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Excerpt from "The Current Is Only But A Moment"

From the Introduction and Love Finds a Way and It Starts with Us

by Pamela Aloia

This book is intended to provide inspiration and insight through the presence of nature. The photographs have been taken in various areas within the United States, yet it is apparent that nature right outside our front door, side window, or on a drive can be perfectly rejuvenating and inspiring. By merging ourselves with nature, we can find the spirit of the moment, regardless of what is going on around us. Using nature to bring us back to center, especially when we are not near nature, can be extraordinarily healing.

Inspiration can arise from ordinary things we may see throughout the day if we give it the proper focus. All we need to do is stop, look, breathe, and listen. We can grow more deeply if we bless ourselves with time to notice what triggers us, what soothes us, and everything in between. In doing so, we can seek the spiritual in each and every moment, so we can live our truth and fill the potential of who we are individually, and then, in time, collectively.

Love Always Finds its Way

Even in the most surprising and trying of circumstances, love perseveres. Love is found in nature when all odds seem against it. Plants take hold in seemingly unnurturing conditions: lack of sunlight, minimal water, extreme temperature; their self-love enabling them to find a way to grow. Animals of differing species have been known to adopt, care for, or befriend each other. Nature, like love, finds a way.

Love is always flowing, even through the muck of the world – the disappointments, the challenges, the disrespect, the violence, the apathy, and more. Yet, love finds a way to shine through. When we feel unworthy or inadequate, helpless, hopeless, unforgiven, or unforgiving, sooner or later, love finds a way. Maybe someone does a good deed for us or sends a kind word or glance our way, opening the door to us seeing and feeling love, or we come to find love within ourselves and carry on. A little bit of love makes a big difference.

When chaos seems to prevail, know that there is love behind the chaos, behind the confusion, and behind the clouds. Love is the silver lining. Love always finds a way. Love exists in all of us. Love is our essence, our soul core. Love is constantly flowing within us, even if we have trained ourselves to ignore it. Love can only be buried for so long until it finds its way to the surface, shining that ever-abiding light.


I am open to receiving, recognizing, and sharing Love.

It Starts with Us

Nature is a lovely reminder that we are part of Mother Earth’s beauty, interwoven as a full unit – the planet, her living creatures all sharing the same atmosphere, all connected with her seen and unseen beauty, just as we are connected to all of humanity’s seen and unseen beauty. As we continue to amplify our relationship with nature, perhaps we can do similarly with each other by proliferating kindness, respect, openness, and grace, thereby eventually garnering peace on earth, and beyond.

For more info or to purchase the book:

The Current is Only but a Moment: As I stand at the water's edge: Aloia, Pamela M: 9798728007098: Amazon.com: Books

Pamela Aloia is an energy practitioner and author who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing. She offers insight for people to enhance life experiences using practical and heartful aspects. In addition to various articles, Pamela has written several titles including The Daily Cloak, 52 Pick Me Up, andNurturing Healthy Change. She has appeared on notable talk shows including Out of the Fog and Coast to Coastwith George Noory and is available for individual sessions to provide objectivity, support, and accountability while helping uncover one’s true potential. Pamela is available for on site or remote workshops, consultations, and interviews. For more information visit pamelaaloia.com.

The Current is Only but a Moment can be purchased via https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HFXX1BK or visiting my website at www.pamelaaloia.com/books.html

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