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Healing Addictions Miraculously, Part 3

by R. Barry Chalfin

This is Part 3 of the ‘Healing Addictions Miraculously’ series that began in December’s issue of Wisdom magazine. See http://wisdom-magazine.com/Article. aspx/767/ and http://www.wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/794/ for the full story of how Rhonda Lenair manifests miracles through the eyes of six clients - just a sampling of the thousands of miracles that have occurred in her presence. These include Frank, a 52 year-old banker who tried every method to stop drinking but failed, and reached a point where he decided to just drink himself to death. After seeing Rhonda, he said, "The desire for alcohol and all thoughts of it were instantly removed… no other words than a complete and absolute miracle could describe what happened to me"; and Margaret, a 40 year-old designer who thought that alcohol would be her lifetime battle, but who now says, "It’s just gone – disappeared"; and Brad, a 50 year-old man who had been drinking heavily for 25 years – in fact, close to 30 beers a day – who walked out of Rhonda’s office after less than one hour with absolutely no cravings or desire for alcohol and no withdrawal symptoms. There’s also the story of Kathryn, a 56 year-old office manager whose life-long struggle with alcohol was effortlessly lifted and who is free and sober and now able to navigate through a divorce with an abusive husband. Dan, a 55 year-old electrician, who grew up with alcoholic parents and started drinking at 13 years old, was able to leave a 30 year drinking problem behind him and now boasts of "unbelievable and almost indescribable contentment" over his result. And you’ll also read about Allie, a 49 year-old magazine publisher who had tried everything from AA to drugs to stop her drinking but was only successful when she met herself through Rhonda Lenair.

Rhonda Lenair’s presence creates predictable miracles, and extraordinary events happen frequently and predictably when one is with her. These miracles are not coincidences, but true stories that have occurred over and over again for the past 22 years through her sacred work.

Mary’s Story

Mary is a 45 year-old nurse and artist from Florida. She had a belief in God but had long ago abandoned her Catholic upbringing and going to church. Like so many, she began her drinking career early: at the age of 12 and 13 she and her friends were drinking on weekends and smoking marijuana. That trend continued throughout high school, into college and afterwards.

Mary’s drinking was just part of her life and she became addicted and dependent on having it. Her normal day would consist of a minimum of 6 beers and perhaps a bottle of wine. She always woke up with hangovers and smelled of alcohol at work. She was let go of her last nursing position because of it.

During the past 10 years or so Mary said she was using alcohol to mask her feelings about anything that was bothering her and simply to numb out. Relationships got worse, especially with her spouse who was also a heavy drinker. She understood that her problem was escalating and needed to address it in some fashion. Over the years she felt she had exhausted her options. She attended AA for many years but was never able to stop drinking even while attending meetings. She was only able to stop for a day at a time. She tried counseling, psychiatrists, church groups, and the medications Campral and Tomapax: none of these were effective.

Mary also found a forum of like-minded people on the internet who were using a medication and hypnotherapy to try to quit their drinking habit. Similar to AA this forum did not stop the drinking or the cravings, but she found comfort with the support and camaraderie of others who were struggling to stop drinking. It was on this forum that she learned about the success that Rhonda Lenair had with stopping the cravings of alcohol and other addictions. At this point in her life she was desperate to try anything that would help her.

Feeling and having some unusual level of faith – an inner guidance - that this would be the answer she had been seeking for well over 10 years, Mary scheduled her appointment to see Rhonda Lenair. Even though she was skeptical, hope still prevailed.


After Mary’s very first session with Rhonda, she knew she was on her way to freedom from alcohol. Where every moment of her life had previously been consumed with alcohol or the thought of it, she was now feeling a freedom she had only dreamed of for so long.

Mary’s following sessions with Rhonda were equally powerful. "This was nothing short of a miracle," said Mary. "This has been a totally life-changing experience for me and one I’m most grateful to Rhonda for." For the first time since she can remember Mary is at a peace. She has already been able to secure a new position as a nurse and her creativity in her art work has blossomed. In addition to her alcohol dependence vanishing, Mary also had an eating disorder which was eliminated during her program with Rhonda. "My binging just stopped and that was another miracle I experienced by seeing Rhonda," adds Mary.

Mary still attends AA meetings but not because she has any cravings nor need to follow the 12-step principles, she said it’s just because she has so many friends there from her many years of going to meetings. "Rhonda is a graceful, beautiful, and bright spirit. I could feel and see her aura. As soon as I was with her, I felt at peace," says Mary. "If anyone is struggling with any kind of an addiction, but especially alcoholism, you need to go to Rhonda Lenair. I know you’ll experience your own miracle and life-changing experience with her."

Steve’s Story

Steve is a 43 year-old administrator at a Boston-based biotechnology firm. Unlike many of the clients who have come to The Lenair Healing Center, Steve was a hard-core alcoholic. From the time he was 15 until he was 30, Steve was in trouble and most of that trouble stemmed from his terrible abuse of alcohol. Having abandoned his religion when a youth, he was attracted to western esoteric beliefs but never had the inclination to get more involved or make a commitment to that form of study. In fact, his drinking habits prohibited him from making a commitment to practically anything.

Steve was a ‘black-out drinker’ from the very beginning of his drinking career. In high school, he was discovered passed out cold by the railroad tracks in back of his school and was suspended. His drinking got him in trouble with the law, he was put on probation, and was required to go to outpatient AA meetings. At one point, the courts committed him to a detox center, then a halfway house, and then a ¾ way house: none of it helped him.

Despite his severe and unrelenting problem, he was committed to trying to get help for himself – at least for a while. He decided to try AA and worked the program in earnest. However, during the entire time he attended meetings, his ferocious cravings never ceased and he was miserable every day. He had followed everything he was asked to in the program, but he was continuing to sink further into the depths of alcoholism.

At the point where he’d come to the conclusion that he would just be drinking himself to death, a close friend who had been working at a drug rehab told him about Rhonda Lenair and her powerful program for addictions. In fact, she had on numerous occasions left Rhonda’s program literature around his apartment. Steve thought her program was too good to be true and besides, he hadn’t read any stories about down-and-out drunks who were having knock-down, drag-out fights with the police like him who were being helped there: he also feared what he might have to experience through withdrawals. His friend said she’d pay for his program and he’d only have to pay her back if it worked: at this point, Steve didn’t have a whole lot to lose.


Steve arrived with his friend at Rhonda’s office and was quite skeptical and apprehensive. An intelligent man, he had been trying to figure out just how Rhonda’s program worked and also feared, because he was had such a difficult case of alcoholism, that he might be the one it wouldn’t work for. But that proved not to be the case. "I was the other end of the spectrum of alcoholics," said Steve. "I was a binge drinker who would go for three days straight and used alcohol as speed. But Rhonda changed all that for me," he continues. He was terrified of seizures based on his consumption levels but ended up having no problems.

Today, almost 12 ½ years later, Steve is living his dream, alcohol-free. He travels the world by himself on extended vacations and never forgets to send a postcard from exotic locations to Rhonda, thanking her for saving his life and making his life worth living. He tells how everyone who knew him in his youth is astonished to see him alive: no one would have thought he could live so long at his old drinking pace. Steve also looked forward to paying his friend back for the program fee.

Elaine and Linda’s Stories

Elaine, age 63, and her sister Linda, age 61, are from Austin, Texas. Elaine is an artist and photographer and Linda is a retired administrator in the career placement field. Although close in age, they were not close in drinking habits and their directions and decisions also varied greatly.

Elaine was a casual drinker. She began drinking at age 20 but her drinking was not ever considered even a habit until she was 45 when it began to become a problem. Her drinking at that age was starting to escalate because of stress and that one daily drink grew from one to two to three. She frequently awoke with hangovers and more and more was finding that as 5 o’clock rolled around she needed the reinforcement of that drink. Fortunately for her, it never got really out-of-hand: she never drove drunk or got into embarrassing or compromising situations. She didn’t consider herself an alcoholic and never went for treatment, but nevertheless felt she needed help and wasn’t able to stop on her own.

Her sister Linda’s story was quite different. Linda began drinking at age 17 and a slight-built woman, she really couldn’t ‘hold her liquor’. After two glasses of wine she was tipsy: after four, she was in a stupor – and that’s where she often was. Alcohol was her nemesis and she couldn’t control it. Over the years she had two DUIs, and many accidents, two in which she went through the windshield of her car. One of them was a head-on crash and she was in the hospital for almost a week with her face sewn up. Still, she drank. Linda went to 3 rehab centers and also tried counseling and AA, but nothing was quelling her drinking desires and cravings. She thought this condition would be her life story and thoughts of suicide crept into her head.

Elaine and Linda

In September of 2001 there was an article in Elle magazine about Rhonda Lenair’s program and how one woman was successfully helped with her alcohol problem. Elaine just happened upon that article and shared it with her sister: bravely, after 9-11, they both boarded a plane and headed for Rhonda’s healing center.

"The evening after our sessions we both went out for dinner at a busy downtown restaurant and everyone was drinking," said Elaine, "yet neither of us craved any alcohol. It was really strange," she added. Things improved even more after their next sessions and they headed back to Texas with a significant burden lifted from their lives.

"It’s now been over 7 years and neither of us have had any desires or cravings for alcohol, even with the difficult times that both of us have faced," said Elaine. Their difficult times have included the death of a parent and the sudden death of Elaine’s grandson within a short period of time. Regardless of how depressed or down in the dumps they were, alcohol was not an option for either of them. Elaine also had her two daughters visit Rhonda: one successfully for alcohol and smoking, and the other for dealing with the aftermath of losing her son to SIDS. According to Linda, "I was a hopeless case and everyone had given up on me. I thank you, Rhonda, for giving me back my life! If you ever need a testimonial, I am the one. I am your miracle!"

Since 1987 Rhonda Lenair has been manifesting miracles of all kinds for a variety of addictions, stress-related and physical issues. From devout worshipers to atheists, from believers to skeptics, and from people from all walks of life, there is no discrimination of who addiction strikes or so great a problem that is exempt from being healed by a miracle.

How the Miracle Occurs

In this three-part series of miraculous healings from addictions, you’ve read nine stories about people who were released from their struggles with alcohol cravings and abuse. There are thousands more people who walk with their own miraculous stories and who have been freed from the grips of alcohol and many other self-sabotaging issues. Regardless of the problem, all who come to The Lenair Healing Center for help meet, and are actually healed by what is known as their own "Self(s) truth", or the higher, enlightened aspect of the individual. Rhonda, recently renamed "(Rhonda)/Self(s)" in her honoring of the process, facilitates healing by actually ‘being’ the person, not just "seeing" them. (Rhonda)/Self(s) becomes the embodiment of each Self(s) enlightenment, enabling people to meet their light – purpose and power In essence, she becomes their spoken truth reflected as they are … and Self(s) healed.

The Lenair Healing Center is now offering Self(s) Intensives for private students, as well as group Self(s) teachings. Call Barry for further information about these programs and the Self(s) Movement.

R. Barry Chalfin is Program Director at The Lenair Healing Center. Since 1993 he was personally witnessed thousands of healings through Rhonda’s remarkable ability. For further information visit www.lenair.com or call 888-412-8392 for a free 48-page brochure about Rhonda’s work, as well as information about Rhonda’s travel and teaching schedule.

Watch for An Interview with Rhonda Lenair in the April issue of Wisdom!






R. Barry Chalfin

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