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Your Horoscope By Element for Dec. 28, 2008 - Jan. 3, 2009

by Elizabeth Joyce

2009 Brings You Struggles, Hard Work With Eventual Success!

You've got great opportunities in 2009, but you also have to be ready for some obstacles. Rise to meet your challenges and create the best year of your life. Understand the events as they come along with your 2009 reading with Elizabeth Joyce!

If you think the pace of life is already too quick, then you had better strap yourself in for an action-packed New Year. Expansive Jupiter moves into quantum-thinking Aquarius on January 5th for a full year. This energy is very positive for Aquarians, Leos, Taurus and Scorpio’s.

You are going to need to make a choice on how you react to this quickening. We are fast approaching the 5th Dimension energies and 2009 is an Initiation Year! You can step up into higher humanitarian service during this time of rapid change, or you can hunker down and hide in fear. The numerology of 2009 explains the choice.

In numerology, 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11. You can operate at the higher frequency of this Master Number or reduce the number 1 + 1 = 2. Eleven is a number of stepping into higher humanitarian service. It is the number of the visionary, the mystic, and the disseminator of higher knowledge. Two is the number of partnerships. You must learn to care and share with others.

Pluto in Capricorn destroys and rebuilds the very foundation of your life. It is the father figure, the disciplinarian, of which this world has been lacking of late. The world has already had a taste of this energy through infrastructure issues such as bridges badly in need of repair, the outdated structure of the global financial system, and personal & national credit/debt problems. The hand of Saturn hits hard when you are off center, which can manifest as losses and pain. So try to decide to move ahead, slowly and steadily, like the Ox, and focus on your goal. (2009 is the Chinese year of the Ox.)

On a personal level, if you’ve already cleaned your closets of clutter in 2008, you are on the right foot. If you haven’t made space in your life, it is important to do so quickly. This rebirthing and reorganizing energy has not been on the planet since the Revolutionary War and Industrial Revolution, and it is ready to make itself known in your life in 2009.

Now, you must take pragmatic steps to create the reality that has been in the philosophical “wouldn’t it be nice?” stage for thirteen years. And to kick it all off, risk-taking Jupiter moves into revolutionary Aquarius, building towards a triple whammy that will bless your life. (Remember when planets come together in important aspects, it’s always a play in three acts.) The first one, in March, is usually the “wake up” call.

Capricorn represents the hand of the Father, so in 2009 it’s YOUR Year! It's time to FINALLY take care of YOU and bring more passion, purpose, laughter, fun, and love to your life, and to your whole family's, too!

This 2009 energy of sudden and fast change, (representing Air signs) will be strong between May and December. It’s best to understand how Jupiter operates in your life. Jupiter is the benefic mentor that coaches you into taking a risk on your life, a risk that requires you to expand your belief system. You are urged to go beyond the nice, neat comfort zone that created safe walls for your life style, and step up into another new experience.

Aquarius is associated with innovative technology, computers, astrology, and the quest to revolutionize your life and your view of the world. Jupiter in Aquarius catalyzes you to break free of your limiting box. Pluto in Capricorn destroys the box so that you cannot go back.

The triple whammy astro-lineup mentioned above is the alignment of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune bursts through illusions to open to a higher truth. Chiron was a half-horse, half-human centaur known as the wounded healer. He helps you find alternative strategies to come up with and find a generally workable solution when you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Jupiter wants you to hurry to new heights of expression. These planet come together three times over the next year and I call it a play in three acts. Act one is always surprising and sudden, and sets the stage for the next two conjunctions.

It is difficult to predict the changes that will come because the last time this triple alignment was even close was the year 1523. The first marine insurance was made available, peasants in southern Germany revolted, and Portuguese settlers were expelled from China at that time. Oceans, revolutions, countries changing power, and suffering people are all a part of this energy.

In 2009, the issue of nuclear and wave-driven power methods will be important topics. New drugs, both for healing and recreationally destructive uses, will be introduced this year. The internet will begin to go to new levels under this influence, as countries try to regulate the information on-line.

On a personal level, Jupiter wants you to take giant steps to create freedom and prosperity. Chiron has you feeling caught between responsibility and freedom. Be willing to take half steps to that larger goal in your life in order to blend and balance the two. (Remember – this is an 11/2 year-others must be considered in your important decisions.) But first, Neptune asks you to go off on a vision quest to really tune into what your spirit wants to do. Begin your meditative practice.

The New Year has great potential for rapidly manifesting your creative vision for your new reality. Create a Vision Board on every New Moon to actualize what you visualize. Allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, ouch, while expanding your belief system. Think positive and know that you can succeed. Do not allow family or fear to stop you from moving ahead. Small steps now lead to giant steps later, as 2010 opens.

Stargazing – Your Weekly Element Forecast

Week of December 28th – January 4th, 2009

Air, Fire, Water and Earth – Week of December 28 thru January 4th

The Air Signs

Gemini - Libra – Aquarius

Happy 2009, Air Signs! You are futuristic, and you love making plans for tomorrow. That's why your favorite book and movie genre is sci-fi and you are always the first one in line to view futuristic exhibits when they come to your local museum. You love change and variety. You Air Signs thrive on energy shifts, so you'll be delighted at all the cosmic changes in store for you in the year ahead. In 2009 impish Mercury, will experience four retrograde periods as opposed to the usual three, and there will be six Eclipses in store for you, two more than you're used to. Yes, you're going to feel as if you're on a roller-coaster ride for much of the year, but that's good since you dislike being bored or stuck in a rut. Luckily, a dull routine won't be part of your scenario in the year to come. Thursday is New Year's Day, and you are buzzing with the dreams and goals you have for yourself and your life in the year ahead. Make sure you allow for a few twists and turns to come your way because the Universe is going to throw a lot of energy shifts toward you, beginning January 5th, when Jupiter enters Aquarius, which brings all of you Air Suns lots and lots of Luck this year. So get started composing your New Year's resolutions on New Year’s Day as Mercury enters visionary Aquarius. Your brain will buzz with long-term plans and you'll spend considerable time contemplating your future goals. Write down all your hopes and dreams, and don't be afraid to reach for the stars this year. You will experience six Eclipses as opposed to the usual four, and Mercury, the communication planet, will turn retrograde four times instead of the typical three. Karmic Saturn changes signs in the fall months of the year and will influence a new chapter of your life! Get ready to undergo a multitude of new and challenging events and experiences. On Saturday, you begin to reflect on what you really want out of life. You sit down and do some serious thinking about what makes you happy and what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Write it down, keep a journal and watch it all manifest. Know this, Air Signs, many opportunities are coming your way to make your most cherished hopes and wishes come true in 2009.

Your Love Week - Air Signs:

On Monday and Tuesday you're exhibiting typical bad boy/bad girl behavior, the kind of behavior that's such a turn-on for the opposite sex. You might be feeling a bit outspoken about how you want to spend the midweek holiday. As flexible as you are, Air Signs, today you could really be adamant about having things your own way. Wednesday, New Year's Eve, could see a taming of your unconventional behavior as you get proprietary about your partner, and your partner loves every moment of the attention. Saturn, the planet of restriction, turns retrograde today and brings a blast of freezing weather, and perhaps your relationship feels the cold breeze. As you get close to midnight, Mars, the planet of passion, steps in and warms up the room and your relationship. An unattached Air Sign could bump into someone from the past and find the welcome rekindling of an old affair. Thursday, New Year's Day, could see that feeling of ownership intensified as the two of you spend some much-needed alone time. On Sunday the Moon squares the Sun and it could be that that you say more than you intend to, and you do this before witnesses. You could be in a perverse mood. The mood changes by Sunday evening and the evening ends on a dreamy and escapist note. Later, the two of you could be so happy with Neptune's cosmic climate that you have difficulty judging what's really happened and what was imagined. An unattached Air Sign could have a day of escape from the ordinary, and it's so easy to be seduced on a day like this.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Get out your party hat! This week is the start of 2009 and you'll celebrate on New Year's Eve as only Fire Sign can. You'll have a lot of fun! Your wish is granted this week. You're given a new beginning and a new chance to make your life the way you want it to be. The year ahead promises to provide you Fire Signs with many energy shifts. Thursday is the start of 2009 and you'll celebrate New Year's Eve as only a hot sign could. You'll party hearty and really enjoy yourself. You're a Fire Sign and your untamed temperament thrives on motion, energy, and variety. The year ahead promises to provide you with a lot of energy shifts since you'll experience six Eclipses as opposed to the usual four including the fact that Mercury will turn retrograde four times (one more than usual). Mercury retrograde can easily mess up your travel plans, so make sure you are aware of these times (every three months – beginning January 11th) before you go on the road in the year ahead. On Wednesday Mercury in Capricorn conjuncts Jupiter and you'll begin your resolution list for 2009. Don't be afraid to include everything that you hope will happen in your life in the new year, as well as intangibles like bonding with a good friend.

Your Love Week - Fire Signs:

On Monday you may feel like time is running out, Fire Signs, and you'll be galloping full speed through the week, meeting up with your different and diverse pals. Jupiter is meeting up with the emotional Moon and there may be a regret or two that you want to remedy in this group. Tuesday could offer a romantic edge when you and your partner raise the intensity of your feelings for each other. Your partner could be weary of sharing you with the world and put words about permanence on the table. One of the two of you is more than ready to commit. The stage is set for end of year resolutions. On New Year's Eve you may feel like slowing down. You could possibly end up inviting a few people over for a get-together. Saturday sees the same kind of commitment talk and the setting can have you bewitched. You'll be walking a thin line between retaining your own style and making the compromises that are being asked of you. On Saturday the mood is changed as the New Moon ushers in a more traditional approach to being in a relationship. You're waging an inner battle between your strong need for flamboyance and play and the disciplined behavior that could be asked of you. On Sunday, those around you, and especially your partner, experience a new facet with the emergence of a more possessive you. It's either you or your partner who suddenly wants more togetherness. The evening ends with a solution that the two of you feel good about. If unattached, you could meet someone this weekend who shares your fun-loving spirit. This unexpected meeting could blossom into a full-fledged relationship in the next four weeks.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Hurray! This week is the beginning of the sparkling new year of 2009, Water Signs. In all truth, you're more than ready for a bit of good news and good vibrations to cascade into your life. This may be the year that you get some of your fondest wishes granted and find your true calling and destined life path. You'll certainly have a lot of energy shifts to deal with, since there will be six Eclipses this year instead of the usual four — and Eclipses involve the Moon, the emotional planet, which all Water Signs are affected by! Get ready for your life scenario to change quite a bit in the year to come as you become more aware of what you really want and need out of life. On Wednesday you get a boost in your ability to create your New Year's resolutions as the Moon enters intuitive Pisces on New Year's Eve. You have a strong sixth sense to begin with, but now your inner wisdom will be accentuated. Let your mind and emotions roam free while you compose your wish list for 2009 and some of the things you write may surprise you. It's finally here, Water Signs! New Year's Day arrives on Thursday, and boy, are you ready for a change of pace in your life. You've struggled quite a bit recently, and you're waiting eagerly to see old Father Time leave so you can witness the birth of the baby New Year of 2009. Happy as you are at the prospect of a new year of opportunities, you know instinctively you'll have challenges to face since you're Water Signs, the most intuitive and perceptive signs around. The Six Eclipses to cope with begin January 25th with a Full Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, and Saturn, the karmic planet and lesson giver of the Universe, changes signs later in the year and influences a new sector of your life. That's good news and you'll begin to breathe a bit more easily and feel as if a weight has been lifted from you as Saturn moves from an Earth Sign to an Air Sign. On Saturday a cosmic blessing is in store for you as lovely Venus enters Pisces. You'll begin to sparkle and shine and rediscover your love of life in the days and weeks ahead.

Your Love Week - Water Signs:

On Monday and Tuesday you'll be shoring up your secret romance while inwardly debating whether or not this is the time to share that secret with the public. You could be feeling extravagant with your emotions. An unattached Water Sign could make a sudden phone call to an old love, and before you know it, guess what? You find that the embers are still hot. This mood of extravagance continues until Wednesday as you prepare for the New Year's festivities. On New Year's Eve, you may decide that you'll be happier hanging with your pals or your different associates. You could find you at a loss for words as Saturn stands still today and your intuitive nature senses coolness, but your antennae are picking up the wrong channel. What's chilly is the weather, not the relationship. Although Saturn cools temperatures, it solidifies unions, and you and your partner end the party night dreaming big dreams for the future. On Thursday, New Year's Day, you may want to spend time alone with that special someone. The New Year's festivities continue through the weekend and you and your partner are seen as a solid twosome in public. An unattached Water Sign could have a special glow that attracts a new object of desire into your social sphere, and the two of you are irresistibly attracted. On Saturday, January 3, the planet of love moves into Pisces, a Water Sign. Attached or unattached, you could fall for some smooth talk that's challenged the very next day when the Moon challenges the Sun. After some deep probing into each other's motives, your ruler, Neptune, casts a spell of enchantment and you just can't help falling in love.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth Signs, you've been waiting to be able to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in 2009. It's the start of a brand new year for you. Even though you enjoy the tried and true, still you get as excited as the rest of the world at the thought of the wonderful year of 2009 filled with possibilities and opportunities! You Earth Signs are due to have a very busy year ahead, thanks to all the energy changes that are going to be taking place in the cosmos, including the fact, Venus, turns retrograde for six weeks in March. You enjoy taking your time to think about your life choices. Once Venus in Taurus turns retrograde you'll have a nice opportunity to reexamine your life plan. This week you can finally throw out your old calendar and bring out your new one. You love change and you love to throw out items that you don't need any more, since you're very organized. Thursday is New Year's Day, and busy Mercury, enters visionary Aquarius. You'll sort through your closets, organize your address books, and clean out your dresser drawers to your heart's content. You'll be extraordinarily busy in the year to come due to all the energy changes that will take place, including the fact that Mercury will undergo four retrograde periods rather than the typical three. You get a start on dealing with the tumultuous energy shifts that will occur this year as Venus enters perceptive and empathetic Pisces on Saturday. You'll grow more attuned to the emotions of the people around you and your sympathy level will rise considerably. Of course, you have a very kind heart, but now you'll be able to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. That experience will enhance your understanding of others. You'll experience six Eclipses, and stern Saturn will finally leave the Earth Sign of Virgo later in the year. Saturn has taught you many important life lessons over the past two and a half years, but still you'll be glad to see him pack his bags! Consider making a list of your deepest hopes and dreams for 2009 and sleeping with it under your pillow this week. Absorb it, visualize it and make it all happen!

Your Love Week - Earth Signs:

On Monday there's a feeling that all is well in your personal world. You'll be feeling benevolent and extending goodwill to all who cross your path. The end of the year is a time of mixed emotions. Expectations are high for a bright new year, and yet there's wistfulness about the passage of time. On Wednesday, New Year's Eve, the Moon enters the dreamy sign of Pisces and this evening has a magical and mystical, magic-carpet-ride feel about it. As the witching hour approaches, the energy is supercharged with passion or conflict, and the choice is yours. As the midnight hour on the last night of the old year approaches, your mind is very much on your partner. There's a revelation, and it could be that suddenly the two of you realize how important or unimportant your relationship really is. This decision comes courtesy of Saturn, the architect of destiny, coming to a screaming halt today. On Thursday the onset of 2009 is a time of socializing. Friday, suddenly all the pieces fall into place and you come to grips with the reality of your feelings. An unattached Earth Sign. On Sunday the Moon squares the Sun and it's love behind closed doors that seals the fate of any old or new relationship. You may be conflicted as to whether to sequester yourself with your sweetie or appear in public. The path you choose that evening ends as a longstanding daydream becomes reality. It's a mixed bag of emotions for you but by evening Neptune has done its magic and you have a brand new lease on love for the upcoming year.


Psychically gifted since birth, Elizabeth is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient who interprets dreams and utilizes the Tarot as well as Astrology in readings Named one of the World's Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s first book Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim was released in October 2007, IUniverse Press. Her website — www.new-visions.com is one of the top-rated in her field. Elizabeth has just trained and become a Reconnective Healer. She is located in Doylestown, PA. and Bergen County, New Jersey. For an appointment call 201-934-8986.

Elizabeth Joyce

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