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Leaving The Tribe

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

We all have to leave the tribe in order to discard obsolete ways of being, thinking, feeling — even loving. Does that mean we have to turn our back on all the key influences of our formation? Identified as distinct individuals, we may not realize the depth of the tribe’s imprint on our psyche. It subliminally directs and shapes our lives. To leave the tribe, we must release attachment to the security of homogenized consciousness and forfeit the comfort zone of approval from others — daring to be original/innovative and to voice our difference.

How many of us do things a certain way just because this is how it’s always been done? We don’t question the relevance of these customs which enslaves us to life patterns and attitudes that may not reflect our individual truth. Deeply conditioned, it’s difficult to register the level of self-betrayal that results from making choices within the narrow box of rote societal/familial grooves. How sad that the price of admission to the tribe is the loss of our uniqueness.

Why assume that we’re all cut from the same mold and therefore should be made indistinguishable by the tribe’s generic expectations? Unification doesn’t mean homogenization. Our shared human essence, ultimately one body/mind/soul, differentiates into diverse pathways designed to enhance our unique soul’s journey.

Astrologers indicate that in 2008 Pluto, the planet of transformation, enters the sign of Capricorn. This passage energizes humanity’s withdrawal from all arenas of societal obsolescence. Through the process of death and rebirth, Pluto annihilates everything that blocks evolution and then regenerates a completely new order. Capricorn rules societal structures, authorities, worldly power and the cornerstones of society mandated to be upheld by its citizens. Pluto’s 16 year journey through Capricorn will demolish all outdated systems — medical, educational, legal, economic, political, familial — in order to birth new customs, mores, laws. This will pave the way for the emerging spiritual renaissance which necessitates advanced societal/familial structures. The tribe will be scrutinized, regardless of dominion, for its ability to serve this emerging consciousness. As we sense this new energy flooding our world, changing us in ways that make it impossible to be responsible to the tribe’s traditional orientation, we’ll have to find the courage to break free.

Yes, we’re excited about the prospect of the New Age. But, how far do we take this revolution in consciousness, as an all-encompassing metamorphosis tears us away from the roots of our tribe and demands that we stand, seemingly alone, in our truth? Are you ready to turn your back on the societal/familial framework that validates your life? In what areas do you dare to stand in your authentic self when it differs from the commonplace? Do you assume that your community will not understand — reject and judge — when you embody a new consciousness that ejects you from the tribal mind into a unique realm of perception?

Beware! It’s dangerous to leave the tribe! In early evolution our survival was only possible within a tribal context. Traditional lineages, threatened by independent thought, discourage genius and its innate inclination toward unregimented attitudes, imagination and creativity. Our natural loyalty to the blood family, community or greater society that has brought us life, context, support, nourishment, safety and connection binds us to honor those who have paved the way and reduced our learning curve through their accomplishments and authority. We bow to them in gratitude and naturally comply with their dictates.

NOW our survival depends on breaking from the tribe to discover who we are and what gift we came to offer at this profound evolutionary juncture. Ejected from tribal security, we face the crisis of great CHANGE and cannot fall back into an embrace with tradition. Society is destined to reorganize itself to become the rightful container of spiritual values and expanded consciousness. Internal authority and intuition constitute the new compass for societal directives. Then we can return to a tribe that gratefully accepts our innovative spirit, expanded perspective and originality that ushers in the new and miraculous.

As much anyone, I want to be included, loved, accepted. To fit in, I’ve trimmed the edges of my uniqueness to homogenize down. The need to heal karmic wounds of isolation and exile reinforces my willingness to respond to the appropriate cues that society has implanted, like a microchip, into my psyche. These compromises have offered me a life of sweet context leaving me reluctant to rock the boat of community safety that has supported my existence for 58 years.

However, the call of the relentless wild energy of awakening forces me to examine how I lose myself in the tribe — alienated from self in order to be a part of others as I stray from the austere path of individualization. To ignore today’s evolutionary pressure would betray my greater tribe — the family of Divine Beings who illuminate the path, soothe my soul, faithfully support my karmic contract and to whom I’ve pledged undying love and devotion. So I transfer loyalties to my Cosmic Kin, as must we all, in order to live in a fresh way that helps society release its stagnant archaic drag. I muster the courage to scrutinize any co-dependence on my familiar community and dare to question every last bit of capitulation that would block my new consciousness and the right to live life true to self.

The New Age is based on groups of distinct individuals who aren’t afraid to speak and live their truth. Our lives are vehicles of discovery and experimentation. We are our own awakeners and gurus and must liberate ourselves from the magnetics of societal/familial dictates. Established consensus reality will fade like a distant dream as the infusion of new thought and wisdom floods the collective consciousness with Light and describes the new paradigm of fellowship.

The Tibetan applauds this revolution and teaches:

“All groups, based on values carried by divisions of humanity identified through certain customs/mores, are evolving into full union with each other. Dominant tribal thought patterns that mold the lives of its community are ending. The disintegration of traditional structures will give way to a new tribe — the global society of all human beings unified in their spiritual essence.

“The glue that holds the tribe together looses energy as each individual withdraws attachment to the clan and unleashes his/her unique creative imperative. The impact of the tribe atrophies from lack of adherence by its members. Everyone is mandated to release archaic dictates irrelevant to the emerging consciousness. Each individual must examine their areas of greatest attachment to the tribe — usually arenas where self lacks confidence, as if the tribe knows better than one’s soul. Attempts to take refuge in the comfort zone of the tribal container will only frustrate the soul’s efforts to evolve beyond the constraints of obsolete structures.

“Now is the time to implement the revolution that withdraws power from tribal illusions based on historic conclusions that made sense hundreds of years ago. All souls, prepared for this time of birth, are magnetized forward away from the past. To refuse the call of the soul, however unnerving its message, would betray self’s divine purpose — a mission designed to dismantle constructs based on duality, separation, fear, scarcity and victimhood. Any tribes that still base their way of life on this demoded matrix must be challenged.

“Question the beliefs of the tribe and its predescribed formulas for living. Find the courage to live a life that reflects self’s unique soul response to this present moment. This is how the fabric of society begins to reorganize itself to house the expanding consciousness that ushers in the New Cosmic Day on planet earth.

“A superior tribe, the Cosmic Family, awaits with open arms to receive each individual soul. All beings in this Divine Clan are applauded for acts of power, genius, individuality, open-mindedness, improvisation, experimentation and CHANGE! Do not fear being left out in the cold when leaving the old tribe. Ironically, its insular nature blocked the true warmth of connection that emanates within the Universal Family where everyone thrives and is accepted for exactly who they are — with no strings attached.

“The power of the tribe stems from the illusion that without its safety net, self would perish — isolated, lost, unsupported. But the greater safety net of unification inherent in all beings naturally reconfigures a new human dynasty that breaks through the illusion that loyalty to a group of people and/or a system of thinking is necessary to survive and be loved. True power doesn’t reside with the tribe but rather with the contribution of each individual, fully self-realized, to the innate oneness within the group. The new tribe — receptive, flexible, open — gathers a transformed family filled with special, magnificent individuals as the intergalactic family rejoices to receive its brothers and sisters, youth and elders, infants and ancient ones to gather around a Heart-filled Hearth where All dwell in deep communion and freedom.”

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@comcast.net. www.transformationaltimes.com.

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