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Astrological Forecast for October 2023

by Lou Valentino

October is here but don’t worry, daylight savings does not start till the first Sunday in November.

Mercury, which is not retrograde this month, will move into the sign of Libra on October 4th in the sign of Libra. The first 12 days of October has the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Libra.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Libra, you are feeling very social and want to be out and about so visit all the outdoor fairs and respond to any invitations that allow you to connect with as many people as you want for professional and personal growth.

Libra is also a good negotiator, and the South Node is now in Libra to help finish any business in relationships that may need healing. The South Node is about the past so you may find yourself forgiving others who left an unpleasant taste on your tongue from past experiences, over the next year and a half.

Venus moves into Virgo on October 8th. Venus is in its fall in Virgo so if you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Virgo, you may be experiencing some disappointment in your personal and professional life till Venus moves into the sign of Libra on November 8th.

Being too critical of self and others can lead to a dead-end street so try to focus on the rose and not the thorns. The perfectionist quality of Virgo will be at an all-time high.

We have had seven planets retrograde, if you include Chiron, last month but Mercury is now direct and Pluto stations direct on October 10th forming its last of four Pluto returning to the U.S.A. birth chart.

Pluto, if you use the Sagittarius rising for U.S.A., is in the second house of money earned, material possessions and self-worth. This is a time of conflict in the financial markets, especially on October 10th, 11th, and 12th.

When Pluto made its first exact return on February 20th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and ever since then the U.S.A. treasury has been spending billions. Not only on the war between these two countries, but on natural disasters, immigration, and the Build back American plan.

This last Pluto return which starts of October 10th active till December 3, 2023, is asking America to claim its power or lose it. This is a vulnerable time for making choices which will affect the American economy and the world for years to come.

President Biden knows, immigration must be addressed, the war must come to and end by the end of the summer of 2024 and the stress levels in America needs to calm down as the violence since the first Pluto return increased.

The Federal Reserve has been tinkering with the interest rates and throwing the real estate market off. The increase of gasoline and other inflation factors will need to be addressed by the beginning of December as the Christmas season is close by and Americans, at least 60% of them, are getting drowned in credit card debt and other debts such as car loans and home mortgages with high interest rates.

With Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn till it re-enters Aquarius on January 20th, 2024, the old traditional ways of doing things (Capricorn) are up for evaluation. We will see both powerful politicians and celebrities who are older either retire or pass on for the rest of 2023 and 2024.

A new Age is dawning offering a fresh start to innovative ideas created by the sign of Aquarius combined with both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces.

Go to my Utube account for the latest video of me explaining the Pluto return. (450) Louis Valentino - YouTube

Mars will enter the sign of Scorpio on October 12th leaving the peaceful sign of Libra. Scorpio wants to transform life. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Scorpio, you are moving forward with changes in your life, AGAIN.

Remember, most of the eclipses over the last year and half have been in Taurus or Scorpio and each of these eclipse influences can drag on for a six-month period.

On October 14th at (1:55PM EDT) we have a ring of fire solar eclipse in the sign of Libra at 21 degrees. The sign of Libra is making its last attempts to create peace with themselves and others over the next 6 months until the next new Moon solar eclipse in April of 2024.

According to NASA, this event occurs when “the moon passes between the sun and earth while it's at its farthest point from the planet.” The result is a spectacularly luminous circle with a flame-like rim. To witness a “ring of fire” is an experience unlike any other.

This “Ring of Fire” eclipse can be seen clearly, as long as it’s not cloudy, in the states of Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. This eclipse will cover 91% of the Sun.

The last time this type of eclipse happened was 11 years ago in 20212.

This eclipse chart does not have any tensions in it, so it gives those with Sun, Moon, rising and planets in Libra a fresh start in their lives. Look at the houses where you have Libra energy and see how graceful it can be to start a fresh new life of opportunities you may have not had for some time.

The house that is ruled by Libra, or any planets in Libra, can give you insight into the types of new changes you can make with ease and grace that will influence your life till April of 2024.

Saturn will station direct on November 4th helping to clear the clouds out for those with Pisces energy in the month of November.

Then we will have Mercury, Pluto and Saturn in direct motion and Neptune will station in direct motion in Pisces at the beginning of December. Hang in there Pisces.

Mercury will move into Scorpio on October 22nd and then the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd. Happy Birthday to the sign of Scorpio.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Scorpio or Taurus, you may have been asking yourself this question over the last sixteen or so months, “When is my life going to feel balanced.”

The good news is there are no eclipses for Scorpio or Taurus in 2024. The last eclipse, a full Moon Lunar eclipse for 2023, is on October 28th in the sign of Taurus at 5 degrees (4:24PM EDT).

This means, to answer the question mentioned, by March of 2024, both Scorpio and Taurus will feel like their lives are finally getting back to normal.

The full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, the sign of money earned, and Scorpio, the sign of money borrowed or lost, is at a huge turning point when we integrate the Pluto return for the U.S.A. dovetailing with this full Moon lunar eclipse period.

This full Moon eclipse chart has tensions. With three T-squares. One in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn with Cancer being the stabilizer. These signs will feel tense over the next 6 months as they try to balance domestic affairs with professional life.

Don’t overwork and let stress compromise your immune system. Covid is on the rise, and it will be flu season soon so take high quality vitamin and mineral supplements and learn the practice of meditation for deep rest. I teach “Inner Grace Meditation” for deeper rest than what your deep sleep cycle can provide.

Andrew Lessman on HSN channel has high quality vitamin and mineral supplements so tune in when he is on for discounted prices and free shipping. He is a great educator and very spiritual.

The cardinal signs mentioned are a part of one of the three T-squares. The other two T-squares are in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces with Gemini being the balancer to fill in the missing leg of the T-square.

These mutable signs may find the need to make changes in their professional lives over the next 6 months and don’t believe everything you hear from Gemini. They can sell any idea very well but make sure you read all the fine print, so you don’t get caught with less than you thought was offered.

Neptune involved in the T-squares as well as Venus can create foggy rose-colored glasses especially in the area of romance. Both Virgo and Pisces, opposite signs, need to be extra careful over the next six months in regard to who they really can trust.

Also seeing themselves more clearly and how they relate to others may need addressing as the lessons of love can hurt.

Spiritual practices (Pisces) can help with health issues (Virgo) to heal and mend a broken heart. “How can you mend a broken heart” by the Bee Gees may be the theme song for these signs with reconciliation in March of 2024.

Many blessings to all signs and if your sign is not mentioned in this month’s column it may be mentioned in next month’s.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultation for over 30 years in both Western and Vedic systems. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all his services and visit his Utube channel for videos of him. Call 860-440-8610 to set up an appointment. He is the author of “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadians” U.F.O. contact “2024 to 2044” available on Amazon as a kindle with geometric photos by award winning photographer Endre Balogh.

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