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Soul Connection: Hitting Bottom

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

What’s scarier...to hit bottom or not hit bottom? We’re usually afraid to hit bottom. We cling on to the walls of our descent hoping to stop our fall before having to bear the full impact of the wreckage. But wouldn’t it be a relief to finally hit rock bottom and end what plagues us? What does it take to finally land on the lowermost ground?

Lately it seems like the whole world is hitting bottom—reaching the end of a long destructive path culminating in a monstrous chaotic mess. We’re struggling to keep the bottom from falling out in all areas of our lives. Although we know that the old way of being is no longer serving us, we fear that our civilization will terminate at the bottom instead of recognizing this opportunity to begin afresh with innovative fertile energy to create the New World Order.

Our souls yearn to finally reach the nadir of our entrenchment in a collective consciousness based in fear, narcissism, scarcity and separation. We all know the jig is up. Thankfully, at long last, we’re the hitting the bottom of a very limited pathway that has blinded humankind to its own divinity. We have a choice to react with foreboding or optimism.

Individually we’re magnetized to hit bottom in any area where the soul is blocked by its attachment to obsolete patterns. What parts of your psyche still need to hit bottom? Many of us are hitting bottom in several areas simultaneously at a catastrophic pitch that feels like our lives are a train wreck! No one wants the bottom of their reality to fall out. Terrified, we project false beliefs that paint horrible pictures of an annihilating calamity that awaits us at the bottom.

Paradoxically, it’s just as frightening to face the degree of unhappiness we force ourselves to endure to avoid hitting bottom. Many of us have a huge capacity to bear excessive suffering before finally relinquishing our grasp and letting a destructive pattern fall to its death. Society teaches us to be stoic and pride ourselves on the notion that "we can take it." Is that such a good idea in these times of disintegration and massive change?

I often wonder what it takes to halt my craziness. Inordinate tenacity is frightening because an unbending mind clings to beliefs that entrap us in a Prison of Certainty—tormenting the soul for years. Alcoholics and drug addicts hit bottom to become sober. How much agony must we endure before taking responsibility for ourselves by transforming false beliefs? Perhaps the extent of time needed to finally hit bottom reflects an unworthiness/lack of self-love that has convinced us to accept less in life.

How far down is bottom? Bottom is when we’ve been hit by a Cosmic Zen Stick and suddenly wake up to whatever illusion has possessed us. Finally, after forever struggling to uphold our miserable perceptions, we see beyond all self-judgment.

But we associate hitting bottom with failure—when everything is destroyed, we can no longer hold it together, be in control, manage our reality, make sense of things. We lie in a heap at the bottom—helpless, overwhelmed—and yet strangely relieved it’s over. There’s no where to go from here but up. Finally our consciousness can expand and elevate to new vistas of awareness. Hitting bottom brings a soft surrender that makes rebirth possible.

How does the psyche finally know when enough is enough? Often the Universe seems to intervene with its own version of "bottom." Today’s heightened evolutionary pace is propelling us to hit bottom in all areas of self-negation, however subtle, by generating storms of excruciatingly raw situations. Perhaps the dark night of the soul signals our final descent to the lowermost level of our disadvantageous paradigm.

Usually the ego resists bottom for dear life. Propelled by undercurrents of chronic past life patterns, it senses that hitting bottom is somehow orchestrated by a greater Force overseeing the ego’s limited purview. The ego, burdened with a need to play out false beliefs, eventually runs out of options to placate the spirit and unwittingly generates its own free fall from illusion. Utterly helpless, it surrenders prideful knowing. At long last, rigid constructs of the psyche—fortresses of distortion—are shattered like glass hitting cement. Although initially blasted and shocked, we slowly come to our senses and ask ourselves why this inevitable demise took so long. Cheered on by the Higher Self, we resolve to be less resistant to change and more willing to relinquish stubborn areas in the soul that attempt to override the Divine Plan by hindering the emerging consciousness.

How can we hit bottom without needless suffering? It helps to remember that we have a choice to hit bottom sooner rather than hang on to the bitter end. This teaches mastery of death as we learn to gracefully and expediently exit the carcasses of obsolete patterns. We don’t need to undergo the very worst of the bottom. As our wisdom amplifies and broadens, insight into lessons is gained long before we need to be clobbered over the head. It helps to explore the nature of our attachment, why we’re running the same patterns and what are the negative thoughts fueled by emotional pain.

Powerful Cosmic Vibrations are quickening our ability to lucidly self-examine and register maxed-out stuck places in the soul. History warns us that hitting bottom is a long process that can eat up an entire lifetime. But the new consciousness is showering us with a Light that vividly illuminates all obstructions. Also, we’re just plain tired of the seeming endless repetitions of misery. Worn out from struggling against hitting bottom, psyches can no longer sustain our illusionary-based house of cards with coping mechanisms—addictions, numbness, bullheadedness, denial, victimhood. False myths that supported old ways are disintegrating. The psyche simply lets go and faces the full impact of all denial.

Hitting bottom frees us from destructive willfulness. To collaborate with the Divine Plan, we can consciously create the breaking point by releasing attachments, loosening our grip of knowing and swan diving into an emptiness that gives way to sweet serenity. This amazing opportunity begins our rebirth.

Since everyone is hitting bottom, we might as well enjoy the ride! This marks a new beginning—the chance to start all over again from a widened vantage point. Yes, we may need to grieve the wreckage at the bottom. But let’s not dally there too long in nostalgic rememberings. Everything pulverized was ultimately a blanket of suffocation. Now we can breathe freely with the Divine Plan and discover choices we never knew existed. On the other side of bottom resides Bliss.

The Tibetan smiles in acknowledgment of the ecstasy materializing for all. He teaches:

"Currently, accelerated frequencies are pushing everyone to their brink. This is a great blessing. Although it seems that the Universe is abandoning humankind to its own demise, the increased vibratory rate is exactly the Cosmic Intervention needed to push humanity over the edge and thereby slay all blockages to the soul’s evolution. Most people assume that hitting bottom is a fall from Grace and that Source is displeased. But actually the fall of any empire, even empires of the soul, is the beginning of a Renaissance—especially in one’s deep inner world where the soul aches to burst forth anew. A fall to the bottom of an outmoded way of being is a sure sign that the soul is ready to experience a new level of faith, an original approach to life, a fresh perspective on the Divine Plan and remarkable creative energies for the manifestation of self’s dreams.

"The Universe has created a ‘floor’ to all downward trajectories. This allows the soul to eventually meet the end point of any irrelevant long-standing belief system, now stripped of the adhesive needed to hold its place in the psyche. The harder the students may try to hang on, the more they give energy to the ultimate disintegration of those beliefs. When self finally lands on the bottom floor of the pattern there is a great appreciation that Source provided a stoppage point to the folly of the unconscious. This discontinuation protects the soul from the uncalled-for distress that would occur if the students, left to their own devices, continued clinging to old patterns for eternity in an attempt to forestall the ensuing change that comes from the demise of the old self. This pre-designated end point gives humankind the free will to explore patterns within a container that safeguards the soul from annihilating extremes. This is a gift of love.

"Allow gratitude to foster the courage to take a dive off the high board. Discover that self is actually enhanced as a result. The Masters sail to the ‘bottom’ with humankind, ready to catch each soul and soften the impact. See this wondrous time as a final letting go. Pick self up, brush off any remaining karmic debris and observe with enhanced vision the expanded horizon that now displays itself. Everyone joyfully finds out that this supposed plunge to the bottom is nothing more than a dimensional Gateway that opens and allows humankind to invent the Way into a spiritual earthly world flooded with Light, Love and Sound."


Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines tools of depth astrology and dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s soul perspective. Moriah has a penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. She specializes in phone sessions for individuals and couples. Moriah also offers group seminar intensives through her educational center, The School of the Golden Discs, in Colrain, MA. She is author of Earth School (a compilation of 68 articles from her Wisdom column) and Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-624-9606, moriah@transformationaltimes.com .  Visit her web site: www.transformationaltimes.com.

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