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Crystal Healing & Earthquakes

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

Events like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile are poignant reminders that the rocks and stones under our feet are not the inert beings we sometimes consider them to be. Indeed, rocks and stones are alive, and they can even move and shake as anyone who has ever been in an earthquake can attest to.

I lived more than a decade in Chile and visit whenever I can. It is truly my second home. Since the recent earthquake there, I have received many emails from Chilean friends recounting what it felt like to experience an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Each story was poignant in its own way; each one tugged at my heart as I tried to imagine places I was so familiar with tossed and tumbled by a moving earth.

One friend named Antonieta’s email particularly stood out for me because she wrote that during the earthquake she literally ‘heard the Earth speaking’. I know Antonieta connects deeply with crystals and rocks. An engineer by profession, crystal healing is her passionate hobby. We traveled together in Mexico two years ago, and stood hand in hand at pyramids and at a special healing ceremony our group did at an abandoned opal mine.

But perhaps it is not only during an earthquake that the Earth – and the rocks and crystals it contains – speak. Just maybe if we know how to ‘tune in’ and ‘listen’, we can connect with rocks and crystals in less extreme moments.

There is an emerging area of science known as plant neurobiology that posits that plants are not the “passive” creatures many of us consider them to be, but, instead, are dynamic living entities with their own type of intelligence. Perhaps the same will soon be said by scientists about the stone family. In fact, there are some scientists such as Vogel who already claim this to be true.

Of course, shamans of all traditions and times have known this. Many shamans contend that rocks and crystals, especially certain sacred ones, contain spirits or energies that can help promote balance and healing and can even speak to you. This can be possible if you know how to connect with the stone family. Establishing such a connection with a stone or crystal is indeed a learning process.

To do so, both you and the rock or crystal must change vibrations since we manifest energy in such different ways. A critical step before connecting with a rock or crystal is to make sure that you first connect with yourself, and are grounded, balanced and in a state of openness and serenity. You must calm your busy mind, open your heart and center yourself in an intentional and mindful way. Focus upon opening your senses more fully: with your eyes, you need to see more obliquely and change perspective; with your ears, you need to engage in “receptive hearing” by hearing not just the words, but the mind and heart behind them.

Give it a try if you feel so inspired. Take a walk, and with deep intention ask for a stone or rock to come your way that has something to teach you. See what happens.

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. is a licensed crystal resonance therapy (CRT) practioner with a special interest in the intersection of shamanism and crystal therapy. As author, she is currently working on a full length spiritual novel and a book about crystal healing. Skye is also the founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom, with a special focus upon Latin America. If you have any stories about your own learning and connection with stones and crystals, she would be very happy to hear them. She can be contacted at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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