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Psychic Insights & Messages for May 2009

by Elissa Heyman

Swine Flu: The headlines are scary, but the tarot is not making the big deal of the swine flu. It doesn’t look like thousands of people are going to be wiped out.

Will There Be A Trial?: The talk is heating up about prosecuting U.S. administration officials for torture. It’s beginning to look like the messages I’ve posted since 2005 about some trial could be this…there were a lot of them, and they came in with the news of the appointment of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who seemed to be aiming at the White House when he went after Libby.
The pychic scenario that came up more than once was: a big trial makes the American public feel like justice is served, that Obama, wanting to be creative, is frustrated in having to deal with the rotting corpses from the past that take up a lot of space, and whatever these trials are, what follows is an economic contraction, i.e. hard times.
At the moment, I’m more aware of the positive upswing to the collective energy and mood. However, if there’s a trial that makes Americans feel relieved about America, I wonder if it’s followed by an economic contraction. If there’s no trial, then perhaps the market rally and optimism would gather strength.

Earth Day Messages, April 22, 2009: (receiving this message made me a stronger believer in the power of the collective consciousness to impress, to be a force, because truthfully, I didn't know it was Earth Day--it was like, Wednesday to me--until I looked it up the date later in Jim Maynard's Astrological calendar.

In the morning I walked outside into the atmospherically warmest and happiest Spring air yet, and in it was a very joyous energy, and the collective thought-form “Green green and glorious planet earth…what can I do for you?” As if a million people were paying attention to planet earth-- as if Earth were alive, and wanting our attention and heartfelt sentiments. We're changing, and the earth is receiving our blessings.
The U.S.A. and Beyond: Hate groups in the mid-West continue to strengthen; crime networks in the East Coast are under some strong pressure to leave the area; territory/land is lost in the south around the Mississippi; a city like Chicago (inland, middle U.S.) becomes a more powerful, thriving metropolis; a Canadian city like Ontario, Quebec, also grows. A defining moment in the West…something happens that makes a difference to, has an impact on half of California. Southern states get colder.

A lot of volcanoes in the southern latitudes.

An important development with alternative energy is ongoing and has the power to change things profoundly.

Later, there was the sense that 2011 was the glimmerings of very balmy weather, collective-consciously speaking, and blue skies.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and around the world via telephone. In-person or telephone sessions are available Monday-Saturday. Please visit Elissa’s website at www.elissaheyman.com for more information. To contact directly, please call 505-982-3294 or email at elissaheyman@earthlink.net. A full-time professional since 1979, her mission is to provide a helpful and healing service through consultations, her blog and monthly newsletters, and Intuition Circles.

Elissa Heyman

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