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Excerpt from "Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light"

by Barbara Wren

The following excerpt is taken from the book CELLULAR AWAKENING: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light by Barbara Wren. It is published by Hay House (September 2010) and is available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com.

Connecting with Inner Wisdom

We are living in the most exciting of times. The earth is going through significant changes, and our galaxy is moving into a new astrological age. New discoveries are being made in science and technology almost on a daily basis. New species are being discovered in the natural world, old knowledge that appeared lost is re-emerging, and there is a vast amount of new information at our fingertips. We are communicating with each other at a level never before achieved. Information is now more freely available to us than it has ever been, and it seems as if there is a flood of new ideas, new scientific discoveries and new news. Each day we know more than we did the day before. Each day our consciousness is expanded. We wake every morning with new questions in our minds, whether we are consciously aware of them or not. For some people the questions are mundane, but more and more people are asking deeper questions about who we really are and what life is all about. Every day we receive fresh information from the media, some of which might perhaps hold the answers we are seeking. But how do we sift through all this information and decide what is relevant to us and what is not? More important, how do we discern what is true and what is false? So much of the information is contradictory, especially when it comes to our health. One day chocolate is good for you, the next day it is bad for you. One day red wine might help you live longer by guarding you against heart disease, the next day it might shorten your life by making you more susceptible to liver disease. It is hard to know just what to believe.

In the West, we have been subjected to a most enormous con. We have been taught that if we require wisdom and knowledge, we need to look outside ourselves. We have been taught that the vital information is held in libraries, in universities and in the minds of other people. We have never been taught that we can look within. Although in recent years many people have begun a journey back to themselves through meditation, yoga and other Eastern practices, there has still been a tendency to seek other people to tell us how to be ourselves. However, every time we go outside ourselves to seek our wisdom, it immediately becomes someone else’s wisdom and not our own. We are not able to contribute our own uniqueness, our own wisdom, to the universal picture, to the greater whole. And we need to live our uniqueness because this is what creates the order of the greater whole. As soon as we cease to look inside and instead look outside, there is mediocrity, standardization and control across the globe.

The answer to any question you might ask is to be found within you. The truth is not ‘out there’ but inside your own amazing being, for you are much more than you could possibly imagine. We are not separate, isolated individuals but multidimensional, interconnected beings of light living in an interconnected universe. What unfolds around us has a direct and tangible influence on our body, and likewise how we live has a direct effect on the universe. We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe that at its most fundamental level is composed of a combination of energy and consciousness. We each create our own reality through our consciousness, but it is the body that is the vehicle for that consciousness. If the body is not balanced, then consciousness cannot be fully expressed. As a result, we become more contracted and in turn our world becomes more contracted to us. There is nothing wrong with the universe itself; it is in perfect balance. This is not a static balance but a state of dynamic equilibrium, because the universe is forever flowing and expanding. It is conscious and knows how to balance itself so that continued expansion is possible. It holds within its fabric the understanding of how to achieve that balance. This understanding is called universal wisdom and it is the wisdom of harmony. Universal wisdom permeates everything. It is within all matter, every planet, every living thing and every subatomic particle. Likewise there is nothing wrong with Mother Earth, for she is part of this conscious universe and she too holds the wisdom of how to remain in balance. No matter what we as humans do to this planet, nature always brings things back into harmony. Where we have scoured the earth or polluted it, over time nature replenishes and cleanses. This is the great power that allows for the continuation of life. Rudolf Steiner said that if we want to heal ourselves, we must first heal the earth, and indeed, there is much wisdom in these words. Mother Earth is a bountiful provider and the more care and attention we give to her, the more she gives in return. When allowed to, she provides everything we Need in its most potent and vital form to facilitate our well-being and our continued expansion. It is our natural condition to be at one with the earth and universe. The sages of old understood this. When our microcosm, the energies we hold at a cellular level, matches the macrocosm, the world outside our body, there is nothing that we cannot do. We were born to dream and then through our expanding consciousness to make those dreams reality. We were born to have great ideas and then make those ideas real. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of experiences would you like to have and, more important, what kind of experiences would you like to avoid? Everything is possible for us when we live in harmony with the macrocosm. This is the true meaning of human potential. We hear relatively little these days about fulfilling our potential and what we do hear paints a much diluted picture. To fulfill your potential in modern society means things like achieving good grades at school, getting a good job, owning your own property, being financially solvent and saving for your retirement. And at the back of these ideas lies the fear of not being able to achieve this potential because of ill health. As children we all have dreams of what we want to do when we grow up, but as we get older we are usually taught to compromise our dreams, to wake up and learn to live in the ‘real world’. In fact, the truth is that we have been taught to fall asleep and become disconnected from what life is really about. There is only one thing that will ever stop you from doing what you really want to and that is fear. So much attention is given to perpetuating fear in our modern society, for it is a most effective way to control the masses. We fear poverty, ill health, war and terrorism; and governments make sure we continue to give our attention to these things by telling us that they are declaring war on all that we fear. But fear is never released through fighting, because war of any kind only serves to promote more fear. Perhaps it is time for us to choose to give our attention to what we want rather than what we don’t want. Can you imagine how wonderful it must feel to have no fear? Wouldn’t it be great to understand your own body so well that you could quickly and efficiently bring it into balance and harmony? Wouldn’t it be fine to be able to live in full abundance on every level, to live the life of your dreams?

If we can learn to release our fear and connect to our inner wisdom there is truly nothing that we cannot do. We are told that we use only 10 percent of our brain. Just imagine what we could achieve if we could illuminate the other 90 percent. Where would we go then in our development as a race, and what would the world be like if we were able to sense it in this more expanded way? Happiness, health and freedom are the birthright of every person on this planet and are achievable by every person on this planet. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what your state of health or ill health, you have the potential to find happiness, health and freedom. As we learn to illuminate our potential, we become what to others might appear a walking miracle. No longer is any disease ‘incurable’, for we understand that all illness is totally and unequivocally curable from within, without exception. No longer do we dread what the future holds, for we walk forever infused with an inner knowing that we are masters of our own destiny. This is what human potential is really about. It is about lighting up our lives in ever more wonderful and exciting ways. It is about daring to dream and then walking towards those dreams with open arms, free of fear. It is about being who we really are, who we know in our heart we were always meant to be. The biggest stress that we can experience is not being able to be who we are. In order to be ourselves we need to maintain the right connections with the earth and the universe, to be in balance with all that is around us. This means matching our microcosm, the vibration we hold at a cellular level, with the macrocosm, the world about us. Something that has been so negated in the teachings and reductionism of the West is the fact that we have a body. I refer to this body as our ‘vehicle’. It is this vehicle that has the ability to manifest from within itself everything that is represented in the outer universe. But it is only when we are in a state of balance and harmony that we can truly tap into universal wisdom and make it our own at a cellular level. So much of our work together in this book will be about how to prepare our body, our vehicle, to receive and hold universal wisdom. How to treat the vehicle in order to be able to do this seems to me to be the most important aspect of health. When we talk about health, we are not talking about a lack of symptoms, but a deep connectedness to who we are and our place within the universe. This connectedness needs to unfold at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Currently in the West these three aspects are not united but kept very separate. At one end you have confusing and often contradictory information about how to maintain the physical body through nutrition, while at the other end you have spiritual practices. As for our emotions, they receive precious little attention in any productive way. If you are having emotional problems you might at best see a therapist and at worst be prescribed a suppressive drug that further cuts you off from who you really are. But it is our emotional journey that brings the physical and spiritual together in unity. How you feel emotionally is without doubt the best possible indicator you have of whether you are heading towards harmony or disharmony. It is your guide to the fulfillment of your dreams. When you feel good, you will know you are heading in the right direction. When you feel bad, you know that you are heading away from the life you really want. If you consistently seek out better feelings, your vehicle will transport you on the adventure of a lifetime to places beyond your dreams. When we talk about connecting with our feelings, we are not talking about contacting our inner anger, guilt, disappointment and fear, we are talking about connecting both with our inner wisdom and with the macrocosm. Our planet goes through many cycles of change, and we are intrinsically linked to these cycles. Learning to be aware of and feel these changing cycles allows us to bring ourselves into harmonious union with Mother Earth. Whether we are aware of them or not, we feel every change in the earth at a cellular level. When we can navigate these changes successfully, all is well, but when we fall out of harmony with these changes, then dis-ease is manifested. We are also intrinsically linked to the changes that occur outside our planet. Everybody knows that the moon has a strong influence on the water on this planet but what many have forgotten is that we are predominantly made up of water, and so the moon also has a strong influence upon us. All of the planets in our solar system exert their influences upon us as they go through their orbits, affecting different organs and minerals within our vehicle. I have known this fact for many years, and it has proved very useful, especially when trying to connect people with what is unfolding within their own vehicles at different times. For example, I had a gentleman come to see me as a patient and during my consultation with him I asked him if he suffered from headaches. He said that he had in the past, but after seeing one of my former students, who suggested he drank four pints (two and a half liters) of water a day, the headaches had disappeared. He had not had a headache since then until very recently, when he’d had an unexpected migraine. I stopped him at this point and said that I felt I knew the exact day on which that would have occurred. I told him the day and he was amazed that I was correct. I was able to do this because I was aware of several interconnected facts. I knew that migraines and the liver were intrinsically linked and that the planet Mars had a strong energetic influence upon the liver. I also knew that in its orbit around the sun Mars had recently come into close proximity to the earth, and so I chose the day when it had been at its closest and therefore had its strongest influence. If this patient had been aware of this information prior to seeing me, he might well have been able to support his liver with an appropriate technique (see Chapter 9) and so avoided experiencing the migraine. Even if he had been unable to do this, the migraine would have no longer been an unexpected and unexplainable occurrence.

Nothing happens in the universe by chance; everything is part of an unfolding and interconnected process.

A Significant Time for Our Planet

Our planet is going through three particular changes at the moment that seem to me to be highly significant when we consider how we are connected to Mother Earth. First, the earth’s magnetic field is becoming steadily weaker. Scientists surmise that this is a sign that the magnetic poles are likely to reverse in the near future, just as they have many times in the past. If you just consider the facts that our blood is composed of a high concentration of iron and that iron is influenced magnetically, this change in the earth must also effect a change in us. It feels to me as if this reduction in magnetic strength is giving us the potential to think more expansively and freely. It is as if we are no longer being held in old thought patterns, but have the opportunity to think in new and exciting ways. Old paradigms are crumbling both in the scientific and spiritual worlds. Quantum physics is showing that science and spirituality have much common ground, whereas in the past they appeared to be poles apart. Secondly, the earth’s speed of vibration, its resonance, is increasing. Everything in the universe vibrates with energy, and the earth is no different. This vibration, known as the Schumann Resonance, has been steadily increasing over the past 40 years. The planet is literally speeding up. Our hypothalamus and pituitary glands tune into this vibration, and within each of our cells there are receptors in the protein channels that pick up all the vibrations from outside. So we are intimately connected to this change in vibration, and more and more people are becoming intuitively aware of it as well. So many people that I meet talk about having the sense of time speeding up, and I believe this is a direct effect of this vibrational increase.

I also believe that we have the potential to increase our own vibration, to achieve higher states of awareness and connectedness, and in doing so to gain access to deeper levels of our inner wisdom. The third significant change is that we are seeing a dramatic increase in photon activity, both in our sun and from outside our solar system. Photons are subatomic particles of light, so this means that there is a dramatic increase in the light available within our solar system and on our planet. We are about to fully enter what is called ‘the photon belt’, a ring of photons. Just as our planet revolves around a star, the sun, so our solar system revolves around a great star. This great circuit takes approximately 26,000 years and is elliptical, meaning that at certain times we are a relatively long way away from our great star and at other times quite close. If you divide this orbit into 12 equal segments as a means of marking the passage of time and assign the signs of the zodiac to each 12th, the times when we are closest to our great star correspond to the times of Leo and Aquarius. This is what is meant by the ‘Age of Aquarius’. These times are also when we pass through the photon belt. In 2012 we will fully enter it for the first time in 11,000 years, but we are already feeling its influence. Entering the photon belt marks the dawn of a new era lasting approximately 2,100 years when we are bathed in a much greater number of photons. In the past, times of high photon activity have coincided with great leaps forward in our thinking and development, and we are now living in another time of dramatic progress and development, both intellectually and spiritually. One only needs to look at the changes that have taken place since the emergence of the microchip to realize this. The challenge for us is to match the changes occurring in the macrocosm within our own microcosm. We need to have our vehicle in a state of heightened receptiveness in order to take full advantage of these macrocosmic shifts. We need to be open in our cells and in our mind.

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