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Rhonda Lenair: Healing Addictions Miraculously

by R. Barry Chalfin

How would you personally describe a miracle? Say a 50 year-old man who has been drinking heavily for 25 years – in fact, close to 30 beers a day – walks into Rhonda Lenair’s office and emerges less than an hour later with absolutely no cravings or desire for alcohol and doesn’t experience any symptoms of withdrawal after the experience. No drugs, herbs, hypnosis, talk therapy, Eastern or Western modalities or any other treatment were used in that session. Would you describe the event as merely coincidence or something associated with a higher power? What if hundreds of people had the same experience? Or thousands? Would you still consider it a coincidence or rather a miracle that takes place when one is in the presence of Rhonda Lenair?

One definition of the word miracle is "an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause": another definition, "a miracle is a visible interruption of the laws of nature, such that can only be explained by divine intervention, and is usually associated with a miracle-worker". Rhonda Lenair is that presence that creates miracles, and extraordinary events happen frequently and predictably when one is with her. These are not coincidences but true stories that have occurred over and over again for 22 years through her sacred work.

Clients enter a multi-dimensional consciousness when they’re with Rhonda that transcends time and space, as we know it to be or could even be imagined. When in a time-ubiquitous realm, Rhonda re-speaks client’s Poemantras® that their system composes.

*Poemantra: all life emits, transmits, and composes poetic iterations and wisdom that calibrate life when heard and spoken like a mantra.

To enter her work Poemantrically, the process is described.

… Transcending time and space

Disembodied and un-encased

To a place woes are erased

Decompose, absolved to waste

Then life returns to body’s base

Healed of what once did disgrace

Self(s)™* rhythmically balanced

to a pace

Divine, one shines in love and

grace …

… Transcending time/space one hears

What to do as Self(s) repairs

Conflict, hurt, and despair

That’s spoken and heard by ear,

Self(s) composed compositions

Transmits through Self(s) cognition

Poemantric iterations

That procure alleviations

Mentally and physically

Bound problems are absolved

and free

To vacate where they did reside

So love can move in and preside

Fulfilled one is then satisfied

By truth, thus no more need for lies

That become harbored in disguise

Blocks truth from being realized

But when one’s freed

To love’s great lead

Many problems lose their need

Through their source, down to

the seed …

… Life’s made whole from what

is spoken

Self(s) repairs what’s frayed

and broken

Why problem’s forms came to be

Created, resolve effortlessly

Many layers of resolutions

Are witnessed through a

One Self(s) solution

Self(s) balm makes calm exteriorly

And deeper realms ethereally …

… Spoken words heal and are received

Absolving woes that did deceive

As one is freed needs not bereave

Past problems one needs not grieve

For, or are lonely as they leave

As one outgrows what were their foes

Willingly one lets go

To a Self(s) love that shines

To and through all love divine …

* Self(s): Self(s) is one Universal Conscious-ness that presides and seamlessly connects, reflects, and communicates through all creation.

Following are some compelling stories of clients who have personally been healed through miracles of transformation while in the presence of Rhonda Lenair: they’ve come to know that through Rhonda, "miracles are not the exception, but the rule."

Frank’s Story

Frank is a 52 year-old successful banker from Illinois, although he was anything but successful in the year 2000. Frank had been a heavy drinker for the 10 years preceding that date. During that time he had tried just about every method to stop drinking but he failed miserably (or the methods failed him) and he finally reached the point where he decided to just drink himself to death. He started that process in 1997 but he found the process too slow for him, yet he didn’t have the courage to shoot himself.

During his 10 years of heavy drinking, Frank managed to lose his high-paying job as a bank executive, lost his wife and children, he no longer had a driver’s license, and was essentially financially destitute. He found a job stocking shelves in a warehouse at minimum wage and his weekly wages went to buying alcohol. Ironically, Frank was a closet drinker with a very high tolerance for alcohol so people at work never really knew of his problem.

Frank said he really had put forth considerable effort to stop drinking. He had gone to AA meetings for 10 years without success: he continued drinking throughout his meeting days. He also attempted prayer and stints at four rehabs with detox. Quite amazingly, throughout his entire drinking period he said, "I was never legally sober!" He said his blood alcohol content was never below .10 and during one hospital admission it was a shocking .47 – .40 is the lethal rate for 50% of adult humans. "A fifth at 5:00" was Frank’s motto.

In 1999 Frank’s father was watching a program on the Discovery Network and saw a segment about a healer who worked miracles, particularly with people struggling with alcoholism. They made an appointment to see Rhonda Lenair. On March 18, 2000 Frank and his father began the drive eastward from Illinois.

Margaret’s Story

Margaret is a successful 40 year-old fashion designer from Texas who grew up in an alcoholic family. Although these familial circumstances didn’t pose any significant life challenges to her, as she become older the traits of alcoholism began to take a larger role in her life. When she was in her 30’s, alcohol became a larger part of her life and for the last five years, it was becoming a significant problem, affecting her family life, relationships, and her career.

Margaret had a very strong belief in God and was a ‘super hard-core Presbyterian’. She had always turned things over to God – problems of all sorts, but she was finding that turning her problem of excessive, daily drinking over to God wasn’t being successful. The last 5 years of her life had become defined by her alcoholism. Growing up in an alcoholic family and having young children of her own, she was fearful that history would repeat itself with her children. She never considered going away for a rehab program but did attempt abstinence, AA meetings - although she didn’t believe in the premise of AA or that she was powerless – counseling, therapy, and a vareity of medications to help stop drinking.

She also spent a significant amount of time on the internet, looking for that ‘something different’ that she hadn’t tried that might offer some relief. She did come across two websites – one that was inspirational in nature and another that offered help through a drug and hypnotherapy program. She joined their forums but neither of these sites solved her problem and only left her incomplete and frustrated, as had other attempts to quell her desire for alcohol. But through these websites she learned about a healer who had tremendous success in eliminating the cravings and dependence on alcohol.

Margaret had reached a point of desperation. Not only was she suffering with alcoholism but she also had depression and anxiety and she was on numerous prescription drugs to help address those issues. She engagingly read that Rhonda Lenair had effortlessly removed the nagging cravings for alcohol from a number of internet forum members she had come to know. She was intrigued and hopeful, but at the same time very, very skeptical. After devouring Lenair’s website, including powerful accounts of clients whose lives had been transformed by this healer, a voice within told her that this was the place to be healed: she decided to schedule and her mother insisted on accompanying her to make sure this process was legitimate.

Brad’s Story

Brad, a 50 year-old warehouse manager from Maine on disability, was not your typical alcoholic: he had been consuming close to 30 beers a day for many, many years. He had been a heavy drinker for 25 years of his life and his condition led him towards many tumultuous relationships. He had multiple stays at hospitals because of his excessive alcohol consumption and realized the time had come to address this serious issue or his life would soon be over.

As he was considering further options to address his problem (he had already been to rehabs, AA, and tried medications – all to no avail), he recalled an experience he had ten years earlier. He had then worked for a small company that heard about Rhonda Lenair, and a group of ten employees signed up for her smoking cessation program. He remembered how successful that program had been (all the employees immediately stopped smoking and after over ten years, nine were still smoke-free) and he decided to try to find out where Rhonda’s office was now located.

Brad found Rhonda, scheduled his appointment, and eagerly headed off to Vermont. He was not skeptical but somewhat concerned that even Rhonda Lenair might not be able to help this almost hopeless alcoholic. After 3 marriages and 3 divorces and losing countless friends along the way, he believed his problem was insurmountable – this time it would truly take a miracle to be healed.

The Miracles with Rhonda Lenair

None of these clients could have known what would happen when they first met Rhonda Lenair because Rhonda herself does not know what will happen: each meeting is unique and template-free. Rhonda requests that no prior history or background about a client be known to her as mind is not any part of the experience. A client’s knowing Self(s)™* silently articulates through Rhonda’s spoken voice all that one needs to know to heal.

*Self(s): Self(s) is one Universal Conscious-ness that presides and seamlessly connects, reflects, and communicates through all creation.

The foundation of Rhonda’s sacred work and what separates it from all other traditional and/or alternative therapies is that she remains not separate from but becomes one with a client merging with what’s miraculous. Her ability to become their reflected image is what makes this process so remarkable. As Rhonda says, "It’s not seeing you but being you – I become your spoken reflection." She is always in a state of clearing herself to a point of translucency for the next miracle to be conceived and received.

… Self(s) received truth in tandem spoken

Heals in Self(s) balm what is broken.

Originally Self(s) composed,

Iterations, mantras, poems, and prose,

Poemantrically-versed wisdom


Of what’s spoken starts unwinding.

Problems that are compromising

Are absolved for demising.

Life’s then renewed and prosperously

Aware through Self(s) truth how to be

Free and clear past eyes that see

Through a Self(s) spoken litany,

Heard and conceived soliloquies

Self(s) composed and received frees

Life to a balanced ease …

Rhonda’s work is judgment-free and unedited truth prevails. She speaks what your ‘knowing’ self narrates and composes: information that transforms and heals. Where one was out-of-tune one becomes rhythmically aware and vibrationally in-tune: one is then on-key and is given keys (their personalized written protocol) that open, not entrap, conceal or harbor but protect them on a multitude of levels.

In Rhonda’s presence, layers of the problem and the contributors are removed effortlessly: the elephant that was on their shoulder is transformed to a dove that flies away willingly. With care and tenderness, Self(s) trust and certainty, problems are erased. The process is Self(s) directed and orchestrated through Rhonda’s spoken voice. Their being transmits and hears this information on the deepest level – the level where change occurs, where miracles happen.



"From the first moment she placed her hands on me, I felt healed," said Frank. He was already going through detox when he arrived at Rhonda’s office and felt terrible, as he had been driving with his father for two days. But he said the desire for alcohol and all thoughts about it were instantly removed. "No other words than a complete and absolute miracle could describe that experience and what happened to me," commented Frank. When asked how his life changed since seeing Rhonda, he quipped, "I have a life now when before I didn’t."

It’s been over 8 years since he first saw Rhonda. He has finally restored his credit, has a new wife, a new home, has rebuilt his relationship with his ex-wife and children, is now vice-president of a bank, and is running for public office in his community. Frank added, "I now have a life and owe that life to Rhonda’s unique ability to remove the curse of alcoholism from me. I’m beyond grateful."


"When I arrived," states Margaret, "I was sick with the flu and was concerned how that might affect my sessions with Ms. Lenair." She continued, "But I was truly amazed at how easy it was. I felt immediate relief."

Now, eight months later, Margaret feels comfortable in speaking with others about her experience with Rhonda Lenair. She wanted to make sure that this process was not a fluke but a real change that came over her. "This was a true miracle for me" states Margaret, "I really thought alcoholism was something that I would battle for the rest of my life, but now it’s just gone, disappeared." Margaret also gained back the self-esteem she had lost through those years of disassociation because of alcohol. Now alcohol is not an issue, something she doesn’t even think about anymore. She infrequently visits the website forums where she first learned about Rhonda as she already found her solution, although from time to time she tries to offer encouragement to those who haven’t yet found Rhonda.

According to Margaret, everything in her life has changed and not just because she stopped drinking. She attributes so many of those changes to her personal interaction with Rhonda Lenair. Since her visit her anxiety and depression have disappeared, she’s been able to get off all her medication and her plaguing stomach issues have also vanished, along with past panic attacks. She also gained clarity and peace with God and the universe, and understands she is now where she is supposed to be on her journey: she was opened up and everything was put in line.

"I truly believed that miracles happened but I didn’t believe one would happen for me," explains Margaret. "Coming from the biggest skeptic in the world – all I can say is that meeting and being healed by Rhonda Lenair was a miracle and I thank God for leading me in her direction."


Brad arrived at Rhonda’s office quite blurry-eyed, purple-faced, and trembling from withdrawal: his handwriting was almost illegible. Nevertheless, after his first session with Rhonda, he said, "Wow! I went from consuming close to a 30 pack of beer a day on my own, to feeling like a new me with no desire for any alcohol, no withdrawals, nothing but feeling clean and sober." In fact, he felt so good he was going to skip his two follow-up sessions, as he felt he didn’t even need them.

His family and friends cannot believe that after all the years of heaving drinking, boom – it was over. "Rhonda gave me back my life," says Brad. He continues, "I no longer have room in my life for drinking. I am still involved in situations where there is a lot of drinking going, but I do not drink anymore." Brad still can’t understand exactly what miracle Rhonda performed to stop him from smoking and drinking, but he’s thankful that she did the work for him. "I didn’t have to do a thing," Brad said. He also said that Rhonda just lifted those burdens from him and hopes that anyone who may be skeptical or is having trouble making a decision about getting help, is blessed enough to be touched and blessed by Rhonda.

People often ask how and why Rhonda’s process works for pretty much everyone despite their differing religious or philosophical backgrounds. There is a point that joins all tenants and beliefs where pure love lives: unnamed, unframed, and motive-free, it is absorbed and it heals replete. People feel calm, safe, and protected in Rhonda’s presence. "She is the ‘Fairy Godmother’ you wish for before going to sleep at night – the one who can wave her magic wand and make all your problems go away," states Paola, a grateful client who was healed of her devastating alcohol problem 4 years ago: another miracle.

People who suffer with devastating addictions respond as easily as those with mild dependencies. Those who have tried and failed before seeing Rhonda overcome problems in her hands and love.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have succeeded where others have failed. You have done what no other person, place or organization could do for me. You have allowed me freedom from addiction.

You have taken what I consider to be the worst case of alcoholism, the most treatment-resistant, non-yielding manifestation of the "disease" I have ever known (mine) …

I have been in recovery since 1993 and I’ve done the work faithfully, but it’s been either 1) on a good day, simple misery or 2) on a bad day, pain beyond imagining. So you have no idea how much of a relief you provided.

I believe in you and I have never believed in anyone or any treatment for this killer of a ‘disease’. Thank you beyond words,"

- Casey K., Massachusetts

The living hell of an addiction need not be a sustained state, as transformation heals even the wickedest of problems. As a client who was healed of alcoholism, an eating disorder, smoking, and was able to move on from a failed marriage, wrote …

"I am no longer in ‘purgatory’. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically, and I am excited about what life brings my way. I am able to experience true happiness (not all the time, of course), but it gets better by the day. Every night when I go to sleep, I thank God and whoever else helped guide me to Rhonda. It has been truly a blessing. When I am in Rhonda’s presence, there is such a warm feeling in my heart and knowingness that everything is going to be alright.

I wish that everyone who is suffering from addictions would have the opportunity for this healing. It makes me sad to think of how many people are out there suffering and I wish they would find their way to Rhonda…"

- Tara D., Vermont

(To hear Tara’s whole story and more miraculous recoveries, visit: http://www.lenair.com/meet.shtml.)

Since 1987 Rhonda Lenair has been creating miracles of all kinds for a variety of addictions, stress-related and physical issues. She has assisted in the healing of over 30,000 people from around the world. With an enormous range of complex issues, backgrounds, and beliefs, Rhonda has been able to initiate healings of addictions and other conditions through her powerful and sacred work. From devout worshipers to atheists, from believers to skeptics, and from people from all walks of life, there is no discrimination of who addiction affects or so great a problem that is exempt from being healed by a miracle.

Part II will appear in the January 2009 issue

R. Barry Chalfin is Program Director at The Lenair Healing Center. Since 1993 he was personally witnessed thousands of healings through Rhonda’s remarkable ability. For further information visit www.lenair.com  or call 888-412-8392 for a free 48-page brochure about the practice, as well as information about Rhonda’s travel and teaching schedule.


R. Barry Chalfin

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