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Soul Connection: Going Crazy? Navigating the Breakdown Lane

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

IMPORTANT: The information contained within this article is not to be used for the purposes of diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described in this article be sure and get a thorough check-up from your healthcare provider.

Going crazy lately? Losing your grip? Feel like you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Been to every type of medical specialist trying to determine the cause of your nervous symptoms - all giving you a clean bill of health - yet your symptoms seem to be strengthening by the hour? These symptoms could be "crazy" thoughts, feelings, sensations, visions. Instead of thinking that you’re suffering with a nervous breakdown that is busting your reality into smithereens, open your mind to the possibility that you are currently being gifted with a breakthrough and that it’s time to just let go of old psychic structures and beliefs that no longer serve your growth.

Known as Spiritual Emergence, this is a relentless, nonnegotiable process also termed a kundalini crisis. Today’s frequencies are stimulating Universal Chi to break apart blockages in the energy body. This kicks up an enormous amount of psychic debris that floods the body, emotions and thoughts catalyzing an enhanced awareness. We’re being called to integrate, as the new "normal," the onrushing wave of remarkable consciousness springing from the spiritual emergence process.

Also, the heightened vibrations are increasing our sensitivity levels. Extreme sensitivity makes us jumpy, impressionable, receptive. We’re afraid that feeling too much will make us wacky. So we take refuge in numbness to buffer our ride down the nervous breakdown lane. But comatoseness definitely makes us crazy through disconnection.

Super-sensitivity causes us to wonder if it’s all to much. Emotions, sensations, thoughts seem so exaggerated. Feeling inept, we’re totally unraveling. Are we capable of processing all that is surfacing without going over the edge? The Tibetan reminds us that we’re only given what we can handle.

We can only LOOSEN our grip on "sanity" and begin to explore the terrain that lies beyond the realm of levelheaded, rational, sensible, balanced lucidity in order to integrate the fresh territory of the soul bursting forth for complete embodiment. We need to examine fears of insanity. What does it mean to be disordered? Past life memories of madness catalyze dread of re-experiencing episodes of derangement. This recall of mental fracture needs loving attention/healing so that it’s not projected into the future.

During the rigors of depth therapy, I asked my Jungian analyst if I was going crazy. He reassured me that to feel crazy doesn’t mean that I am crazy. Reflecting on the notion of madness, I remembered past lives of imprisonment for being a lunatic. Probably many people were harshly labeled as cuckoo. Ironically, the stigma and protocols for this "diagnosis" often drove us nuts.

Assuming that no underlying medical reason for our symptoms have been found, during this massive time of collective internal chaos while shifting from one state of consciousness to another, we must be careful not to identify with self-diagnosed pathologies that negatively pigeonhole the psyche. This requires that we use our internal objective observer to hold space for junctures of "craziness." To grab onto "episodes of madness" as our only identity riddles the spiritual emergence process with fears of going bonkers. This evokes unnecessary levels of disturbance.

The willingness to simply let go allows us to lightly ride the current of unbalance with its periods of fragmentation, extreme emotions incongruent with our outer life, overwhelm, dissociation, disorientation, terror, confusion, strange passions, ultra sensitivities, emptiness, identity crisis, inability to hold thoughts, deep exhaustion, dullness, blankness, loss of connection, unexplainable colliding polarized feelings. Again, assuming that we’ve received a clean bill of health from our healthcare providers, these symptoms give us pause to consider checking into a psychiatric ward. But before we do, and lunge for some kind of calming medication, let’s give the psyche a chance to right itself in the new paradigm after this topsy turvey ride through the house of madness.

So what do we hang on to? How can we trust that we will be OK? Will we ever return to our original state of sanity? How do we discern the difference between a nervous breakdown and transformational crisis?

Maybe it’s time to redefine our notion of crazy and release its stigma. To change these concepts allows the Mystery in the psyche to reveal itself over time. Old frameworks of madness stem from the third dimensional paradigm. Do we dare believe in the psyche’s genius to unfold a precise strategy for moving us through this alchemical storm that establishes an unimaginable level of consciousness?

We must unfasten our seat belts to release the "insanity" generated by trying to simultaneously hold onto dissimilar realities — the old versus the new consciousness. The tension between the two worlds makes us feel crazy as we longingly look back to the days when everything made sense. Filled with a certitude that sustained our minds and hearts, life was solid — psyche was our friend.

But there’s no going back. The break down in our psychic structure is Divinely orchestrated to dismantle the old to allow the newly-sprung consciousness to emerge. Rather than review the past to put the pieces together that have been blown to the far corners of the psyche, let’s allow them to naturally reconstruct into a brand new order. This parallels the arrival of the New World Order and the fresh psychological template of the New Human Being.

We’re called to tolerate the inherent tension within the chaos-uncertainty of this Birth by holding the faith that our "craziness" is only temporary. It’s comforting to remember that we’re not alone in this madness. Everyone is affected. If brave enough to share lunacy with others, we’ll find that camaraderie in transformation is just the life raft needed to ride today’s wild rapids. To hang onto the old is impossible because the tension is too great. There’s no point in fighting the Great Change. Instead we can seize the New — embrace the not-knowing — that holds unfathomable promise. The only way to ground into sanity is to lean into an intuitive sense that something previously unknown to humankind is dawning. We might as well trust this Divine Boon that is blasting normal to smithereens.

When convinced that we’ve gone mad, let’s not jump to conclusions. We need to stop, breathe, connect to self and the bigger picture. It’s useless to rectify ourselves by holding onto old buoys of sanity. They’re not sustainable. Instead, it helps to ascertain a point of reference that’s connected to the new consciousness. Then we can traverse the halls of madness without getting hijacked by the frayed edges of our disintegrating psyche. New anchor points for sanity can include a focus on the increased Light Factor, Christ Consciousness and joyous gratitude for the opportunities offered by today’s acceleration. With acceptance that a certain senselessness happens when structures shatter, we can yield to this process with the faith that humankind is evolving into a Mastery of Integration where all the soul pieces come together into the Sublime Sanity of Wholeness waiting on the new frontier.

The Tibetan’s soothing aura radiates as he teaches:

"Students are truly in the nervous breakdown lane because current frequencies are dismantling the collective nervous system which is being reconfigured to allow greater contact with Cosmic energy. This is a blessing. The nervous breakdown process is necessary because the new consciousness can only be perceived by a highly refined sensitized nerve network. Augmented sensitivity is crucial for humankind’s assimilation of the subtle energies now impacting the earthly plane.

"The accelerated vibrations are enhanced LOVE. Humankind still fears Source’s loving Cosmic Fire — Kundalini. Regardless of its continued cry to move beyond limitations, humankind shies from the activation of Kundalini energy. Unaccustomed to full contact with this powerful spiritual force, humanity has settled into a stagnant subliminal comfort zone of resistance to the great concentric circles of Universal energy that evolve the soul.

"The heightened vibrations, serving to strip away the old, stimulate sensations of rawness/vulnerability — fried nerves. Attempts to conduct the accelerated energy’s potent voltage creates a sense of being overamped. Students assume this feeling stems from excessive external stimulation. While true, the overload also occurs from the Cosmic blast to the nervous system’s voltage. The Aquarian Age is highly electrically galvanized.

"Also, the sheer velocity of the new vibrations generates the perception that life is moving exceedingly quickly. Coupled with the global explosion of information, it all seems overwhelming to assimilate. People are shell-shocked by the oncoming wave of electrical charge. This can scorch the mind if self attaches to customary modes of assimilation.

"The human brain is a vast computer — mostly inactive because of humankind’s limited self-image. Please trust that today’s vibrations are dynamizing vast portions of underutilized brainpower. While this activation creates a temporary nervous breakdown, ultimately it allows humankind to incorporate the current wave of Cosmic Information as well as the immense tide of advanced data riding on the heels of these initial frequencies. Humankind’s habitual ordinary circuitry is being blown to make available electrical resources in the mind and nervous system.

"There is a larger-scale vibration of Cosmic Calm emerging to offset the impact of augmented electricity. This Calm is a Sea of Knowing laden with an advanced intuition that provides an overview of this process. Then students comprehend the endpoint — a phenomenal synthesis of these frequencies into remarkable wholeness and multidimensional awareness. Absorb this Calm as a backdrop to the electrical storm of transformation and ride the current into extraordinary awakening."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines tools of depth astrology and dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s soul perspective. Moriah has a penetrating multi-dimensional approach to healing and transformation. She specializes in phone sessions for individuals and couples. Moriah also offers group seminar intensives through her educational center, The School of the Golden Discs, in Colrain, MA. She is author of Earth School (a compilation of 68 articles from her Wisdom column) and Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-624-9606, moriah@ transformationaltimes.com. Visit her web site: www.transformationaltimes.com.

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