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Cycles of Integrity

by Denise Mattoo

Most people believe we are helpless victims of planetary influences daily and according to our zodiac sign. Quite the contrary is true. We are born under a certain zodiac sign, Sun, Moon, and Rising, because of our karma, dharma and individual purpose. The timing of our conception to birth is based on these factors; our choice of parents is based on these factors; some of us get to choose our parents, sometimes they are chosen for us with the best interest of the soul in mind. The planetary influences help to amplify that which is already within us. We are the main stars of our destiny, not the planets. The planets are there to bring forth, at certain cycles, specific qualities, those we have mastered and those we are yet to master, depending on how they are represented within us.

There are many cycles working together in our lives that help us to deal with our issues. There is the karmic cycle known as the "Cosmic Clock". There is the "Cycle of Sevens", there is the "Fourteen Stations of the Cross" that we walk every month along with our karmic cycles. When we have perfected our knowledge of self we evolve to the level of the Buddhic cycle of "Ten Perfections". There is also the "Mayan Cycle" of creation that is comparable to our individual cycle from conception to maturity. All these cycles come from the one source of truth. They are all different explanations of the same. I have integrated all of these cycles and have come to understand the importance of every individual and the human race as a whole. At the point of everyone’s conception and birth much communication, corporation, and configuration, goes on for the birth of every soul. Each individual is as important as every planet. These planets are our brothers and sisters who have reached to their present level of evolution to which we are aspiring.

There is a master assigned to each planet and to each zodiac sign to personally impart specific qualities, by the step down process, so as to make sure the individual receives only the level and portion of qualities they can handle. As we know many who are born at the same time are of different personality and levels of evolution. The planets and masters come together at the point of each individual’s birth to help by offering their energy so as to assist us in becoming as grand and powerful as they are. The intelligence, wisdom, love, power, precision, harmony, and corporation that go into this process are awe inspiring to say the least. It is quite humbling to realize how much goes into the birth of one soul, and how many souls are being born at the same time on the planet. For each individual there is a different degree of energy that has to be present to maintain the uniqueness of that soul. To think how our individuality is so ignored in this society in which we live is enough to make those who have tapped into the realization of this process, do what we must to help each soul to realize their individuality, purpose, karma, and dharma. As the creation of this planet and the life thereon is a process that, according to the Mayan calendar, reaches its culmination in 2012, so is the creation of each and every one of us. This point is the point of integration. We are already experiencing this consciousness of integrity as many are going beyond the boundaries of religion, culture and race, and are creating a bond of humanity.

We see it, as more and more people are seeking spirituality as opposed to a specific religion, we see many western-ers accepting eastern philosophies and practices.

The steps or cycles of this process are not negative but necessary for the earth to reach its full potential; so to for the soul of each one of us. The word "negative" has gotten a bad rap. Because the female has had this word associated with her she has been made to bear the burden of the erroneous association of this energy. The current of a battery comes from the negative pole of the battery. The blackest of substance known as carbon when pressed to its ultimate becomes a diamond, the most sparkling of all gems. In the spectrum of color we find, on the etheric level, the different vibrations of energy seen as colors in the rainbow. These colors are manifested on the physical level in our earth as gemstones. Those very same colors and gemstones are placed within our physical bodies and are called chakras. We also have in our etheric bodies, our own individual rainbow which some can see as the aura. Each planet vibrates to a certain gemstone, which in turn vibrate to a certain chakra. We see a step down process on all levels and we see all levels operating according to the same cosmic law. What is true for the macrocosm is true for the microcosm. We see the crown chakra as the father and the base chakra as the mother and all the chakras are as the children. We see the Sun as father, the Moon as mother and the planets of our solar system as their off spring. When we have come to realize the necessity and presence of both male and female within each and every one of us, we will come to that point of balance and harmony within our selves and our world, we will come to understand our selves as a whole person and see every quality of who we are, and what we have experienced in our lives, as a necessary part of the evolution of our individuality in becoming that shinning star, that master, that planet, we were created to be. We all have within us the potential to be powerful but we must understand our benevolence first, by getting rid of the erroneous concepts we have accepted as true, that has manifested itself in each level of our being as an "energy-veil" known more commonly as "evil", which clouds our inner vision to self. On the etheric level this distortion is seen as fanaticism, on the mental level we see it as mental disorders and insanity, on the emotional level we see it as depression, and on the physical level we see it as dis-eases.

We must in turn use what we have uncovered as our true selves, for the good of our fellow man, selflessly, humbly, centered only in brotherly love and compassion as our brothers and sister planets are doing for us.

I have always said that the creator has a fool proof plan. The more I study on this subject matter the more I realize this to be true. It is time for all to realize the truth about ourselves and the universe in which we live. We are rapidly moving towards the cycle of integrity. Let us all get there victoriously.

Denise Mattoo is available for counseling sessions. See her ad on page 20 of this issue. For more information on or to arrange a counseling session with Denise you can contact her by phone at 646-327-1368.

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