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Our Animal Friends Passing From one State to the Next

by Patty Gibbons, AC, ESMT II, LVT

Having been asked to write more about my experiences with the animals I have spoken with as an Animal Communicator, I was at a loss as to exactly which topic to cover. The animals are constantly teaching me the most incredible things and, like us, they address every possible topic there is. I was finally, quite abruptly, steered in the direction of what I will be addressing.

Only the other day I was contacted by a client who let me know that one of her dear four-legged family members had passed on. Then, my husband attended a wake today for a wonderful woman whom he worked with, and shared the experience with me when he returned home. So this is what I am supposed to be writing about, I thought, after we discussed the similarities of the experiences. People need to know this!

So, what, you may ask, is the great secret? Not really much of a secret - more of a realization. This is not particularly about the topic of ‘Life After Death’, but more about the life before the passing onto the next stage.

Time and time again I have had conversations with animals who have made the transition from physical life to spirit, and time and time again they have asked me to tell their people to let go of the actual occurrence of their passing. “That’s not what my life was about!” they very often cry. Granted, there are those situations in which an animal’s crossing is also a lesson for humans to learn from – whether it be that the transition can be a peaceful, graceful experience or that it is an earmark of abuse and inhumane treatment that will help other animals avoid such a fate. I have been fortunate enough to hear more of the former than the latter.

“Tell her it wasn’t as painful as she fears!” “Please explain the physiology to him – that my body was doing things after I had left it!” “We had 17 wonderful years together! Why would she harp on that part of it?!!” And the most seemingly tactless statement of all to relay, “Well, we all die of something!” Ahhh, to explain to non-human animals our very human hang-ups! Guilt, fear, regret, sorrow all too often overshadow what a wonderful time we have spent with our dear human and non-human friends and family members when they were physically here once they have physically passed.

“Thank him for the car ride up to the mountain trail!” “Tell her to remember how we used to share spaghetti!” the animals chime. These are the moments that make up our lives, and that we can take pleasure in – even if they don’t appear to be monumental at first glance! And these are the things that can make us smile, appreciate our time together, and help us make it through the grieving process.

My Angel of a husband spoke of the youngest family members of the woman he had worked with. These young girls had lost the grandmother they dearly loved, and were inconsolable. That is, they were inconsolable until the family made preparations for a tradition in wakes that I do wholeheartedly hope continues! The family had gathered photos of this incredible woman that were taken throughout her lifetime to put on display at the wake. These photos – a recollection of the magical life this woman had led – were the elixir that has helped them start to heal and see that there is still much to celebrate. Who knew that she was a kickline dancer?!! Heck, anyone who had the blessing of having met her was certain to see that she was a firecracker of a person, but that?!! What a wonderful treat to discover! And what a fun memory to recall for those who knew her then!

We can utilize such a tradition for our critter friends as well! I am not suggesting that one necessarily build a shrine, but rather that one can find solace and joy in collecting and displaying images of happy times shared with our dear ones. Portrait type photos are wonderful to have, but I personally have found the pictures taken at candid moments, moments where our loved ones are living fully and enjoying life, are the most potent and meaningful.

My husband is an incredibly talented photographer, and we have many beautiful photos of the animals who have touched and shared our lives. There is a photo that is one of my all time favorites, of two beloved canines family members who have passed, that comes to mind. It is a stunning, dramatic shot. Still, there is another one that I hope to dig up soon. It is of both dogs, tongues lolling and legs flying, tearing along a stretch of beach that we enjoyed living near for a while. THIS is what they loved, and what we loved watching them enjoy! And these moments, as far as they are concerned, were what physical life was about! “Remember this!” is what they cry out from spirit, as well as from the photos!

Perhaps another way to reflect on this is to put ourselves in the position of those whom we love and who have passed onto the next stage of their journey. Of course, the initial feelings those friends and family members still left in this physical state are going to be experiencing can encompass loneliness, sorrow, and even guilt and rage. These are to be expected. However, would you want those to always and only be the feelings and reactions they have whenever they think of you? That would be too terrible! Wouldn’t you want your loved ones to remember you with joy, and smiles and laughter about all the wonderful moments you did have while physically here together? I could only hope so! I certainly hope for that! And that is what our animal friends wish as well.

If you find yourself in a low spot when thinking of someone you love who has passed on, try to replace that sad moment with the recollection of a time with them that makes you smile. It could be a quiet time shared together, or memories of a big celebration or event. You and those you love, those still physically here and those who have moved on to the next stage, will be happier for it.

Without a doubt, watching loved ones who are dealing with a terminal condition is one of the most difficult and often heart-wrenching things we face in this physical life. Losing one unexpectedly, and when we may feel is just way too soon, is no less difficult. And though we may not be able to fully embrace or completely come to terms with certain passings in this lifetime, it helps to remember that which makes us who we truly are does not end. Neither does the love that we feel for those who are dear to us, nor does their love for us.

Patty Gibbons is an Animal Communicator, Equine Sports Massage Therapist II, and Licensed Veterinary Technician. Patty works with all species of animals, and has communicated with animals across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as those who have passed on. You may contact her via her website www.pattygibbons.com, e-mail info@pattygibbons.com, phone (631) 768-9172

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