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Mercury Retrograde - Expect the Unexpected

by Mark Dodich

It’s that time of year again… Mercury retrograde time, that is. Many people let out a big sigh when this communications breakdown cycle arrives. They know that schedules instantaneously change, cars need repairs, and computers show their less fun side. Instead of putting my normally positive spin onto this mental meltdown cycle, let’s get directly to the harsh reality.

If you are living in a wishful thinking Pollyanna state, then this May 6-30 is going to burst illusions and bring hidden wounds to the surface. Of course it is good to heal old hurts and gain clarity of insight, but who wants to stop their busy life to deal with old behavior patterns?

Intellectual Mercury moves backwards in the quick sign of Gemini then retrogrades into Taurus by mid-May. Be careful not to rush yourself during May because there is a challenging combination of impatience and stubbornness to trip up your progress.

It is time to rethink how you are spending your time and money during this cycle. Is it time to purchase durable goods or stop putting off needed repairs? This would be a good time to take or teach a class that will enhance your prosperity. You can plan future travels, but don’t carve your plans into stone until late May or June.

There is more to this Mercury retrograde cycle than the normal conversations about reviewing, revising, and redoing. I like to call the energy a movie preview. When you go to the movies, you see a preview of coming attractions. Then, you decide if you want to go see the previewed movie when it comes out and begin to save your nickels so you can attend.

The movie preview beginning this May/June is the alignment of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, all in revolutionary Aquarius. Because this alignment hasn’t occurred in at least a couple thousand years, it is difficult to predict the effects. But Aquarius does represent unexpected events, so expect the unexpected.

The preview part of this alignment is that these three planets tease us with exciting portents of things to come, then back off until later this year when they return with blockbuster presentation. In other words, you get a taste now, and then have to clean up old business before new projects hit the world this autumn.

Neptune holds a higher spiritual vision. It helps you burst through illusions to get enlightened. Neptune requires that you go beyond the veils of this material world to return with insight into the still nebulous future. Create time to sneak away from your humdrum world, even if just for a quick vision quest to a dreamy place.

Chiron, the wounded healer, was caught between worlds. He was half-horse and half-human, fitting into both and neither worlds. Chiron helps you take half-steps to relieve where you are suffering and achieve your goal. Holding an all or nothing mentality will not serve you this year.

The third planet in the Aquarius alignment is expansive Jupiter. The god of thunder does want it all. Combine this with Chiron who is caught between all and nothing, and Neptune floating through the fog of not knowing what it wants until it finally pops into a brilliant space of absolute clarity. As you can imagine, the alignment of these three different energies requires creative juggling.

The key is to allow the conflicting energies to play with each other to find a harmonious way to work together. Avoid forcing issues; instead, allow them to unfold more or less gracefully. Aquarius is an inventive sign, so old paradigms must pass away to allow innovative methods to take hold. Have compassion for people in the world who cling desperately to old paradigms of thinking.

May 16-24 are particularly challenging dates for this shifting energy. Practice patience and flexibility during this time. Restrictive Saturn is ending its annoying retrograde cycle that started in late December 2008. Tend to any clean up, simplification, and organization that you have not gotten to, because everything is going to shift come Halloween.

Although it may seem heavy to hear about all of these conflicting challenges, take comfort in knowing that the Universe is preparing to open a whole new set of possibilities for you to play with. If you enjoy the anticipation of unwrapping presents, then you are in for a treat.

For those who do not like the thrill of the unknown, take comfort in knowing that June will be much easier than May. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are building wonderful sharing energy during both May and June, with an exact alignment arriving for Father’s Day.

To integrate the message for May and June, first know that they are not especially integrated… sorry! Take care of yourself, clean up old business, and open your mind to unlimited autumn possibilities during May. By June, you are ready to meet new people, talk about innovative new ideas, and improve all types of relationships.

July brings emotional eclipses, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Check back for details.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include Natal Astrology, Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology. Receive his free ASTROMARK newsletter through www.astromark.us, or call 503-252-1558

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