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The Road to Contentment

by Linda Cucurullo

Simplicity is one of the major roads to contentment. Are you ready to address internal clutter and material possessions? Can you live without your I-pod, cell phone, and microwave? You may think, “Why would I want to?” They sometimes make life easier, yes, but they also contribute to avoiding ourselves and missing out on the wonders and the people around us. You could be missing the love of your life while you are absorbed on the phone. Sitting here at my computer writing this I almost missed the most gorgeous sunrise outside my window. I just happened to look up for a moment and the sight of it stopped me in my tracks. I watched the show in the sky and was filled by the magic.

Keeping our life as simple as possible leads to a calm and contented spirit. Learning the art of simplification puts ease and flow into our life. We are able to find our own rhythm rather then respond to the system of the world. In a multi-tasking society we are never fully present to the task at hand. There is no peace in that. There is no quality, creativity or joy in a life that is overburdened and scattered. The vision of a chronic multi-tasker we can conjure up is a person driving; ear phone strapped on, cup of coffee and muffin in the holder, radio on, waiting for a light so they can jot a thought down while sliding in a CD, looking at their GPS. This is a scary sight and one filled with danger. Come on now, all of us are guilty of this on some level. Most accidents in life happen due to us not being fully present in the moment. You surely can not be your best at anything while you are that scattered.

Once I spent ten days on a sailboat, sailing the Great South Bay of Long Island. We had only a saucepan and frying pan as cooking tools. There was no cell phone, TV or computer. I spent long amounts of time totally in awe watching an Egret stand motionless in the reeds of the wetlands. I was part of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. After that trip I realized how much I could do without... I came back feeling better then ever in all ways. I was glowing with the health of the outdoors, no stress and a peaceful mind, I was simply beautiful. I have been a lot of fancy places in my life, they were nice, however, this was one of my fondest memories.

If you want to simplify your life you have to do some emotional housekeeping as well. Let go of baggage like old resentments, grudges and festering anger. These are internal poisons that cripple your spirit and contribute to mental and physical disease. These at the very least hold you back and block your way to the full enjoyment of yourself, your present life and your future.

If you’re always mired in the past you can not enjoy the now and certainly there is no room for a fabulous future. I heard someone say recently that anything she ever let go of had claw marks on it. How familiar does that sound? If you are holding on that tight, nothing else can come in. Yesterday, I found my self distressed over what some one said to me. Three and half hours later I was still thinking about these casual remarks that meant nothing. I was lost for awhile. When I came to and realized what I was doing, I stopped, and went on enjoying my day.

Let go of drama. Letting people make their own decisions and run their own lives is an important step in maintaining your peace. You know how we can get caught up in our friend’s marriage, the behavior of our family members and so many other things that take you away from the joy of each moment. Imagine the time and space you would free up with this move. If you are a drama junkie, as I was, you will feel a loss for awhile. Believe me, once you do this you will never go back to that again.

If you want to be more beautiful, attractive effective, content and joyful.....Simplify!

Some exercises that will help you simplify your life are…..

1. Take a look around your house, car and office and ask what material possessions can I let go of today? If it makes you uncomfortable to give them away right now, pack them up and put them in the basement or garage for awhile. After just one week you will have forgotten them. That is when you give them away.

2. Spend a weekend with no TV, computer or cell phone. (Uncomfortable for awhile, but so worth it)

3. Write down everything and everyone you resent and work on letting go of each item. After you write them down and work on them a little bit you could have a ritual of letting go of them. Take your stash of hurts out in the yard and set fire to them or bury them somewhere. Have a little funeral for them and say goodbye forever. It really works and it feels great.

I have done all of these things and they have been interesting experiments. I found out a lot about myself. I got to know the real me, the good, the bad and the ugly and I found joy, peace serenity, and that I really liked myself a lot.

Having fun things and equipment that make life easier is great, however whenever you begin to hang on to them for dear life, that is where the trouble and detachment from self begins. If you are too busy and distracted by the accumulation of worldly encumbrances you will not be able to connect to your true self. Buy the stuff, have some fun and be able to give it away. Let it pass through you. Be in the Divine flow. Don’t get attached and put your worth and happiness on your possessions. Be able to enjoy and let go.

Linda Cucurullo is a Spiritual friend. She incorporates yoga therapy, energy healing, dreamwork and Spiritual direction. With over forty years experience in the healing arts she is an expert in helping you move through the blocks that lead to healthy happy life. She can be reached at 516 483 4453, lcucuril@optonline.net or www.journeyinward.com
Linda Cucurullo

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