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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Hi Rochelle-

I was wondering if you might answer a question or two for me.

My parents are both deceased. Recently, I have been having many vivid dreams about my father. However, in my dreams it seems I seek him out but can never quite make contact with him. It is just a dream, but still frustrating as there was so much unresolved between us. I wonder if there is some message he is trying to convey, and I’m just not able to understand. I never got to know him too well in this life, and just want to feel that connection with him if possible. What can I do to become more receptive? Many changes are evolving in my life right now and I would like to know if there are any spirit energies around me that can give me that support I need right now and that I can connect with.

Thanks for your time, and for any thoughts.

Best regards,


Dear Ron:

Thank you for sharing and yes, I do think you can make a connection. The guides state:

You are correct to pay attention to your dreams. Your father is coming through and your mother will someday soon as well. You are aware that he has certain regrets (abandonment is the energy) in how he related to you. He now wishes to have reconciliation with you but you must understand and know (we suggest) that you come to terms with a greater understanding: his regrets stem from his being on our side. He was not able to see and understand his withdrawn, detached behavior on your side as problematic. He did not care for you in a proper manner because of his unresolved issue with (alcohol is the energy than father energy coming in which could indicate he had alcoholic father). His own father was quite abusive and obstructed a hones relationship with him (got lying as an energy). Your father therefore, was not able to form a honest relationship with you and continually told you parts of truths rather than the totality of the truth itself. Your father now sees that he obstructed himself from great love. He regrets his decision. He comes through to let you he is healing. He wants to heal his relationship with you.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

After more than 20 years as a single mom, I now find myself an empty-nester. I am enjoying the "me time" and now that I have more freedom, I am ready for more from life. I feel like there's so much more that I can offer, but I can't seem to get myself out of the rut. I want to find both love and job fulfillment, but with each attempt, I hit a brick wall. Do your Guides have any advice on how I can reach my potential in both arenas?

Thank you,


Dear JMH:

Thank you for coming to us. This is an important question, a situation many woman experience. Here is what the guides say:

You are correct to know and understand that meditation is key here. Your being has disregarded your interests for many years. You are correct to delve into your interests. (Writing is the energy.) You are correct to regain interest in and within novel. Your being does have aptitude for explaining mysteries and solving mysteries. Why not make your interest a vocation rather than hobby? You have ability to be able to become successful in this arena. We suggest you join writing group (a nurturing group) and think of a plan to regain (restart is the energy) your novel. Think also what you want to do can be completed. Your stories can help people understand their relationship with themselves and their families in connection to love and to spirit. You can finish what you set out to accomplish and you can reach success. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars


I'd like to please ask when will I be in a romantic relationship or renew a love affair with the biracial man I love. I think he is my twin flame (he is a Scorpio) and it is hard to get things off the ground.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful week! :) Julie

Dear Julie:

Remember, all relationships start from the inside out. Thank you for trusting us.

Here is what they say:

You are correct to move ahead in discovering what leads you into a pattern of situations that keep you involved with individuals who are not of trust. Now this not of your fault or of your doing, but of the unconscious unresolved issues from child hood which kept mother at a distance due to feeling she was not of trust. (very loud) you had to do so because mother was alcoholic (is the energy) and not able to move into healing for herself because she was not willing to move out of denial regarding her disease. You, however, can now see the issues of trust due to the pattern of relationships in your life, which are not of trust. We suggest to move into a psycho social support group, such as Al Anon. In doing to, you receive healing. It is the focus upon yourself which now must happen (we suggest) for your healing to happen.

Blessings, Stars

Send questions to:

Rochelle Sparrow

PO Box 7573

Phoenix, AZ 85011



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