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SHE is Your 'Predictable Miracle'

by Lyle Hurd

My name is Lyle Hurd. I am the former owner, publisher, and editor of a successful national health magazine, which was distributed to doctor’s offices, health food stores, newsstands and subscribers throughout the United States for the past 33 years. The mission of the magazine was to empower people through education to what were proven to be effective and cutting-edge breakthroughs in alternative medicine that showed great promise for mankind and humanity. In my 20 years in the field of health, I have had the privilege to know and work with some of the world’s most knowledgeable and enlightened physicians, alternative and complimentary health providers, many of whom became associate editors of the publication.

Among that group of associates were: Dr. Hyla Cass, a foremost authority in integrative medicine, popular author and health news show contributor; Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., an award-winning author and diet expert; Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board-certified cardiologist and certified bioenergetics analyst who also utilizes complementary nutritional and psychological therapies; and others. And then there was Rhonda Lenair.

In these many years, I’ve also had the opportunity to visit numerous aspects of health, both traditional and alternative, and have been exposed to the spectrum of products and treatments, concepts and theories available to address these ailments – physical and otherwise – that plague all of us. I’ve also been closely associated with physicians and others in the health field who promote a variety of anti-aging products and treatments.

Ten years ago, I was introduced by a colleague to Rhonda Lenair, a widely-recognized luminary and prophet who founded a non-medical paradigm called the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE), whom I invited to become an associate editor of the magazine and who has contributed to the publication by educating our readership to the divine nature of energy medicine and the infinite miracles it can produce for individuals in a non-medical pathway. Through this association, some of our other associate editors, my family, colleagues and I have had the privilege to experience SHE at The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center.

Over the years, I’ve also had the opportunity to interview for the magazine many of the ecstatic clients that have received help through SHE for articles in the publication. Time after time, the clients blessed and praised Rhonda for the myriad miracles that they have received through SHE in-person and via the phone. The majority of the people I spoke with had completely and effortlessly outgrown their need, desire, and purpose to abuse alcohol painlessly and quickly. Many other people I spoke with and interviewed stopped abusing food, cigarettes, other drugs and overcame many debilitating issues, such as anxiety, abuse and trauma, and other emotionally draining conditions. But most importantly, most had attained the sanctity of inner peace through this encounter.

Among those people I interviewed were doctors, who if they themselves had not personally experienced Rhonda’s powerful work directly, had sent their patients who were healed in her presence. One such doctor, Dr. D. Murphy from Illinois, expressed her gratitude for Rhonda’s work in this statement, "As a doctor myself I have understood psychology, addiction and energy medicine from an intellectual and educational background, this was my time to switch to being the client … My first session completely eliminated my craving and need to drink. This comes after daily drinking for the past 3 years after my divorce with brief periods of abstinence … I faced the grocery store, the airport, and a holiday party where they were serving my favorite beverage, Champagne. There was ABSOLUTELY NO CRAVING OR DESIRE ... it feels as if Rhonda energetically just pulled the addiction right out of me. My gratitude will remain forever!!!"

What I am most impressed with is how heavy, long-term drinkers and other addicted souls effortlessly, painlessly, quickly without any meetings, interventions, rehabs, or any treatments or therapy just stop and thoroughly lose all cravings, desire, and purpose to use what becomes – useless. How can a problem that ruled one’s life become irrelevant so quickly?

Rhonda’s work doesn’t represent a specific category of health yet touches all aspects of health – in fact when she’s working with someone, every aspect of their health and their entire beings are touched through the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE). Dr. Hyla Cass, one of the associate editors I mentioned earlier, perhaps said it best. She described her this way, " … Rhonda’s hands-on healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate alcoholism. Rhonda is a ‘doctor of energy medicine’, encompassing all areas/branches of medicine. Energetically able to detect problems on all levels, she acts as the human equivalent of an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab. Moreover, she becomes the client’s voice, beyond the usual constrictions of time and space. She knows deeply and expresses accurately what has happened, is happening, and what is pending within a person systemically and beyond physical boundaries. Despite the depth and fullness of her reading, she ensures that the individual hears what they need to without feeling intruded upon or threatened."

The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center’s website cites scores of client’s first-hand accounts of witnessing Self(s) healings from devastating addictions and so many other afflictions. But beyond them effortlessly outgrowing the need and desire to engage in that behavior, they soon come to understand that there are countless unpredictable miracles that grace them once they’re no longer in Rhonda’s presence. Those miracles and transformations continue long after the initial realization that they are no longer attached to the problem that caused them so many inner wars and struggles. SHE transforms havoc into peace, and I can vouch for this.

Since 1987, over 30,000 people from around the world have experienced SHE and stopped excessive drinking, eating disorders, anxiety, obsessions, worry, and relationship issues through this miraculous phenomenon which occurs. The objective of SHE is to attain the sanctity of inner peace by experiencing one’s own enlightenment through SHE. SHE is not a quick fix but a time-accelerated experience as the benefits occur almost instantaneously.

It is really difficult to explain what’s infinite in finite terms as Rhonda through SHE reflects, although I’ve learned personally through my own research, SHE is the most effective way to outgrow and overcome addictions through this phenomenon it produces. Interestingly, SHE is not renowned for its objective of allowing one to attain inner peace but for its by-product that occurs.

I know of so many programs, hospitals, rehabs and doctors that specialize in addiction medicine and offer services to those addicted, yet ironically an experience that offers inner peace (SHE) is the most successful path I have encountered that works to completely eliminate addictions without any pain, withdrawals or negative side-effects – literally in hours, not weeks or months.

"...(SHE) is the most successful path I have encountered that works to completely eliminate addictions without any pain, withdrawals or negative side-effects – literally in hours, not weeks or months."

I’ve written articles over the years about every treatment in all the fields of health, I’ve been to all the trade shows, expos, and interviewed hundreds of people – the top physicians and researchers and celebrity health authors, but until I met Rhonda Lenair and SHE, I had never encountered such a fast, safe, complete, and effective way of eliminating the seemingly unsolvable problems that affect so many of us and our loved ones .

There are so many programs and methods that offer peace, like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, QiGong and countless other ways to overcome stress and anxiety and overwhelm. Sometimes people study many years to learn these disciplines and practices, and yet SHE brings one to that state of inner peace and instantaneous enlightenment, without any studying or background – just by being in Rhonda’s presence it occurs.

"...SHE brings one to that state of inner peace and instantaneous enlightenment, without any studying or background – just by being in Rhonda’s presence it occurs."

So dear reader, I encourage you to consider an experience that could change your life forever, and please understand you don’t even need to acknowledge an out-of-control problem to profit enormously through SHE. Your system will disclose what it knows in Rhonda’s presence to allow you to move on from what is blocking your inner peace.

In our mutual quest for optimum health and longevity, there is something that can be delivered from one human source that can help us achieve those longed for states - Rhonda Lenair and the Self(s) Healing Experience. Whether you experience a SHE in-person or via phone, you’ll meet your truth as you Self(s) teach, Self(s) learn, and Self(s) heal yourself seamlessly through SHE and Rhonda, also known as Self(s), the voiced reflection of all life eternal.

Lyle Hurd is the past owner, publisher and editor of totalhealth magazine. More information about Rhonda Lenair and the Self(s) Healing Experience can be found at www.lenair.com.

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