or Dharma is restored.

We are at a turning point since 2022 started. Keep your spiritual practice going so the planets can be more aligned with the intelligence of the universe and express themselves more as benefices rather than malefices.

We control what goes on through our free will. Planets do not control our lives. They can however give us a glimpse of what is happening in our world and in the future and how we can better deal with life.

Many blessings from above in this special month of July that offers direct communications on Guru Purnima July 13, 2022, to the ascended spiritual masters of life.

Ask for a favor. Be thankful for the little things you have. Take time to just sit in silence every day. If you need guidance with your spiritual meditation practice, I am here for you.

Namaste: OM… Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…. OM

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 30 years in both Western and Vedic. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com for his services and his 4th of July sale. Call 860-574-9467 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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