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Awakening the Divine Soul - Finding Your Life Purpose

by Rosanna Ienco


Everything is silent, your life is at a standstill.

Clarity enters, your sight becomes brighter.

You are wiser, the lesson has been comprehended.

I could hear the pounding of the drum. As my heart began to race the beat grew louder. I found myself traveling rapidly through a long dark tunnel. Filled with curiosity and anticipation, I drifted forward, weightless to what seemed to be the lower world. I knew of this place from the descriptions I had heard and read about. I moved quickly through the passage, the opening of a powerful tree growing in the woodland. I named this tree my Grandmother Tree and I called her this because she is old and strong. I started to giggle, I felt like an innocent girl playing freely in the green hills, amongst beautiful flowers with the soft wind blowing through my hair. The experience was beginning to remind me of when I was given laughing gas during childhood visits to the dentist.

The giddiness ebbed. The strange darkness of the passage had brought me to my destination—or so I thought. I heard the familiar sound of running water, which was very soothing and calming for me—I started to feel much more relaxed. I could hear the sweet melodies of birds singing and my fear began to evaporate. I had embarked on a journey and awakened part of my soul.

I came across a small pond and felt compelled to jump into the still clear water. I found myself swimming underneath, leaving the air and sunlight behind me. I felt as though I was going between worlds, the lower and the middle. As I came up to the surface, I was jolted backwards, discovering it was solid ice. I could not break through. I swam until, suddenly, I was met by a polar bear that had pierced the frozen barrier with the strength of his paw. I gently broke through the splintered ice and as my head popped up, I saw a new landscape. This was a snowy white plateau surrounded by mountains, it was very cold but, curiously, this did not bother me. I looked up and I could see a brightly lit sky with hundreds of stars shining down on the spectacular scenery.

I pulled myself out of the water and was immediately met by an Inuit man. He had chocolate-brown eyes, short black hair, chiseled cheekbones and a wispy moustache. I guessed he was around forty years old and carried a great strength with him. He stood tall and I knew instinctively that not even the greatest wind force could knock him down. We looked into each other’s eyes and he smiled warmly at me. There was something very familiar about this man, as if I had known him all my life. For the first time, I had met a spirit guide. In the distance I could hear Arctic wolves howling. These mysterious sounds made me feel comfortable and welcomed by this beautifully barren landscape. In a strange way it felt like home. My eyes started to fill with tears, as I felt that something very special was about to happen. My new teacher kindly reached out his hand to gently take mine and led me inside an igloo. It was pleasantly small and cozy.

Seated around the shimmering white walls a council of elders waited to greet us. Standing up as we entered, the two men and two women gazed affectionately at me, a wordless welcome in their eyes. Their faces were old and leathered?each line representing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they had gained throughout their many years. An overwhelming feeling of love and strength washed over me—I felt safe. We all sat down and formed a circle. To show my respect, I averted my eyes and looked down at the snowy ground.

‘Do you know who we are?’ asked one of the women.

‘No,’ I replied, softly.

‘Do you remember when you were a young girl and you loved to make angels in the snow? Do you remember when you looked up to the sky?there was always a star, brightly shining down on you? That was us, we are your guardians.’

Tears filled my eyes and warm trickles of salty moisture rolled silently down my cheeks. Gratitude for their love fuelled my tears and the igloo was filled with warmth and love. One of the female elders placed a basket into her lap and took out a small silver fish. She passed it to me, indicating I should eat it. It was very salty and tasted very similar to mackerel. After I had my share I passed it to the woman who sat to my left. She had such an aura to her, mystical, that of a raven, so clever and powerful. This woman held the key to the gateway of the unknown. She ate a sliver of the fish and then passed it on.

After we all had eaten, I was handed a bundle wrapped in a colorful blanket. As I unwrapped the blanket, I had to catch my breath. Within was a fragile being, the most wondrous sight I had ever placed my eyes upon. It was a tiny baby boy! His eyes were sharp like a razor, his essence as peaceful as the pristine snow. As I held him there was an inner knowledge and bond between us that resonated deep in my heart. It was as if he was a part of me. I held this precious child so very close and was overwhelmed by joy. Tears, once more, began to roll down my face and that was the very moment when a storm of emotion came over me. I shuddered with excitement.

I felt a little confused as to the significance of this infant. Why had she presented me with this wonderful gift? The answer to this would be revealed to me later on in my life, but right there and then, I could only wonder in a warm silence. I continued to cuddle him, bringing his delicate body even closer, carefully embracing him with tremendous love?the kind of love that only a mother would feel for her own child. I was filled with awe as I observed him for a short while before placing him safely back into the arms of his guardian.

I was led back outside by the elders and taken to a small frozen lake. They guided and supported me across the slippery surface, as I made my way down through a hole in the ice that led to a fast flowing river. I slid into the water. As I dove down, I could see the lower world once again. I was surrounded by luscious green hills.

The calling of the drum signaled that it was time to leave this exciting new experience and safely return to reality…

Rosanna Ienco is the author of Awakening the Divine Soul – Finding your Life Purpose published by O Books. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Soul Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Consultant. She currently resides on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

You can contact her by email: rosanna@wolvesdenhealing.com

To learn more about Rosanna and her work visit her websites: www.rosannaienco.com www.wolvesdenhealing.com www.divinesoulawakenings.com www.fairytalesandcrystalmagic.com

To purchase a copy of Awakening the Divine Soul – Finding Your Life Purpose please visit www.Amazon.com

Rosanna Ienco

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