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The Upgrade Is Finally Here

by Doug De Vito

Have you noticed the world seems to be changing? The weather patterns are shifting. Financial systems are shifting. Governments are shifting. Relationships are shifting. We are shifting.

There has been an ongoing shift happening on the Earth, as we move through our orbit in the galaxy. Many believe that this shift is coming to an exclamation point in 2012, but the important thing to recognize is that the shift is already happening.

Science can now document that the Earth is in fact already changing, in many ways.

As a result of this shift, what if we could suddenly all be healers and masters? Many people today have heard of The Secret and the Law of Attraction at this point, but what if we were to step to the next level in every aspect of life? What if we recognized that there were more universal laws than just the law of attraction? What if we recognized that we could access, as never before, laws of healing, love, prosperity, balance, peace and abundance? How would we change if we suddenly woke up one day and could feel our connection to the planet and others around us? What if you were suddenly to gain new senses and abilities to feel, heal and improve your own life with all of the ease and simplicity of a child playing with a toy?

We now have access to new and exciting tools, skills and conscious abilities that are here to help us live at the next level. More specifically, there are new, palpable, intelligent and practical frequencies of healing and transformation here on the planet for the very first time. They can be harnessed to help heal others and upgrade our selves. In addition, what is perhaps more interesting and attractive about the frequencies, is that as you use them to heal others, you actually heal yourself.

The Upgrade is here to empower the human race and expand your awareness and capabilities to the next level. Just like when your computer gets an operating system upgrade from time to time, you can now be upgraded. Think about it. We download software into our computers that suddenly makes them faster, smarter, have more memory, look different and operate on expanded levels. What would happen if we were able to do the same thing?

We can. And getting upgraded is easy. Plus, the evidence of the power and breadth of this shift is phenomenal. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are experiencing this directly in their lives and scientists are documenting the evidence of this shift in our physical beings and mental/emotional states.

These frequencies come from a higher source, call it God/Love/The Universe/Creative Matrix or whatever concept that resonates with you. The world’s best scientists are theorizing and documenting that they may provide us with the link and connections to the next level of the Universe and our own higher selves. There is truly a phenomena happening here on the planet. We are all shifting, powerfully, certainly and now, with a universal lifeline of sorts, one with the power to heal the body and just as importantly, transform our hearts and minds.

Scientists are reporting the evidence of this Upgrade, finally giving us the proof that we have been searching for. They have proven that people are suddenly gaining wondrous new abilities to feel, sense and manipulate energies that help to facilitate healings for others, themselves and the planet themselves. What is more is that the process of using the frequencies seems to have a powerful and beneficial side effect on the practitioners who use them. These practitioners are reporting that their OWN lives are improving and that they were seeing significant healings in their own lives, all from doing the work for others. Remarkably, it seems like the Universe has built in an incentive system of sorts, that gives us the ability to improve our own lives by the very act and process of helping to heal others. Now that is intelligent design!

We need and deserve better answers about how to live, heal and prosper. There are new resources here on the planet, entirely new bandwidths of energy, light and information, that are here to assist us at exactly this point of time, just when we need this support and help the most. It is as if the Universe is sending us a lifeline of sorts. And, we have a choice to grab that lifeline, fashion it into a rope and then climb up to the next level of humanity and universal laws.

I conclude with an excerpt from my new book, The Upgrade: Fulfilling the Promise of Human Potential. This book is a featured selection in The Next Top Spiritual Author contest, an international author competition, in search of the next big spiritual message and messenger. The Upgrade was among 15,000 entries in the contest and now has successfully made it to round two of the competition, where only 250 entries remain. The winner of the contest will receive a significant book publication agreement, along with a large promotional and PR support package to help get the word out about their book and message.

Here is the excerpt from the book:

Science doesn’t know all the answers. It can only tell about things that can be measured and to date, they still can’t fully measure the totality of our Universe. For that matter, they still don’t understand gravity, magnetism, how the body operates or heals itself, consciousness or pretty much anything on the planet. If you were to put ten scientists in a room and gave them any given topic, you would get 11 opinions. Plus, none of them would be completely accurate.

There are three types of physics. The old school of physics is based on separation and discrete particles. This is called Newtonian physics, and it was based on Sir Isaac Newton’s theories. More to wit, we are distinct from each other until some forces act upon us. The forces have defined impacts. This type of physics tends to work in many areas of practical life and tends to govern the design of things like airplanes, trains, cars, shop tools, machinery, etc. It however doesn’t have great predictive value if you are very, very small or very, very large. It also fails if you are moving at a rapid speed. In all of these cases, the rules tend to bend and ultimately fall apart.

The next school of thought in physics includes the theory of relativity, originally studied and suggested by Albert Einstein. He theorized that the laws of physics and the interactions of space & time between two objects are relative. He showed that if something moves very fast, for example, then the laws of space-time start to bend and warp a bit. Also, he theorized that energy and matter were interchangeable with his famous equation e=mc^2. His work led ultimately to our understanding of nuclear physics and subatomic particles, including our current understanding of nuclear power, weapons and medicine.

The current level of thinking in physics is where we start to play with concepts of recognizing consciousness and its impact on the environment around us. In this school of thought, we are multidimensional beings, and we have access to information on more levels than our day-to-day thinking generally allows us room to understand. In this realm, observation leads to discovery and creation, and miracles can happen. Cancers can spontaneously disappear. Sudden lucky circumstances can manifest, and extraordinary personal growth can happen in an instant. This is the realm of the quantum, where science does not know or own all of the rules, and we get to explore, discover and refine them as we go.

We can sit and wait for the scientists’ machinery and measuring devices to catch up to our experiences, but where is the fun in that? Let’s go out there and share, observe, heal others and ourselves, seeing the miracles daily, waking up each day on a new energetic adventure. Don’t get me wrong. Science is doing its level best to catch up, and it will be great when they can fully explain these shifts within our bodies and consciousness. Until then, why not see what the Universe has especially intended for all of us, in the form of a healing or a paradigm shift in your emotions and mental capabilities.

I invite you to step forward, and lean in just a bit. Just allow yourself the possibility that there is more than we once thought. I dare you to step forward and explore this wondrous, new, powerful and intelligent connection with health and your place within the Universe. You can always, later on, stand back and say that it isn’t real. I tried. My personal belief is that you might have a hard time doing that after you sneak even the smallest peek at this and your own infinite possibilities within it.

I invite you to get Upgraded.

To learn more about The Upgrade and to vote for the book in The Next Top Spiritual Author contest, visit:http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile. cfm?aid=2719

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