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Absolute Faith: The Power of Miracles

by Cheryl Lee Harnish

On Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 I was involved in a serious three-way collision. It was a night of terror, miracles and huge spiritual lessons. And although it has only been a short time since, I am still reeling from the shock. I'm writing about this experience for two reasons. The first being that, writing this story is a large part of the healing process from the absolute nightmare of what happened. Secondly, this is one of the greatest miracles I have ever witnessed and experienced first-hand. I am forever and deeply touched by what occurred that night. This is my story.

It was a typical West Coast winter night. The cold ocean air was blanketed with a thick heavy rain. We were on our way back to pick up our son from archery class after having done a quick trip to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Looking to avoid any heavy traffic, we decided to take a back road which had very few houses. This quieter thoroughfare lead straight through an industrial area that was nearly barren except for the long rows of warehouses on the right hand side of the street. We were looking forward to the quite ride back.

It was a bit of a disappointment when we realized that the road was actually quite busy. As we approached one of the major intersections, we were greeted by a line of cars who were all wanting to make a right hand turn. The traffic lights were blacked out from a power outage and nearly invisible. There was none of the usual flashing red to warn the motorists that they weren't working. The fire department had set out a row of pylons and were forcing vehicles to detour to the next street down to make their right hand turn, which was many blocks away. Hmm, so much for the quite drive.

We continued straight ahead, following the anxious drivers who were now searching for an alternate street on which to make their right hand turn. I wasn't paying attention really. I was just gazing out the window dreamily. I was only half aware that we had begun to slow as a long line of cars made their way into in a right hand lane to turn. We however, were not turning and we would be taking the main road all the way to the end. We angled over into the left hand lane to drive on through.

I had casually noticed a car coming up from the road on my right. I watched as the motorists, who were once ahead of us, completed their right hand turn and were now driving away. And although I did notice that car coming up toward us, I never thought anything of it. I had looked away to fiddle around with the radio for a moment. It was only when I looked back up that all sense of peace and safety vanished. I was filled with horror to see that the car, on the side street to the right, was now approaching us at a tremendous speed. I screamed to my husband, "They're not stopping!" He slammed his foot on the brake as the rogue vehicle flew out in front of us.

This is the point where my normal perception of time changed. In this very moment, time no longer passed as I had always known it to. Suddenly, everything slowed and a great mental clarity ensued. I was acutely aware of all the things happening at once. My husband's lower body was straight and stiff as he attempted to command our car to a stop. His arms were tensed and his knuckles white as he gripped the wheel. The car crossing our path, which had first appeared to be doing about 55 miles per hour, now seemed to be moving as if in a movie, in slow motion to add a dramatic effect. Inch by painful inch I watched it creep slowly across our path. And just as slowly, no - actually - too slowly, I felt our vehicle's speed diminishing.

It was in this moment, when we were less than a foot away from the tail-end of the grey-blue steel blur, that something changed. I was watching my out-stretched hand reach for the dash to help prepare for impact when I noticed the interior of the car seemed brighter. This kind of experience had happened to me on a few occasions before, when there was something that Spirit wanted me to 'pay attention' to. It's like everything becomes florescent or luminescent. It's like there is more light and color entering my retina than is normally possible. And in this moment, I was experiencing the brilliance of color around me. Spirit was here. I was instantly washed with complete and utter calm. Every thought, emotion and cell in my body was filled with the knowledge and sensation that everything was ok. It's all going to be ok. It was a welcomed reprieve from the fear that had been pulsing through me just seconds ago. It felt as though it had lasted for minutes, but I know it was really only moments.

Then there was a hard thud and instantly I was back to normal reality. Time returned to it's regular count. The interior of the car was dim again with only the lights in the dash aglow and we had come to a complete stop. "Wow," I remember thinking to myself, "that wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought!"

But that was all I had time to think before the explosive sound of metal impacting metal over-came my senses. In an instant, from the on-coming lane of traffic beside us, what seemed to be a freight train running at full-steam slammed into the crossing vehicle. And in less than a second, the horrific vision of crunching grey-blue metal flew past me and of my line of vision. Complete and utter shock filled my mind. A semi-truck coming from the opposite direction of us had just slammed into the other side of the mini station wagon at full speed.

Adrenaline pulsated violently through my body as my husband's words rang through my ears, "Oh my God they're DEAD!!" I was sick to my stomach with panic and fear. We quickly made the decision to pull off the road and out of what we now realized to be a main intersection. Here, the dead traffic lights sat silently in all the corners, rendered useless by the power outage.

I screamed at my husband for his phone as I rushed out of the car. The calming reassurance that everything was 'ok' just moments before faded quickly as the dark scene ahead of me took hold of my mind.

I was jolted with each running step I took and I had to fight my shaking arm to keep that mobile phone to my ear. "Police, Ambulance or Fire?" The confident voice asked.

"ALL OF THEM!" I yelled in reply. The steady voice on the other end calmly took control and began to extract the information they needed from me.

As I approached the once shiny blue-grey car, it was nothing more than a heap of twisted and contorted metal on the sidewalk. It now faced the same direction we had been heading. The large 18 wheeler which had chewed this car up, had carried it through the intersection before spitting it out to spin back over the road onto the soft grass. A woman was on her knees looking under the rear tire. Other motorists, who had involuntarily witnessed the violent collision came running.

The woman who had been on her knees got up and began to speak over the screams that have etched my mind for ever. She looked at me, pointing down to ground and spoke ever so calmly. "That's my daughter, she's under there. My daughter is under the car." My heart jumped as the words slammed into my chest. I looked down to see a little wee bum in pink sweat pants. The child was not more than four or five years old guessing from her size. She was bent in half, her head between her legs while her short pink shirt crinkled up, exposing her bare back to us all. The axle of the car sat directly on top of her spine. Scream after scream filled my world. It was loud; much louder than the large number of people who were now gathering, louder than the torrential cold rain that slammed into the black pavement with thunderous splats and much louder than the 911 operator on the other end of the phone.

This was the point when the shock kicked in. It over took my body and mind in one foul swoop. My legs began to tremble, my stomach knotted and twisted forcing me to bend over slightly as my heart broke in to pieces. Waves of heaving tears escaped me. A child? Oh dear God... a child! Under the car!! How could this be!! The pain in my heart consumed me and my mind flooded with questions directed at the only one's who could hear them - my guides and angels. Then my eyes followed the mother who was now reaching into the back seat. She was yelling a name and demanding they wake up. More crushing pain in my heart as I slowly put together the pieces of vision through the darkness. Still buckled into the car seat was the tiny body of a toddler. Her head laying limp to the side. And though she was secured in the middle of the back seat, the mangled side of the car was nearly touching her where it had crumpled to the superior force of the semi-truck.

That is when I could take no more. I began a heaving cry. I couldn't control it and I couldn't stop it. It was like a really, really bad nightmare, only there was no waking up from this! How could this happen? Why would this happen? What had I thought or done to manifest THIS in my reality? My eyes burned from the hot tears against the cold winter air, but it was nothing to the burning in my heart for these children.

My husband ended up taking the phone, as I had been rendered nearly useless. Years of being a first-aid instructor and riding as a 3rd on the ambulance meant absolutely nothing. I couldn't even tell the 911 operator my phone number, let alone administer first aid! Approaching a scene as the help is much different than being on the scene needing help!

Numerous medics and fire trucks arrived, but it had taken them over 10 minutes to get here. A swarm of rescue workers took command of the scene, finally relieving the many good Samaritans who had come to assist. It took such a short time for the crew of trained professionals to do what none of us could - lift that crumpled heap of metal and release the child from her death-trap. It was only then that the screams finally faded.

At this point my husband and I were directed back to our car to wait. As I got to my car I turned to watch as they lifted the small child, strapped onto the spine board, into the awaiting ambulance. I tipped my face up to the sky, my palms facing the same direction. I called every 'Power that Be' to come and assist in this situation. I felt a powerful surge of energy as I called for the Divine Light of God to assist these children and to fill them with Light and Love. The flow of healing energy was intense in my body, heightened I believe, because of the adrenaline and altered state of mind that I was in.

Once inside my vehicle I began an inner dialog with 'Them'. Why would you tell me it was ok if it WASN'T OK?!? What kind of set-up is this? Now that the initial nightmare was over, my anger and upset had kicked in. Don't tell me I agreed to this before I came here because I would NEVER voluntarily sign-up for THIS!! God you guys! Why say it was ok only to take it all back? I am PISSED! You better make sure those kids are ok!! Oh, the children... my heart panged again and the tears started to flow once more.

An emergency medical helicopter had been called in to take the little girl to the Children's hospital downtown. The toddler was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. It was a long, cold and tiring night of giving statements to the police and investigators.

Once we were finally back home, neither my husband or I could sleep. Over and over we reviewed what happened, what should have happened, why we thought it happened and how we wished it had never happened. And as we painfully replayed our nightmarish experience the phone rang. It was now 11:45 at night. We had only been home a short time. Stunned that someone would be calling us this late at night, we ran to answer it. It was an officer on the other end. He had an important question that he really needed answered. I was the one on the phone with him and just before he was ready to let me go he said, "By the way, you were asking us all night how the children were. Well, I wanted to let you know that we just received an update." There was a long pause before he continued. "The toddler is fine and is already home. And the little one under the car... well... she has a cut lip!" He half chuckled, but only out of relief. "She's just being kept for observation over night."

"Oh my God!" It was the best reply I could think of. "She was hit by a force equal to a freight train, thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle , then pinned under a ton of steel for over 10 minutes with an axle sitting on her spine and all she has is a cut lip!!" I almost couldn't contain myself, so I didn't! "THAT is Divine Intervention. THAT is a true MIRACLE!!" And the officer replied, "Well, in this case I would have to agree you one hundred percent. This is a miracle."

It's only been a short time now since it happened and I'm still dealing with the shock. I am also still questioning my lessons in this, the 'Why and How Comes'. But there is one lesson I have learned from this. It is major and Spirit went to great lengths to set this up so that I would REALLY get it. The lesson is - ABSOLUTE FAITH! Spirit came to me, loud and clear, "It's ok. Everything is ok." When Spirit speaks to me, no matter what is happening around me in this three dimensional world, no matter what my head makes of a situation or what my mind wants to believe, I MUST have faith deep in my heart. I must believe in my experiences, the energy, the inner knownings, my intuition and in my Guides and Angels. I can no longer believe what my eyes and ears tell me, no matter how convincing it is at the time. I MUST have absolute faith.

Author Bio:

Understanding that the subconscious mind is a gateway to the Soul, Cheryl Lee Harnish is a best-selling artist/author who draws from her background as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and her personal journey of spiritual development and growth. Utilizing the intrinsic nature of fractal imagery, which speaks the language of the subconscious through shape, color and symbolism. Her intuitively guided artwork and writings are of the new millennium, delivering a deep and profound message to the world. Through her personal story and her top-selling oracle card deck, “Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards”, she arouses the spirit within and inspires individuals to begin living their own true purpose in life. To learn more about Cheryl please visit: www.FractalArt.ca

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