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The Inner Terrorist

Soul Connections

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Our world is riddled with terrorists. These masters of fear are a small percentage of the population who intimidate the masses. They tyrannize through unpredictable, indecipherable patterns of attack on innocent people. They keep us on the edge of our seat, looking over our shoulder, fearful of populated areas, distrustful of anyone else who crosses our path. They willingly sacrifice their existence for a cause/ideology that is larger than life. Blind absolutism supposedly justifies their destruction of anyone they deem the enemy. Like a cancer, their presence unremittingly eats away at our collective effort to be in a state of true planetary health — harmonious unity. Their divisive attacks fragment the global community, perpetrate humanity’s history of separation and block our birthright of wholeness.

It’s easy to condemn terrorists’ "evil" actions. But how many of us take responsibility for the climate in our collective unconscious that hatches such "monsters?" After all, our outer world is created by the internal political environment in our psyche. Why do we harbor inner terrorists?

We all have internal "voices" that eat away at our inner peace and deep sense of security. Like terrorists, they pose a constant threat to our well-being. Lurking in the shadows, these inner terrorists are slippery — difficult to confront with the rational mind. Just when we assume that all is well, they torment us with uneasiness. Blindly entrenched in perceptions slanted toward everything harmful, adverse and malefic, their false beliefs counter the truth of who we really are.

Inner terrorists arrest our optimism when we dare to grow and expand. Their extremist credo is: life is dangerous, someone is out to get us, we’ll be hated if we flourish, something horrible is going to happen. They compel us to shore up munitions, defensive postures, in preparation for inevitable attacks. Their threats drive us into hiding our authenticity.

Inner terrorists represent a very small part of our being. Yet they overwhelm us through the tyranny of terror. This feeds the illusion that they have total power — as if they could actually destroy our world, soul and spirit. Broadcasting hatred, they generate a self-condemnation that imprisons our perspective. Their fanaticism, like a one-track mind that blocks out greater realties, augers into our tender soul to spawn powerful distortions of danger that clamp us in a vice-grip of self-torture. We feel helpless in the face of their particular brand of mental torment.

We often hire our own gang of terrorists — people who make our stomach churn into a knot when they walk into the room. We dread their demands, anger, judgments. They are precise dramatizations of our inner terrorists and the power we relinquish to that part of ourselves — as if we deserve to be molested and abused. Sadly, we’ve all unconsciously agreed that paranoia and oppression is normal on the earth plane. Our childhood karma brought terrorists in the form of parents, teachers, siblings, peers. They seemed so big and scary. We carry this terror forward into adult relationships with people who push our buttons.

It’s impossible to quietly meditate in areas bombarded by terrorist attacks. Likewise, its just as daunting to let go, trust and deeply surrender to the Divine Flow when inner terrorists are making sneak assaults on our well-being, violating internal peace-zones. With no hope of a truce, we can’t rest easy. Every moment is haunted with life-negating menacing intimations so convincing that we bolt out of bed in the middle of the night riddled by their "gunshots and bombs" of fear. Fear pistols, fired every time they browbeat us with despotic beliefs, stimulate anticipation of the worst to ripple through the psyche. The din of their machine gun thoughts in our unconscious keep us primed for fight or flight. This adrenaline state prevents us from sinking deep into our tummy, the chi center. But it’s our birthright to dwell lightheartedly in the big round belly of the Laughing Buddha.

It's foolish to assume that we can attain true inner "homeland security" by using precious energy to shore up vigilance. We empower inner terrorists through our denial of their presence. Desperate for serenity, we override their bludgeoning impact by sweeping their threats under the rug. We must stop running from ourselves and confront this internal battleground. The karmic origins of terror, deeply buried in the unconscious, are hard for the ego to identify. The inner terrorists make deposits in the fundamental fear bank whose matrix is encoded in our cells.

Currently, accelerating energies bless us with a powerful surge throughout the soul body that kicks up this original pattern of foreboding and panic. All unresolved past life anxiety is spiking — a field day for inner terrorists who reference the past, however subliminal, as prophecy for the future. If we listen to their messages during this acute cleansing and transformation, we’ll be paralyzed in horror. But if we muster up the courage to objectively face the inner terrorist, we can uncover the core negative programming in the human condition. Then we have the CHOICE to disbelieve ancient brainwashing and break from this tyranny in the soul at long last, especially as we renounce all polarization and refuse to give power to anything other than our ultimate truth.

My inner terrorists strike when I’m open, undefended, relaxed with a deep sense of well-being or stretching out into internal/external uncharted territory. They gun down my sense of possibility with admonitions of: "You are not safe anytime or anywhere." "Don’t get too comfortable." "Don’t trust." I can only work on maintaining the perspective that my life is filled with blessings and opportunity. Inner terrorists aren’t the only surprise visitors — so too are the ambassadors of Universal Goodness and Divine Love who reside within me as well. I don’t expect the Armies of Light to do battle with my inner terrorists. Instead, I work to transmute their toxicity of hate/fear into a state of precious vulnerability, acceptance, trust and faith. I know it’s not our spiritual legacy to be terrorized. We’re designed as beings of flowing, loving energy who embrace life unconditionally.

The Tibetan, offering a Cosmic Healing Balm to reinstate a deep sense of safety, teaches:

"Humankind is in the process of an enormous evolutionary leap of faith. This metamorphosis blasts open soul terrain that stores the deepest memories of trauma. The cleansing of this material as it moves through the ‘bloodstream’ of the collective unconscious is felt subliminally by everyone.

"Humankind specializes in scaring itself to death. This Reign of Terror is based on the illusion that there’s actually something to fear! The rigors of evolution have certainly brought great human drama to the earthly plane. But ultimately no soul has ever been permanently damaged or destroyed. Transformation and healing, initiated in the Spirit of Love, have always been the Prime Objective of all karmic pathways.

"The current horror of terrorism on the planet represents the final purging of humankind’s fear-based reality. Terrorists seize power by propagating panic. This exhibits humankind’s willingness to defer to the aberrations and contrivances of the lower mind, thereby entrenching itself in nightmarish images that pervert and warp their perception of Source’s true nature.

"What would it be like if humankind interpreted all of its earthly challenges to be a loving offering to the soul? Instead people still hold beliefs in a judgmental, punitive God who penalizes, avenges, scourges and castigates through tests of suffering, affliction, hardship — as if that’s the only way for the soul to grow. This God disdains its offspring by exiling them from the eternal heavenly garden through imprisonment on a hellish earthly plane for which humankind has to pay dues of misery. Why wouldn’t people feel that someone is out to get them when their own Source can’t be trusted.

"This distorted perception of Divinity, a perversion of the Divine Plan, generates a massive swamp of terror that disrupts the intergalactic family. This lack of trust creates fissures in humankind’s emotional body, like ruptures in the skin that never heal, which attract lower astral energy based in the illusion of lovelessness. Humankind is forever on the run from itself.

It’s time to rout out the roots of this foolish distortion and comprehend Source’s fundamental nature — LOVE. Humanity’s only true path is a mutual endorsement of potential, cohesiveness, cooperation, Oneness.

"Terror thrives on isolation and division. Dare to experience true communion with each other, supported by a deep embrace with Source. Then the nightmares that feed inner terrorists will fade like a passing moment of madness — a final release of distortion.

"Humankind is verging on a new consciousness based in Mutuality. Many allow inner terrorists to rule because the ego feeds on the 'dread drama.' But the fierce tsunami wave of Source’s Love usurps the ego’s need for control and washes self onto the Beach of Bliss. Invite inner terrorists out from the shadows into Divine Light and examine their essence. Self will find nothing more than a tender aspect of the soul desperate for connection and acceptance. Shower this aspect of self with Love and open to the glorious New World of Trust and Kinship for All."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@ comcast.net. www.transformationaltimes .com.

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