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The Awakening of Humanity

by Benjamin Creme

by Diana Holland

Never before will men have heard the call to their divinity, the challenge to their presence here on Earth. Each, singly and solemnly alone, will know for that time the purpose and meaning of their lives, will experience anew the grace of childhood, the purity of aspiration cleansed of self. For these precious minutes, men will know afreshthe joy of full participation in the realities of Life, will feel connected one to another, like the memory of a distant past.

– From The Awakening of Humanity by Benjamin Creme

This quote refers to a day in the immediate future, to a half-hour broadcast when all will see a certain face on television and inwardly hear the words of the speaker – the Dutch in Dutch, the French in French, and so on. We are fast approaching an event horizon where each living person will simultaneously feel the embrace of pure love, a moment when thousands of spontaneous healings will occur throughout the world as the shackles of inertia and despair fall away.

This will be the Day of Declaration of Maitreya, the World Teacher, the One Awaited, says British author Benjamin Creme, and it will be happening sooner than we might imagine. Creme’s newly-released book, The Awakening of Humanity, explains the steps leading to the emergence of this great teacher onto the world scene and begins as follows: "When the world stock markets collapse – as soon as it is obvious that they are on their final plunge – Maitreya will emerge."

In addition to the central article by one of Maitreya’s closest associates in this endeavor, and commentary by Mr. Creme, the book contains an extensive and easy-to-read Q&A section which goes into great detail about the modalities of the pending broadcast – how we will find out ahead of time, who will hear the telepathic message, how the world populace, political leaders and religious adherents of all stripes are likely to react.

There are dozens of individual questions of interest, a random smattering of which includes:

· Why did Maitreya not come forward on television to prevent the war in Iraq?

· Is Maitreya aware, at all times, of everyone’s thoughts? How should we address him if we want to "talk" to him and ask for his help?

· What kind of future do you see for America and the world in the next couple of decades?

· Are we to expect a pole shift or a planetary object to collide with the Earth, or are these claims just fear-mongering?

· What criteria will be used to determine who will be healed or cured on Declaration Day?

Major elements of a planetary rescue plan are also provided, to reverse world hunger, pollution and global warming – and to implement the principle of sharing, which will create justice and therefore peace. The UN can play a major role in making this happen, but so can every individual, young or old. All of these issues are governed by humanity’s free will, and there is much in this book about what it means to be human and a soul in incarnation at this time.

The Awakening of Humanity concludes with a short, spontaneous message from Maitreya himself, given telepathically through Mr. Creme at the end of a French radio interview, plus two articles by Mr. Creme’s own Master, one of Maitreya’s closest associates. The second article lists Maitreya’s priorities in the coming time:

1. the establishment of peace

2. the inauguration of the system of sharing

3. the removal of guilt and fear – the cleansing of the hearts and minds of men

4. the education of mankind in the laws of life and love

5. an introduction to the Mysteries

6. the beautification of our cities

7. the removal of barriers to travel and interchange of peoples

8. the creation of a pool of knowledge accessible to all

A companion book, The World Teacher for All Humanity, was published last year. As Maitreya stands poised and ready to emerge into full public work as World Teacher, this book presents an account of the many ramifications that will flow from this momentous planetary happening. It covers the planned return of his group of associated Teachers, for the first time openly in 98,000 years, and speaks of Maitreya’s plans, projects and recommendations for the immediate future. It shows Maitreya as a great and powerful Avatar who has come to lead humanity into the Age of Aquarius and, at the same time, as a friend and brother to us all.

Sometimes called Maitreya’s ambassador, Benjamin Creme has written a total of 14 books on Maitreya and related topics, starting with The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. First published in 1980, it remains a remarkably fresh compendium on topics ranging from the effects of Maitreya’s emergence on existing political and religious institutions to sections on reincarnation, the angelic kingdom and UFOs.

Creme’s Maitreya’s Mission trilogy, a massive work completed in 1997, expands on such varied topics as Transmission Meditation, education in the New Age, environmental issues, and the new Technology of Light. It ends with a glimpse into the next millennium and a world of peace, with cities restored to great beauty, and the necessities of life guaranteed to all people.

His other books, such as The Art of Co-operation, Maitreya’s Teachings: The Laws of Life and The Art of Living, contain some extraordinary insights into world events, and an intriguing perspective on pending scientific and medical discoveries that will quickly revolutionize life as we know it in. At the same time, guidelines are given for personal development and self-realization which are altogether fresh and deeply empowering.

Yes, you will be hearing voices in your head one of these days. Find out ahead of time what it is all about by reading The Awakening of Humanity and The World Teacher for All Humanity. Get a true perspective on the fear-inducing happenings of our time as history plays itself out to reveal a new and better plan for all mankind. Most of all, experience a huge dose of hope rather than anguish, as the world stands poised to meet its destiny.

As Creme’s Master says in the leading article in this book, "men will walk on tiptoe for a time after this momentous event." Many will seek to know its background and history, which are fully detailed in these pages.

Diana Holland is a freelance writer and editor living in Vancouver, Canada. Benjamin Creme’s books are available through online booksellers and your local bookstore.

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