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Holistic Know-How: Swine Flu Prevention

by Bonnie MacDade

To help with prevention of infections of H1N1 swine flu and H5N1 avian flu, it is essential to follow these basic tips for maintenance of your immune system. Experts have let the public know that those in our population who are under the age of forty-five and those with compromised immune systems should seek out swine flu vaccinations. With this news has come a great concern over the safety and availability of the vaccine itself. In my natural healing practice I teach about health maintenance, which essentially makes the unpleasantness of these shots and all their dangers unnecessary.

Here is what I and other natural health experts suggest:

Common sense precautions:

*Keep your hands clean and when they are not, don't touch your face or eat with your hands. If you've handled money, wash your hands or use a Hand Sanitizing Gel without alcohol or harsh chemicals immediately.

*When in public, don't touch railings or door handles if you don't have to, or always wear gloves for safety.

*Cough into your crooked elbow so that when you do have to touch handles and railings, you won't infect others.

*Refrain from kissing your friends hello and even from shaking hands. The fist bump was probably invented by someone who hates germs! Use that as your greeting. (What is the first bump? Do you mean the first infection?)

*If you or your child is sick, STAY HOME!!

*Rinse sinuses with a neti wash pot and saline solution to flush out germs.

Dietary Suggestions:

Immune boosting foods are honey and bee pollen, garlic, onions, and oregano. Cumin and Turmeric are antibacterial as well, so if you enjoy these spices, feel free to indulge. Cook with these when you can, and stay away from processed foods and fast food, especially salads. Your body needs to build healthy immune fighting cells with the food you eat, so make sure you feed these cells real, not fabricated, food.

Herbs for immunity:

Echinacea, astragalus, elderberry, peppermint, rose hips, calendula, rosemary and yarrow. ALL OF THESE are in the Defender Immune Support Formula that is available at Blossom Spring.

Colloidal Silver- While this is not an herb, it needs to be mentioned. Before conventional medicine as we know it, doctors used to prescribe silver as an antibiotic and antibacterial medicine. It kills germs and stops viruses in their tracks. Silver is still used in hospitals today in the eyes of newborn babies to protect them from germs in the birthing canal. Soldiers used to put silver coins in their canteens to kill bacteria that lived in whatever stream the water came from, and in
Europe the "plague" killed the poor and spared the afluent because they were eating from silver platters with silver utensils and they used silver tea pots.

Be sure to use common sense and take as many healthful, all natural precautions as possible. Take a good, food based multi-vitamin every day along with Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids, eat real food, and lots of veggies!

Regain your Optimum Health and Stay Healthy!

Bonnie MacDade is a certified Holistic Health Councilor; nationally board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a graduate of The Global Institiute for Alternative Medicine, where she earned her certification as a Master Herbalist, which encompasses the fields of herbs, vitamins and nutrition. She studied with Dr. Eric Pearl and is a certified Reconnection Therapist. She is also a minister who earned her Doctor of Shamanism through the Universal Life Seminary.
Trained in body and spirit medicine, it is her goal to bridge the gap between nutrition and spiritual connection for her clients. As a community leader, speaker and teacher and in private practice since 1998, she explains the link between these seemingly separate subjects. In her practice at Riverside Chiropractic in
Morrisville, PA, Bonnie provides practical methods to obtain the kind of real joy and wellness that many of us have not experienced since childhood
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