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Mother Earth Can Help Beat The Winter Blues

by Madis Senner

In the winter time those of us living in the colder climates can get a case of the winter blues and become a little depressed or lack energy. It can become a serious and debilitating illness, what medicine calls Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) Should you succumb to SAD your doctor could prescribe a variety of things such as light therapy, anti-depression medication, ionized air medication or supplemental melatonin.

Mother Earth provides us with some alternatives for beating the winter blues. Research has shown that something as simple as a walk in the woods or a window with a nature view can invigorate you and make you more productive. You can also get an even bigger dose of Mother Earth by visiting one of her vital places, particularly those that can influence your mood.

The Emotional Body

Just as we have an emotional component to our subtle body, what some call the emotional body, so does Mother Earth; only her emotional body is referred to as one of her planes of existence. Our subtle body is made of several layers or sheaths, ranging from the physical body, to the energy body, to the mental body, to the causal body, to the soul. Ken Wilber refers to these layers as the “Great Nest” of our being “with each senior dimension enveloping its junior.”

Each of our subtle bodies corresponds with and is linked to one of Mother Earth’s planes of existence. They interact with and get nourishment from their corresponding plane of existence. If there is a break with a particular plane of existence for whatever reason, internally within our subtle body or externally with our connection to Mother Earth, that corresponding subtle body suffers. So if there is a problem in our connection with Mother Earth’s emotional body (plane of existence) then our emotional body suffers, which means our emotions.

There are a variety of reasons why our emotional body may not be getting properly nourished. It could something as simple as being cooped up indoors and having Mother Earth’s essences blocked by the walls of our home. It could be something internal such as problems in a higher plane such as in our mental body that creates a blockage, or it could be a break in Mother Earth’s field created by humankind or its technology.


One possible remedy to healing the emotional body and the winter blues is to get an increased dose of Mother Earth’s emotional body. One of the best ways to do this is to park yourself over, and preferably meditate on, where Mother Earth is releasing her positive emotions. One of the mechanisms located in the plane of existence releasing essences that affect our emotions is what I call an “emanator.”

Just as apparatus in the plane of energy releases the life force (prana, chi) that sustains the energy body and subsequently the physical body, an emanator in the emotional plane will release a variety of essences that will affect our mood such as making us feel good, happy, peaceful or serene. There are a multitude of emanators that release a variety of essences, all of which are meant to balance or sustain our emotional well being.

An emanator has two components, both of which are circular in shape; one that releases the essence, the other that powers it. I have found that releasing mechanisms can range from 4 to 10 feet in diameter and the power source less than 10 feet away being 2 to 3 feet in diameter.

Finding an Emanator

You can find emanators all over the world. Here are a few in central and western NY.

Lily Dale (Cassadaga, NY.) There is a very nice emanator at Lily Dale that can be found near Cleveland Street, at the green fleur de lis by the white screened-in cafe and the "pagoda" cafe. It is located about 5 feet in front of two benches towards Cleveland Street. Lily Dale (http://www.lilydaleassembly.com/ ) is a Spiritualist community that is part of the Spiritualist movement and offers a variety of seminars during the summer, as well as psychic readings by mediums.

Roycroft (East Aurora, NY.) On Grove Street across the street from the Roycroft (http://www.roycroftcampuscorporation.com/) is a set of stone pillars on either side of sidewalk going into the Philistine Hall. The stone pillars are situated right over the emanator.

Gossamer Woods Retreat Center (Canandaigua, NY.) In the Rochester area you can find an emanator at Gossamer Woods http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/sacredgossamer.html in Canandaigua. It is listed on the trail map and I have marked it with a pile of stones. It is one of the many divine features found at this wonderful healing and retreat center.

Water Falls, Fields of Consciousness

Visiting a water falls would be another possible alternative to elevate your mood. Water falls emit negative ions, or negatively charged ions, which elevate your mood by affecting the serotonin levels in your brain. Make sure check about the winter access and be careful not hurt yourself getting there in the winter months. Niagara Falls is a great choice. For a listing of waterfalls in central and western NY go to: http://falzguy.com/visit-ny-waterfalls2.html

You could also visit any one of the sacred sites in upstate NY listed at http://www.motherearthprayers.org/. The sites were selected because they have what I call fields of consciousness (http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/gaiassoul2.html), or where Mother Earth emanates consciousness. Not only will they elevate your consciousness but they will get your feel good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins flowing.

Connect with Mother Earth

The key is to understand that many illnesses can be traced back to our disconnection from Mother Earth. When we are not absorbing enough of her nutrients, essences, energies and consciousness we make ourselves vulnerable to disease whether they be physical, or emotional. There are exceptions such as hardship, death or mental illness that will profoundly affect our mood and will not be cured by a waterfalls or an emanator; but they can make a dent.

We take all sorts of supplements and pills to maintain our health and to make us feel good. But the best remedy, and it is free, is connecting with Mother Earth. Go meditate by emanator, visit water falls, or visit a sacred site and you will feel better. Mother knows best!

Reference: Ken Wilber, Integral Psychology, Page 5, Shambhala, 2000.

Madis Senner is author of The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth (o-books http://www.amazon.com/Way-Home-Madis-Senner/dp/1846942489 ) that details the mystical world and our dynamic relationship with each other and Mother Earth and how our collective thoughts/consciousness works to create our reality. He has two websites, www.motherearthprayers.org explaining Mother Earth’s cosmology and www.makingheavenonearth.org on how to advance our collective consciousness.

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