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Rhonda Lenair: Healing Addictions Miraculously, Part 2

by R. Barry Chalfin

his is Part 2 of the ‘Healing Addictions Miraculously’ series that began last month in Wisdom magazine. See http://wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/767/ for the full story of how Rhonda Lenair facilitates her miracles plus three case histories from the thousands of miracles that have occurred in her presence. These include Frank, a 52 year-old banker who tried every method to stop drinking but failed, and reached a point where he decided to just drink himself to death. After seeing Rhonda, he said, "The desire for alcohol and all thoughts of it were instantly removed… no other words than a complete and absolute miracle could describe what happened to me"; and Margaret, a 40 year-old designer who thought that alcohol would be her lifetime battle, but who now says, "It’s just gone – disappeared"; and Brad, a 50 year-old man who had been drinking heavily for 25 years – in fact, close to 30 beers a day – who walked out of Rhonda’s office after less than one hour with absolutely no cravings or desire for alcohol and no withdrawal symptoms.

Rhonda Lenair’s presence creates predictable miracles, and extraordinary events happen frequently and predictably when one is with her. These miracles are not coincidences, but true stories that have occurred over and over again for the past 22 years through her sacred work.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn is a 56 year-old office manager for her husband’s holistic medical practice in North Carolina. She is the youngest of three children and her parents were divorced: her mother drank on occasion but her father was a fairly heavy drinker. Both his brother and a great uncle had died of alcoholism..

Kathryn’s problem drinking began in junior high school and escalated incrementally throughout high school and college. After graduating college her alcohol consumption continued to escalate on weekends, eventually infiltrating her weekdays while at work.

She was never a religious person but had faith in a higher power, was a believer in prayer, and in the power of positive thinking. She also believed in free will, the power of attraction, reincarnation and that you need to take responsibility for the choices you make in life. Nevertheless, her problem of excessive drinking was not resolving through all of her efforts and hopeful beliefs.

It wasn’t until the last few years that the drinking had increased and took over her entire life. She knew that if she didn’t find a way to stop drinking, her destiny would be a disaster. She tried going to AA meetings but she found herself more depressed than helped by attending, didn’t believe in reinforcing the negative image of being an alcoholic, and felt the commitment was too much for her. And, most especially, she never became sober while she was attending meetings.

Kathryn tried various supplements based on a scientific basis to change one’s mood and get the brain biochemistry back into balance: they worked for a couple of weeks but then she relapsed.

One day while on the internet, Kathryn found herself following some links and ended up on the website of Rhonda Lenair. She immediately knew she had stumbled upon something significant. "That’s for me," she said and even before receiving the brochure she had requested, she booked a flight and room at a B&B and scheduled an appointment to see Rhonda to have her remove the burden of her alcoholism.

Dan’s Story

Dan is a 55 year-old master electrician. His drinking started remarkably at 13 years old. Both his parents had been severe alcoholics, and although he knew the ravages of this addiction, he couldn’t find help to relieve his constant 30-year cravings for the substance. If he couldn’t give it up, he felt it would eventually take his life.

Although Dan was not religious, he had faith in a higher power and often called upon that power to help him try to abstain from this habit. His route to abstinence was based on self-reliance but he was not successful on his own. He went to a number of doctors who prescribed pharmaceuticals to help quell his cravings but he quickly stopped the medication.

Dan’s problem steadily compounded. Every day after finishing work on his construction project, he would stop at the local bar with his co-workers and start his ritualistic drinking routine. By the time he got home, he was blurry and he would continue drinking until he had double-vision before going to bed. He awoke with a buzz and went back to work hung over, anxiously awaiting the day job to end so he could resume his ‘lifestyle’.

Dan functioned daily but knew this problem was severe and he was putting himself and others in harm’s way. That’s when he decided to seek help beyond some of the traditional routes to stop drinking that hadn’t produced any success for him in the past. He wasn’t interested in sitting around with others who shared the same problem, as in AA. He had seen an ad in a magazine about a healer who specialized in eliminating alcohol: he had finally reached his point of exasperation with his problem and he called Rhonda Lenair.

Allie’s Story

Allie, age 49, is a magazine publisher and consultant from southern California. Allie’s history with alcohol was perhaps typical of a teenager growing up on a cattle ranch in California. Her teenage drinking with friends escalated into her 20’s. The drinking seemed to get worse and worse until she was 31, when she decided to try to get help through AA. She attended AA meetings for 6 years and although she was sober during that period of time, she spent her days obsessing about ‘not drinking’. During that time she kept herself secluded, her self-esteem plummeted, and she was dealing with a lot a shame. She felt that going to AA was worse than drinking: she then relapsed again.

Her next attempt was with moderation: that didn’t work. For a while, she seemed to do alright with drinking. She was drinking like normal people. But slowly the problem grew again – from ½ bottle of wine a night to a full bottle, then the vodka martinis and then drinking 5 nights a week. Her problem became her ‘problem’: she drank to be able to put up with things. She tried just about everything except going to rehab. She said she had never seen anyone who had done well by going to rehab.

She then found a program online that offered a book and access to Topamax, a drug that is used to prevent migraines and seizures in adults which is also used to minimize alcohol cravings. She tried the program and the Topamax and drinking became un-interesting, but she had to keep increasing the dosage and got to the point where she became exhausted, had terrible mood swings, and was depressed. She even began drinking while taking the drug. She soon found herself drinking wine excessively and couldn’t go up any higher on the drug dosage.

Allie’s ‘eureka’ moment came when she found Rhonda Lenair on a website forum and somehow ‘knew’ deep inside, after she and her husband did the research, that this healer and her unique ability to remove addictions was the route to follow.

The Unfolding Stories


Kathryn didn’t come as a skeptic to see Rhonda. She understood there was something special about Rhonda because of her ‘gifts’ and was moved by the powerful testimonials of clients who had been transformed by Rhonda’s work with them. She was open and quite ready to leave her issues behind her. And after seeing Rhonda, her issue with alcoholism was quite literally gone - left behind.

"Well, it’s affected my life tremendously," said Kathryn. "The effects have been endless and the world is now my oyster." Kathryn’s husband is a drug addict and had been cheating on her for quite some time. Now that Kathryn is clear-headed, she has a much higher opinion of herself and has the courage and strength to divorce an abusive husband.

Through Rhonda’s miraculous work, Kathryn said it was as if a huge sliding glass door in front of her opened up and reconnected her with the world. "Rhonda’s program effortlessly lifted the burden of alcoholism and has allowed me to move forward and be free," she says. Her advice to the skeptics: "Just step outside your belief system and let the experience happen: let Rhonda transform your life and never look back!"


Dan recalls sitting in Rhonda’s waiting room and reading the hundreds of letters and testimonials of people who had effortlessly been relieved of their drinking and other problems. He then said, "If this could only work for me…"

Today, after over 9 years of not having any alcohol or thoughts or cravings for any, Dan’s life has been transformed in many ways. Other gifts he received by experiencing the work of Rhonda even supersede the gift of losing his alcohol addiction. " Being in the presence of Rhonda and experiencing her special work has created contentment for me that is miraculous and almost indescribable," states Dan.


Allie was the first client seen by Rhonda in 2008 and since then Allie’s life has taken on a new meaning. The daily drinking is a thing of the past: more importantly, even ‘thinking’ about drinking is a thing of the past. In all her previous attempts at stopping and the so many programs she attempted, during all that time, she was consumed with thinking about drinking and now that was gone. For the first time since she had started programs to address her alcoholism she didn’t feel like she was ‘in recovery’: she had simply ‘recovered’. "Rhonda just lifted that from me," said Allie, "She took me outside of that box I was in and started me down a wonderful path."

Allie is not sure about exactly what Rhonda did or how the process worked. She said she actually didn’t even think it would work for her, but she was running out of options. Allie states that the process was painless, easy, and it didn’t even require her to believe in Rhonda or the process. "It was a profound meeting up with myself. Rhonda facilitated that," says Allie. She continues, "I’ve never had that opportunity to meet the real me. I don’t know how one explains that, but if you ever meet your real self at its highest potential, you are changed for good – and even that didn’t require me to believe in it."

More Stories

People often ask how and why Rhonda’s process works for most everyone despite their differing religious or philosophical backgrounds. There is a point that joins all tenants and beliefs where pure love lives: unnamed, unframed, and motive-free, it is absorbed and it heals replete. People feel calm, safe, and protected in Rhonda’s presence. "She is the ‘Fairy Godmother’ you wish for before going to sleep at night – the one who can wave her magic wand and make all your problems go away," states Paola, a grateful client who was healed of her devastating alcohol problem 4 years ago: another miracle.

People who suffer with devastating addictions respond as easily as those with mild dependencies. Those who have tried and failed before seeing Rhonda overcome problems in her hands and love.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have succeeded where others have failed. You have done what no other person, place or organization could do for me. You have allowed me freedom from addiction.

You have taken what I consider to be the worst case of alcoholism, the most treatment-resistant, non-yielding mani-festation of the "disease" I have ever known (mine) …

I have been in recovery since 1993 and I’ve done the work faithfully, but it’s been either 1) on a good day, simple misery or 2) on a bad day, pain beyond imagining. So you have no idea how much of a relief you provided.

I believe in you and I have never believed in anyone or any treatment for this killer of a ‘disease’.Thank you beyond words,"

Casey K., Massachusetts

The living hell of an addiction need not be a sustained state, as transformation heals even the wickedest of problems. As a client who was healed of alcoholism, an eating disorder, smoking, and was able to move on from a failed marriage, wrote …

"I am no longer in ‘purgatory’. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically, and I am excited about what life brings my way. I am able to experience true happiness (not all the time, of course), but it gets better by the day. Every night when I go to sleep, I thank God and whoever else helped guide me to Rhonda. It has been truly a blessing. When I am in Rhonda’s presence, there is such a warm feeling in my heart and knowingness that everything is going to be alright.

"I wish that everyone who is suffering from addictions would have the opportunity for this healing. It makes me sad to think of how many people are out there suffering and I wish they would find their way to Rhonda…"

Tara D., Vermont

(To hear Tara’s whole story, visit: http://www.lenair.com/meet.shtml.)

Since 1987 Rhonda Lenair has been creating miracles of all kinds for a variety of addictions, stress-related and physical issues. From devout worshipers to atheists, from believers to skeptics, and from people from all walks of life, there is no discrimination of who addiction strikes or so great a problem that is exempt from being healed by a miracle.

R. Barry Chalfin is Program Director at The Lenair Healing Center. Since 1993 he was personally witnessed thousands of healings through Rhonda’s remarkable ability. For further information visit www.lenair.com  or call 888-412-8392 for a free 48-page brochure about the practice, as well as information about Rhonda’s travel and teaching schedule.






R. Barry Chalfin

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